10202022 ROS Lawn Tractor Meeting

10202022 ROS Lawn Tractor Meeting

This video:

Al: Radio control software
Al: Tractor software:

00:00 Al: Gives progress update on his lawn tractor controller and the remote controller.
02:45 We see a video of Al’s lawn tractor driving.
07:00 Jeff: Talks about his progress on building a smaller robot.
21:00 Al: Asks about data logging.
34:50 Discussion of the seat switch and wiring.
42:45 Jeff: Asks if the laptop has a mechanical drive or a solid state drive. (for vibration)
47:15 Jeff: Complains about the way Zoom works…
49:00 Laptop mounting.
50:15 More video demos.

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Foreign A little bit of progress to report today Let's see if I can get sharing going Here Um So this is what the top of my Electronics board looks like At the moment Um Is able to get the laptop fixed down I Was able to install a [Music] E-stop switch The wiring Um Interestingly enough the wiring On the seat Switch the seat safety switch which is What this Looks like actually has four prongs on It And if you pull the tape back you can See that there's Um you know I'm confident that's a Ground and then this There's a yellow with a black stripe and A yellow with a green stripe And make notes someplace where those Were going the um Yellow with the black blacks stripe There's a yellow black combination going Into the ignition and there's a yellow Green Going into the PTO indicator

This particular Wiring diagram is similar but not mine Because They have Wiring colors on here and They're showing the yellow white Going into the seat but anyway it was Useful To um Have a look at that so what I did was um This is the underside Of the board so this was the wire Where the three wires came into I just Put a junction there And ran one over to a relay and then Ran one up to the e-stop Switch It seems to work but I do have issues Um That I'll mention but anyway so all of That was To give me a little bit of comfort to Get out into the yard and um Do a little driving around This is the A little bit of driving around where it Is just Well I don't say it before Um It's going to go from here down to here And it's going to do that in about Eight seconds I was just testing to see What the speed was so I had measured That distance distance off and

Wanted to see what that Sort of speed was where the throttle and I'm sorry where the transmission Servo Was at So [Music] Anyway that was um And there's more Steering going on there but Um Bottom line is I need more Um Field testing to do steering these are Some of the things that I feel like I've Gotten done these are things to do Um so tuning the steering is still Definitely something to to get done I Realized I'm not getting any data off of the Interactor and into any sort of Visualization Tool like plot juggler so I was going to Take time to try to figure out how to Get the data off of them out of the ttgo Board and Into something that might look like a Ross Message so I could You know analyze it so Progress and that's Sort of where I'm at so the next step Would be um Hitting data off of the teacher teach You award so I could analyze it in

Something like plot juggler just to see Where Where my steering is Uh let's see what else did I want to Mention Code is um Out on GitHub this was In the Steer vehicle Function I had [Music] Um Put two potentiometers on the tractor Itself because all of the testing that I Was doing while I was sitting still and In the garage didn't seem to do very Well so I put um Two pots on the On the tractor and was adjusting those And at the moment Um I've got the KP set to 5.4 and D at zero and that's What I was doing testing with Um Most recently in the yard so I was able To control it with that but To get I just need to get more space and I think get visualization going so I can See How well the steering is making it to The Target With my 50 foot

Path to test him so that's sort of where I'm at that sort of that is where I'm at So what I've been doing I I'm continuing To collect Parts this is my audio on yes It is so I'm continuing to collect parts And I was saying before in one of the Other meetings that I built this uh Block That it's threaded there for a bolt for The axle and then I I drilled holes and Put bearings inside and one problem I Had was I had a four inch bolt on the thing and You can see that the thing slides back And forth so you have to put a spacer in There either washers or cut a piece of Pipe or something to stick in there so What I did I went out I bought a Shorter bolt so this is a Does the same type of thing but now it's Got a three and a half inch bolt instead Of four inch bolt so now there's no There's no play in it anymore that took Care of that problem the other the other Situation was This is this is how big the original Block was and I thought well that's too Long so I I decided to make it smaller Make it shorter like this And what I did was I took A block of plastic like that and put it On the table saw and cut off that much Of the the width of it and that that's What made the made the block shorter so

