First Mow On The TifTuf Couch

First Mow On The TifTuf Couch

I couldn’t contain my excitement as I prepared myself for the first mow on my freshly installed TifTuf Couch. The lush greenness of the turf was a sight to behold, and it was finally time to witness the brilliance of this renowned grass variety firsthand. With the lawnmower at the ready, I felt a thrill run through me – the anticipation of achieving that perfectly manicured, velvety smooth lawn. This was my moment to showcase the impeccable care and attention I had given to nurturing my TifTuf Couch. The sound of the mower’s engine filled the air, and I confidently embarked on this delightful task, knowing that the results would be nothing short of extraordinary. The journey of creating and maintaining this beautiful lawn had reached an exciting milestone, and I eagerly embraced the opportunity to revel in the satisfaction of a job well done.


As an avid gardener and lawn enthusiast, I take great pride in nurturing my TifTuf Couch grass. It’s been an exciting journey so far, and today marks an important milestone – it’s time for me to give the TifTuf its first mow at day 14. I’m eager to share my experience and observations with you as I embark on this crucial step in maintaining the health and beauty of my lawn.

The Color of the TifTuf Has Come Back and It Looks Great

I must say, the transformation that has taken place within two weeks is remarkable. The TifTuf has fully recovered from the stress of transplantation, and its vibrant green color has returned. This lush hue is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of this particular grass variety. The patches that were once bare are now densely covered with thick, healthy blades of grass. It’s truly a sight to behold!

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The Area Needs a Top Dress to Even Out the Uneven Patches

During the initial growth phase, I noticed some areas of unevenness in the lawn. In order to rectify this, I have decided to apply a top dress to even out these patches. The top dress will consist of a mixture of quality soil and sand, which will help to level the surface and create a more uniform appearance. This step is essential to maintain the overall aesthetic appeal of the lawn and promote healthy grass growth.

I Have Ordered 10 Tons of Sand to Address the Uneven Areas

To address the uneven areas effectively, I have taken the necessary steps to obtain the required materials. After careful consideration, I decided to order 10 tons of sand, as this will ensure that I have enough to cover the entire lawn adequately. The sand will be delivered shortly, and once it arrives, I will proceed with the top dressing process to level out the uneven patches. This investment in quality materials demonstrates my commitment to maintaining a pristine and well-kept lawn.

The TifTuf Is Already Starting to Spread and Fill in Bare Dirt

One of the most satisfying aspects of this journey has been witnessing the TifTuf’s natural ability to spread and fill in bare areas. As the days progress, I can see the runners starting to take hold and establish themselves, creating a thick cover of grass across the previously exposed dirt. This rapid spreading is a testament to the TifTuf’s robust growth habits and its ability to thrive even under challenging conditions.

I Will Spray Some Weed Areas with Glyphosate to Control Weed Growth

While the TifTuf has been thriving, I have noticed a few stubborn weeds attempting to infiltrate the lawn. To ensure that these unwanted intruders do not hamper the progress of my vibrant TifTuf, I have decided to take a proactive approach. I will spray some weed areas with glyphosate, a highly effective herbicide that selectively targets weeds, leaving the TifTuf untouched. This approach will help to maintain the pristine appearance of the lawn and prevent any potential competition for nutrients and sunlight.

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I Will Plant the Grass Runners in Another Area to Encourage Spreading

To further encourage the spreading and growth of the TifTuf, I have decided to transplant some of the grass runners to another area of my property. By doing so, I not only promote the expansion of the TifTuf across my lawn but also enhance the overall landscape. This strategic placement will help fill in bare areas, leaving no room for weeds or unsightly gaps. It’s a win-win situation for both the TifTuf and the aesthetics of my lawn.

The TifTuf Looks Amazing After the First Cut, but There Are Still Some Bumps That Need to Be Leveled Out

Ah, the satisfaction of the first cut! After carefully adjusting the mower blades, I took the leap and gave the TifTuf its much-anticipated trim. The aftermath was truly breathtaking – a well-manicured lawn with an impeccable finish. However, upon closer inspection, I noticed there are still a few bumps in certain areas that require attention. These minor imperfections can easily be leveled out during the top dressing process, ensuring a smooth and flawless surface.


Maintaining a TifTuf Couch lawn has been a rewarding experience thus far. From the remarkable recovery of the color to the relentless spreading of the grass runners, each step has brought the lawn closer to perfection. While there have been a few bumps along the way, they pale in comparison to the overall progress achieved. With consistent care and attention, I have no doubt that my TifTuf Couch will continue to thrive and impress.

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