2022 Toro Super Recycler – What’s New GIE EXPO

2022 Toro Super Recycler - What's New GIE EXPO

Where to Find Yard Equipment That Works For You

When I decided to live in the country, in the woods, I gave little thought to all the work involved. There seems to constantly be something to fix, saw, dig, plant or cut.

The Differences Between Spray Head and Gear-Driven Rotor Sprinklers

Every lawn sprinkler or irrigation system has the same basic purpose: to keep your lawn hydrated. There are differences, however, between sprinkler systems.

No You Cannot Use My Ride-On-Lawnmower Engine and Equipment for a Ground Effect Hovercraft

They say that having a ride-on-lawnmower is a status symbol, especially if it is a ride on lawnmower of the most accessory endowed type with the largest motor. Nothing comes behind a man and his ride on lawnmower with custom drink holder. Nevertheless, the other day a neighbor who had a new invention concept asked if I would like to partner up with him to help him build his prototype.

Outdoor Storage Options – What Are The Different Types?

There are many options these days for outdoor storage that is attractive, functional and affordable. Some of the more popular types of sheds are resin storage sheds as well as hybrid sheds that are a combination of natural woods and high quality durable resin components. In addition to the huge variety of sheds to choose from there are attractive deck boxes and accessories as well.

Push Lawn Mowers – Great Eco Friendly Accessories For Your Home Garden

Nowadays, people do not get enough time to maintain their home lawns due to their busy schedule. You can buy different garden tools and accessories which are present in the market. You can make your home lawns extremely beautiful with these exclusive accessories.

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5 Features That Will Cause You To Love Your Hedge Trimmer

Are you tired of going to war with your hedge trimmer every time you want to clean and trim you hedge? If you’re like the author and are tired of fighting battles and want a hedge trimmer that is light weight, easy to use and cleans up after yourself then you might want to read this article and cheer the author on.

Chainsaw FAQ’s

Unless you are a very frequent user of chainsaws, there are a number of questions you would have when it comes to using chainsaws. Find below a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding chainsaws.

Using a Powered Hedge Trimmer

Although reasonably straightforward, using a powered hedge trimmer does require a degree of care. Remember that you are dealing with a serious piece of garden equipment which has large, motorised blades and therefore the ability to do serious damage!

7 Protective Items To Use With Your Chainsaw

Many people wrongly feel that protective equipment is just something that novices use. The more experienced users of chainsaws do not need them. This is totally false. Even professional loggers use protective equipment, and do so because of one reason only. It safeguards them from injuries.

Long Reach Hedge Trimmers – Petrol, Electric or Rechargeable?

Many gardeners these days have a veritable “arsenal” of tools at their disposal and over recent years, long reach hedge trimmers have become very popular and fit into that category of “why didn’t any one think of that before”. Prior to their development, gardeners would spend hours balanced precariously on stepladders, trying to stretch up to the top of those high hedges, whilst trying somehow to cling on with their leg muscles.

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Don’t Forget to Buy a Tool to Capture the Highest Fruit

The other day I was talking to one of my neighbors about a couple of fruit trees on the property line, actually on his side but hanging over this way and I said; “Aren’t you going to get those fruit way up there?” He told me; “oh heavens no, I can’t reach that high and at my age I don’t want to get on the ladder, I might fall off and break something.” I had considered what he said and thought; that his excuses were lacking any sort of logic or reason because you don’t necessarily have to get…

Corded and Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers: Which Are Best?

As a an alternative to gas mowers, corded electric lawn mowers have been around for a number of years and have been trusted by many people over the world. However, more recently cordless lawn mowers have come onto the market and have been growing in popularity. But why should you make the switch from corded to cordless?

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