I basically built two new uh two new Blocks like this this is the the newer Uh smaller shorter block and then when It's mounted as they say it looks like This so it's and the the old one was The old one was that long so seeing it Sticks out uh closer to the wheel there And that just made the whole thing a Little bit shorter and hopefully that's What I want it to do Let's see anything else about that then I was looking at uh you know how was I Gonna actually steer it so I've got These are the original ball joints that I this is the this is what Sammy has on It right now to steer it and then I just Ordered some on Amazon look like that And I notice these These are more sloppy Than I expected them to be they're not They're not real precise they also stand Up taller because it's got this little Standoff thing here and then the the Amount of threads here to adjust it I Noticed this one has has more threads And I got a lot more adjustment length On that and this one's much much more Much more precise it's just that I would Have to uh uh say I have some kind of Spacer to raise it up and right here They're just a nut on it right now so if I use that nut to raise it up and then Just put it through the plate and bolt It on like that I could do that so I can Try either one of these type to see what

It does so I on my On my thing here I'm going to have to Put say put a uh like bolt of plate on There that sticks up like this is my Steering arm and then the uh This thing will will then turn turn that And it'll you know how however that Works if I pull it goes like this push It goes like this so I gotta I gotta get That made I gotta get that that thing Put on there so I think what I'll do in The middle is instead of running one Control rod all the way from the left to The right to give you my Ackerman I Think I'm going to do is on the say Here's one of the giant RC server this Is the one that's for my transmission But basically do it to say Warriors Where I got this plate and then I'll I'll get a wider piece here so I'll Drill a hole here and drill a hole the Other side And then in the center this wall these Will come together in the center so so This this will run one side and then the Other one will go like this to run the Other side so it's they both should be The same uh they should be symmetrical At that point I think I haven't actually Tried that but I think that'll get rid Of some of the some of the issues of you Know trying to drive one side and then The Ackerman makes their side Uh obviously different so I think I'm

Just going to do that just put the two Control rods right to the center Instead of having one big long one that Goes all the way across Anything else about that Um got that got that the bolts So then I Think I'm showing a couple of times ago This is the the Drive train from From the green robot that I had Oh I see I see your video is switching Back because you're not on mute Now anyway this is the the piece that Went uh this was on the other the green Robot I just unbolted it and I didn't Realize at the time See I could I can slide this back and Forth on the shaft here to take make it The width I want so I slide these Together about that far apart that'll Give me uh like 12 inches between the The left wheel and the right wheel that The center points of those and then I Could slide it out more if I want to uh You know so it's I'm limited by how Close I can get them because of the back Of the motor here If I put it right up against each other Like that that's the that's the most uh Come on that's the most narrow that can Make it right there but if I spread it Out you know originally it was like way

Out like this so I have I'm three and a Half inches between the back so if I Bring them back say three inches Ah Certain is awkward so I pulled it about Like that then that that I think that Will give me the 12 inches between the Two between the two tires but the Problem is when I started looking at it We'll just slide around but then I Noticed that the I I had cut the shaft Down so this is a half inch Rod out here But this is either 7 16 or a metric so Some I don't know if I did that on lathe Or how I did that so I'm going to figure Out for my new shorter Rod you know how Can I how can I cut that shaft down so It fits on there so that's gonna be Another adventure trying to figure that Out so I might be able to spin it you Know if I put it in a drill I've got a Handheld 110 volt drill that I replaced the 3 8 Inch chuck with a half inch Chuck So I've got you know a piece of so I can Put my my half inch Rod into that drill To spin it at this end I might be able To put like say a bearing block here and With with the thing spinning and either Just put a file on it and run it back And forth to cut it down or take my Angle grinder in from an angle and Figure out how to get it to slide back And forth and just cut the shaft down so

I might try that and see what that does So I say that might be another adventure To figure out how to how to do that so So I just simply have to cut this off at Whatever from here out to about here Is uh you know how I'm gonna that that's About how long it's gonna be and then I Have to cut the shaft down here and then Cut the shaft down here so the so the Wheels will slide onto it So I'm still thinking that if I start With that back end and decide how wide Do I want it to be And that's based on a lot of things like Say if I'm going to put a laptop Computer on I didn't bring it I got Those Old Dell laptops as a Core 2 dual Processor and I think I measured 13 and A quarter inches wide And if I put the tires 12 inches on Center that adds about another inch so It's about it the the outside of the Tire is going to be about 13 inches wide And the laptop's 13 and a quarter inches Wide so that wouldn't be that oversized To put on there so I might be able to Put one of those laptops on there in the Correct direction if I turn it sideways And I got lots of room but then the Cables are coming out the wrong the Wrong side so So that's one issue uh then I need to Look at it and say what I'm going to put On for sensors so if I put on if I use

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One of the Asus Action Pro live sensors Which is like a Microsoft Connect but It's it's smaller and it just runs off USB it doesn't need an external power Supply so I can put one of those on There and they should definitely work Indoors and then Outdoors I'd often play With it and see Um you know what kind of range can I get Because the sunlight is going to try to Wash out the infrared projection from That thing so but I can still put one of Those on there and I got the little uh The vacuum cleaner a little vacuum Cleaner lidar So I could I could put one of these on There and that that's a 360 degree scan And again I don't know how well it's Going to work outside because it's not You know it's not an industrial one it Was meant to work in your living room so I don't know how well that's going to Work so I've just put various things on There uh you know just put a regular web Camera on it and so so based on the size Of those I that'll kind of give me an Idea of how big I want the final the Final thing to be so just a matter of Playing around with it and see what see What I can do Somebody's going to set the width of the Back and once I get that then go to the Front and so on the front I just have to Take

These two pieces and say if I want the Center of the wheels to be uh 12 inches Apart then that leaves me in the middle I measured I measured this one and it's I what three and a half inches from the Center to here and then I have to leave Like a quarter inch between this and See like if this is my axle here I have To leave about a quarter of an inch There so I got room for it to turn and I Realized it when I turn it hits the Corners so if I take it and cut round Round this off and round that off then It should be able to turn back and forth So so subtracting all that out I think That leaves that says my the axle in the Center has to be like five and a half Inches wide so it's going to be Something like something about that wide And then this will be right on one end Of it and then on the other end of it Will be the other one of those So that would be that that's why I have To uh set the width of it and then I Want to do like I did on on Sammy where I just built an extra bracket and put The uh Put the uh RC server right on there so Basically here's my It would be something like this where uh I made a frame on the axle and put the RC server right on that so Um maybe so maybe it actually go like

This I'd I'll have to look at that one Here When I get that far you know put it on Maybe maybe it's going to go on like That and then so any anywhere along here I could drill the holes for the Connecting rods and then this and again It would be one one solid piece then When I'm done so that there'd just be One bolt that holds the the whole front End assembly to the rest of the vehicle So I'm still just playing around and and Looking at it and I get so far that oh That's not going to work so I have to Look at something else so And I'm not working it real hard I'm Just collecting parts and every once in A while I I think about it enough and I Think no I gotta go try that right now So I I made these these new new blocks Last night I actually I went out Yesterday in the the garage to distract Me from cleaning stuff out I I took took This block and put it on the table saw And cut it cut the width of it down and Then cut the cut the links of them this Way so I I knew how big I wanted them And then took it in the house and Drilled and tapped this in and then Drilled these holes and press the Bearings in so that's what I got done Uh other than just thinking about it and I I think just this morning I took this Drive assembly off the green robot so

It's it's ready to start hacking on and It's off to decide what to do with that So that's about all I gotta say on that Um I guess I I haven't decided what to do For batteries on this thing but I I'm Gonna leave that to the last moment Normally that's the way I first start With I say how big are my wheels and Motors and then how big is the battery And build everything around that but at This point I I'll just grab some random batteries and Put on when I get it get it ready to go And for the moment I just want something I just want to get it far enough that I Could put Power on the back wheels and I'd run the steering so I could drive it Around just to verify that driving the Motors this way is going to uh is going To work so That's kind of that's kind of where I'm At That looks great Um It's real there's a lot of Design decisions to make when you're Creating your own steering uh steering Mechanism And I threw out most of the design Considerations because I made it I made It quite simple and you can do all kinds Of there's you know caster and Camber And Kingpin angle you got your toe and

You got it just goes on and on then You've got your Ackerman angle and I I Cut it down the point where the only Thing I'm doing is controlling the Ackerman angle and well you can always Adjust the toe which is the you know From from the front do they point in or Point out like that just by adjusting Your by Justin these rods you control That so I I can always control that and Other than that you know my caster and Camera are all zero degrees and the the What they call Kingpin angle which see What you're supposed to do is you're Supposed to have something that comes Down and the angle right here is Supposed to be like that It's supposed to point to the center of Your tire down here and right my my mine Just goes straight up and down so it so It's actually going to rotate here but What you really want is you want the the Thing to you want the audit to actually Rotate around on the ground at that Point like that but mine doesn't mind Actually goes out so so it draws what What draws an arc around here is it Probably didn't make any sense See right there the wheel goes in this Arc like that what you really want you Really want it to turn you know right Around the wheel like this But that's you know I I threw all that Out and I got something that's close I

Bet they built it the way that Sammy has Built so that I know I know that one Works and steers So that's that that's where that that's Where that sits right now And that's all I got to say about that Foreign Back to my issue of getting data off of The um Microcontroller and into Ross I'm I think it's it's as simple as the Serial I'm writing Series of values to a serial Port and then reading that On my laptop is that the way you would Approach that You can either do it that way or How are you how are you connecting your Ross computer to your low level Controller you got esp32 is it is it Running like something like Ross serial Talking back and forth or is it doing Some other some of some other way to Talk to them Well at the moment there is I'm not Um So this laptop at the moment doesn't Have Ross this laptop is really Performing any function when I'm driving Around with the radio control Unit I'm just Interacting with this antenna and Directly interacting with this

Which is directly connected to the Um Motor controller that controls the Steering and the The servo which you can't see So So in that case I would say if If you've got USB that goes between your Esp32 board and your laptop that gives You a serial connection so yes you could Just say just do print statements and Just print out whatever values you want On the laptop just say read it with Whatever Either a terminal program or you know Write some software that says connect to That port and take the data and write it Out to the hard drive or whatever So if you if you're at the point where You're talking Ross between your laptop And your low level controller then you Can just make you know build Ross Messages and send them back at that Point but if you're not doing that at This point yes it's just easiest to just Do a print statement and there's a Reason on the laptop and do whatever you Want with it Because I'm just pausing to think Through that I mean If if Ross navigation were running on This Laptop it would one at minimum what's The actual

Steer angle Um and that's coming through a Potentiometer that's connected here So I guess at the very Just to start And you need to get that potentiometer Angle Off of that board and into This laptop so Ross can read it How did you do that on yours Just the steer angle the actual steer Angle I on mine I do not read this dirt Angle Ross has set up with the Navigation says Here's a command velocity message it Says I want you to go this speed forward And either this turn angle or this Rotational velocity until we beat that To death but in your case you're going To put out a steer angle and you're Going to put out velocity and it expects The low level board to to do that Now you can read back things from it you Can generate an odometry message if You're reading your back wheels or You're reading speed or whatever you can Stick that into an odometry message and Send that back up to Ross but Ross Doesn't need to know what your steering Is set at Just assumes that you know what you're Doing it says I want you to drive over There so it says drive forward at this

Speed in this this Arc and it expects The vehicle is going to do that Yeah if you want to you could you can You can generate any message you want if You want to get all that extra Information back you can just stick you Know create a debug Ross message and Stick all the values you want and send That back as a Ross message and then you Could then publish that and do whatever You want with it once it once it gets There oh For what you're doing right at the Moment you know if you forget if since You don't have Ross running anyway yes Just take uh just get that connection Between your laptop and your board and Just in your code just put out print Statements and say print out like that Stuff you're just showing on the screen Um basically that I assume that is in Your laptop already because you're you Were displaying it yeah that right there I don't know Uh so that that data is getting back Uh it's just just no matter what you Want to do with it so if you could say In your terminal right now you could say Turn on logging assuming your terminal Program will let you do that and then All these messages will go right to the Hard drive so as you go drive around You'll have whatever it shows here would Show up at a uh you know a file on your

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Disk Yeah this is um Oh that's part of that thing In that Visual Studio it's in the visual Studio So so look under uh well let's say at The top where it says terminals that Really is that the serial terminal or is That just the uh That's probably just the screen that's Showing There there may be some way if you dig Through here there may be a way to say Take that That data in that terminal window and Write it to the hard drive So you go out to Google and say how do I Log serial data on visual studio and see If they say there otherwise you can just Start up a totally separate program you Know like uh Let's see if are you running is this Running under Windows right now is this Running under Linux Uh the laptop on the tractor is Linux Ubuntu okay so just just find you can Find multiple Um terminal programs out there so you Just start up another terminal program And those probably will have a way to Just say turn on logging and And put it out so you know just write it Out to a file as your so anything that Comes in will get written to the file

And one of the problems called minicom But I for some reason I can't ever get That to work it's something about Uh the the way it interprets my keyboard Or something and I can't can't ever make That work but there's several out there Terminal programs for Linux that will Let you know type on it and then Whatever comes back shows up on the Screen and typically you can go to the Menu and say okay now turn on disk login So whatever whatever goes back and forth Gets written to your hard drive so that That'd be one way to do that Or you could probably just say Cat Um USB zero or whatever the port's Called and then and say and that that Will make it show up on the screen Without using a terminal program so then You could say let's see under what's it Called under Linux it's uh it's like TTY Zero so if you say cap space TTY zero Theoretically the data will just show up On the screen as the thing runs without Running a terminal program now that has To do whether or not you're talking to a Real serial port or I don't know on your Esp32 I don't know if it's got like an Ftdi connect uh converter or if it's Directly into the USB if it's a direct USB you don't have to worry about baud Rate it just works is it is that Connected to something right now

It's all connected now so just type cat Space well what first of all what's What's the name of your uh serial port I don't remember I was trying to Remember what's the command to show see Like LS space slash Dev slash Um asterisk try that Just put it out yeah just try that Oh that gives you all kinds of weird Stuff so it's [Music] Foreign Ports there and I guess we don't really Know for sure which one you're connected To but Well under uh Visual Studio how did when You configured that to talk to it does It does it have a port name in there Somewhere It figures it out itself So does it say on the screen somewhere What uh does it tell you what it Connected to Yeah I'm sort of looking in here Foreign I was just looking around on the screen To see if it told you but I don't see Anything there that says What's connected to Yeah if I do an upload as an example I'm looking to see if it's in there it Still says building and linking at the Bottom so it probably hasn't started the Upload yet

There it's writing Yeah so it's oh there it is TTY ACM zero Okay so on your command line You're going to want to say cat space Slash Dev slash TTY ACM zero you're Probably going to have to kill the Software that's running on Visual Studio Because it's going to conflict you've Got both of them running I don't know if you can say disconnect Or you have to actually shut the program Down Um Whenever I've tried to use Whenever I try to use um Arduino I've always had to shut it down Uh TTY ACM zero capital letters ACM Zero just enter that and what's that do Well there's this issue it it showed you One one or two lines and it stops and I Don't know why it doesn't continue on And try it again what's it do There's something funny something funny About the buffer in there so I guess That's that's going to be a problem I Don't know how to get around that But if this worked then see it's it's Giving you the data that's cut normally Coming in and just dump it on the screen Here so as an extension to that you Could say uh bring up that command line Again And then do space greater than

And give it a file name like just test Or whatever you want to call it And see what directory you know it looks Like you're a home director here So enter that and see with that And it looks like it immediately quit so So if you just say cat test dot text you Can see if anything's in there And see put some stuff in but then it Quits and I don't know why it's doing That I ran into this once before that That's kind of what it does and if That's something about the handshaking Or that's how big a buffer it builds So so that would be a way to do it but You got to figure out why what is it Terminated after two or three lines Thank you You can see that would be a quick way to Do it though Yeah I'll check Python and Google and And that is I mentioned in Python that's Another way to do it just write a Python Program say load up a Serial Port Connect to ACM TTY ACM zero And say re read a line of data and then Say output it to a file so you can just Create your own little logging program Or if you have something like that Laying around already just modify it to Work with this yeah it seems to me I had I have it somewhere I just have to find It Yeah I'm just trying to dust out the

Cobwebs and out of how to get That data out of there Cool thank you and then otherwise if you Just track down a random Linux terminal Program load that start it up and say Connect to TTY ACM zero and see if it Will continuously display it if will Then check to see if it has a logging Feature and say log this to this disk File so that'd be another way to another Way to do that Foreign So back to your your wiring you were Saying this is what your switch looks Like and you peeled back the wire and You saw that it had a loopback thing I I Had theorized that that's what it was You didn't actually have three green Wires going in you actually had that Loop back so now you turn the cable Apart I can say yes that is the way they Built that And I would say yes the green wires are Ground Now you could you can verify that by Taking an OHM meter from the green wire To ground of your vehicle but anytime You're going to use the ohm meter you Really should disconnect your battery Your main battery so you don't you don't Blow stuff out In fact just working on stuff would be Handy if you could just quickly Disconnect the battery so you don't have

Um So it's not connected there because it Again if you short that just for an Instant you're going to have you're Going to have fireworks so be careful of That Yeah I had this master switch to you Tell me do you I mean so this is the Master switch Um which should isolate the battery So that goes right to the battery then Yes Uh dude it looks like you might have two Wires hooked on the battery up there is That my imagination it's hard to tell Because it's cut off at the top but yeah There are tips are very good like very Good eyes I'll just zero in on it but Maybe that goes to your starter solenoid Is where that other wire goes Um I use that there are two wires there's Only two wires one's coming this way and One is connected to uh Anderson Pole Uh connector to charge it Okay Um I don't leave that in I only use that Periodically so so yes turning off that Main main power switch probably does Isolate everything so you don't have to Disconnect anything but anytime you're Going to be measuring with an OHM meter You know make sure you turn off all the

Power on your vehicle so you don't uh Blow out your ohm meter Now one of the issues that I have is This USB hub you can see their power Cable is there Um But it's feeding five volts Into that line Um So even This is the two power the ground and the Power going to the USB hub Okay When I turn this power off and isolate You know power My motor controller We're still LEDs were lit up and I'm Like where the heck is that coming from And it's coming from 5 volts that's Going in there Will a diode do the trick to Only let power to this USB hub come in Come in and not go out I don't think so I I assumed on a Powered hub That if you have the cable plugged into The laptop it's going to supply 5 volts To everything But I thought when you plugged in that External uh power cord you know the Little coaxial plug I thought that would Disconnect the 5 volts coming from the Laptop in your case your case apparently It's not doing that

It's not so and then back to this Concept about if you're going to do Testing just unplug the cable from the Laptop and that way with the main switch Off and the the laptop unplugged then There shouldn't be anything uh putting Power out This is you'll forget to plug it back in Then when you go get to the next step But Yeah So anyway that was a surprise So again back to your seat switch so you You've got a green wire which I assume Is ground and you can verify its ground By you know uh in in this case you're Putting that right across a relay you Don't care where there's a going because You're you're relay contacts are just Like putting a switch in there you're Not actually tying it to any other power But if you want to know if there's a Ground or not that's what you could do Is disconnect Your main power switch and unplug your Laptop then take your ohm meter and go From the green wire here to somewhere on Your vehicle like say the negative side Of your battery which is ground and Verify that that is a direct connection There and that'll tell you Uh War that's going for future reference You might want to know that Now since you got those two wires did

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You hook up both of those wires to Relays or how did you end up doing doing That I did I put them Um Oops Because I was effectively trying to Make it like the switch was still there Um I took both of the yellow wires And connected them Together you may not want to do that you Might want to keep those as two separate Circuits In which case if you're I think you only Need one of those probably one of them Will kill everything and you said that Everyone went to the PTO relay so that's Probably something about if the Blade's Engaged or not engaged but I think the Other one probably is just going to kill The engine directly so I think you Probably only need one of those two Wires to be connected to anything But they had they had those two separate Circuits for a reason so don't don't Just blatantly connect those together Well the Here's the I'm you know I'm appreciative Of the advice let me just so there's a Yellow black coming from the ignition And there's a yellow green Going to the PTO those were in the Uh seat switch

I was nervous about You know interrupting that um Design because you know effectively I've Just put a different kind of switch On this end But you're saying Just Stick with the ignition one I I try them both see if either one of Those will indeed uh kill the engine if You if you ground that to the green wire And if you get one that will do that all The time regardless if your blade's on Or not that's probably what you what you Want Because I assume the other one is Something about if your Blade's engaged And you get off the seat then it will Kill it or something I don't I'm not Sure why they have two wires there but I I think if you can get one of those to Kill the engine then just go without one And leave the other wire hang other wire Hanging probably the PTO wires leave it Hanging Okay Well by connecting those two together You're violating whatever circuitry they Have there you tie in two things Together on your vehicle that weren't Weren't necessarily intended to be tied Together And once once you get off the seat it Ties all of those to ground I'll get

Connected together but uh in normal Operation you don't want those two if You're sitting on the seat you don't Want those two connected together So I'd say I'd say check check them Individually and see if if one or the Other will kill the engine like you want It to and if it does just go without one And then Just tape the other one off or something Okay Uh other comments uh your laptop that You put on does it have a solid state Driver is like a regular just a Mechanical rotary Drive in the thing I think it still has a rotary Drive I Think I bought a SSD but I don't don't Recall whether I put it on there or not Because the vibration of your vehicle May be hard on that hard drive so just Keep that in mind that That may not It may not hold up long term at least And I don't know how quickly it would Might damage it from the vibration but If a solid state drive in it it won't Care anymore And I I know if yours is built like mine You just flip it over and take out two Screws and open the back and you can get Right to the hard drive and the memory And everything as opposed to my new one You got to pry the damn thing open you Gotta go all the way around and I'm

Worried I'm going to totally destroy it Trying to do that but but the one I have That's like yours I think that's fairly Easy to get into it and if you want to Swap out the hard drive you could yeah It's insanely easy so yes that I Um that's a good point if you already Have it I saw the state drive you bought For it that would be Reasonable Have you figured out how to how you Could take your new solid state drive And copy your existing drive onto it so It'd be easy to just copy it and swap it Out without having to reload everything From scratch Sometimes when you buy a hard drive It'll come with software to do that for You and I I've never done that you know For 20 years ago I probably did that but Uh the the recent stuff I don't I Haven't done that Trying to remember Um Foreign I have Let's see got some notes here somewhere Um I use a thing called Clonezilla [Music] Um Bear with me I'm just pulling it up So whatever you do in the long run at The moment keep in mind that if

If this is going to be a problem your Hard drive might die at any moment so Keep stuff backed up as you As you make changes and stuff just so You know just so you have something you Can go back to That is an awesome suggestion that's Part of the reason why um Foreign My actual software out on GitHub Um As a Backup but that wouldn't be obviously a Full full backup of the machine So Clonezilla It's not You know it's pretty clunky but for a Seasoned you know Computer guy you could use it without Um Without issue just takes a little get Used a little getting used to My comment about backing up is just that You know at the end of the day you know Take take the files that you've been Take the software that you're actually Driving the thing with and just back That up somewhere and make sure you've Got that you don't necessarily have to Back up the entire drive on a regular Basis it's just that when you go to swap Out your hard drive then you want to Copy the whole thing over and And then at that point you shouldn't

Have the the vibration problem anymore I Don't think You know the one thing I'll mention About Clonezilla is Um I've always found it easier to make sure That Because you're making an actual image to Make sure the drives are the exact same Size so if you have a 250 megabyte Or gigabyte Drive you're as the Source the destination needs to be 250 Gigabytes to That just makes it easier Um Probably possible to mix them but I've always found that to be an even Your pain Yeah Uh I I see you posted something to chat Just just a comment last week I got no Chat at all so I I had to recreate I had To rebuild the chat from what by Watching the video and creating links And stuff to do it but for some reason It didn't give me any chat last last Time Hmm And so this time I actually I just now That you put that right I purposely Saved it so I'll at least have it that Way and then I'll see if I get both Methods then when I When we're done here

Just more of the stuff that's Complaining about Zoom keeps changing Randomly and I never know what it's Going to do so Yeah I'm looking I don't know why it Would have Um Let's see what was the date and I don't Think it's anything that we did it's Just simply that that they chose not to Save our chat either Because we Sometimes when you start recording I Notice you've put stuff in the chat and Then start recording if it saves stuff It always says what was done during the Recording so there's probably some weird Thing about the order there and I hadn't Thought about it at all so Uh it's just that when I went to went to Do the the video for last time I know is Hey there's no chat there so Just just just another another data Point uh To confuse the issue But what I've Cut and pasted in there was What looks like one two three four links That it saved on my side I don't know if that's all of them but It's for um Okay Anyway I try to think there's the other thing

Out there I see on to mount your laptop Used blocks of wood instead of metal Metal Clips but I guess that that works Just as well just something to keep it From sliding around I see you do have Bungee cords across the top to hold it Down so that Does what is driving around could you Tell was that staying fairly stable There or was I it seemed to be I mean it These are pretty stiff and so uh yeah I Didn't see any movement whatsoever Because I had it handy be careful about Really really stiff ones because it it Could damage your uh your LCD screen That's under that lid right there so Just keep that in mind don't don't get Real carried away with You know like right now if you'd shove a Board under there to make them tighter Well that that's going to be putting Pressure right on the back of the LCD so Foreign We'll do differently the next time but That was just to get try to get some Field testing in That actually looks like it's a quite Quite well set up there so Well the only other Um You can't really see it from here There's still zoom in

That would be a garbage bag over the top Of it right now I was wondering if That's what that was that I assume that's in case it starts Raining is that why you put it on there Yes okay I also when you played that video it it Jumped out in the middle you did kind of A Time Warp but it there was a big it Made a big jump is it did the video Actually do that or was just zoomed Inside to throw a part of that up Because about halfway over it also it Jumped about 10 feet ahead Um it could just be as Zoom did that so Yeah so start start yeah start right There and run it It is it's we still got the obvious Points it was driving along and it it Did get to where it's going so But right before it right about there it Jumped So I was watching this time I see I Could see the it was steering and Before I was thinking I just went from Point A to point being a straight line But I see it now that I watched it again I see that was some kind of steering Going on there so Does that seemed to be working out for You now the steering is it Reasonable I I mean it's Uh it only has p and I'm I don't think It's very good

Um So that's why I need to try to Get more data to Try to tune it better Um But I guess Maybe the best way to do that would be To actually get Ross navigation going so I can consistently Steer to one position and see how it's Doing I'm just thinking out loud here Instead of me driving it around Um It's like what's the right Testing protocol or tuning protocol to Get the PID [Music] Zeroed in on I don't know That's where I'm at So have we exhausted everything here I Think you can turn off recording okay

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