Get Rid of Moles In The Lawn

Get Rid of Moles In The Lawn

How to get rid of moles in the lawn.
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This is the mole trap I used:

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This mole though he chose the wrong lawn Now we've been filming quite a few Videos in the zoysia grass this year From scalping to fertilizing the Pre-emergence all this kind of stuff and As you guys know I discovered recently That I have a mole problem and if you Look at all these tracks that he's been Making in here you'll see that he's been Doing quite a bit of damage okay so now Let's talk about how I went after this Bowl and how I eventually did capture And eliminate them the first thing is You want to exercise a little bit of Patience so when I say that you want to Observe I took a good two weeks to just Observe the damage as it occurred that's A painful thing but it's what you got to Do every time I would mow I would look Where's the new damage and what I was Trying to do was find a main artery or a Main Highway that he might have been Using versus areas where he's moving out And tunneling in the lawn looking for Food I was looking for more of a Straight run somewhere where he's trying To get back and forth from maybe where He sleeps at night into his feeding Grounds that's the key be observant and Look for the main tunnel or main tunnels Where that mole is traveling nearly Every single day so what I noticed as I Was like I said being observant in that Is that he was using this curve here of

My natural you know landscape beds he Was kind of using that as his Highway And it kind of makes sense right by the Way moles are not completely blind but They're underground they're not really As much they can see so they kind of Just bumble around out here and they he Was using that natural you know border To just go ahead and use that as his Super highway to get around and I could See all the time where this was always Pushed up and especially right here on This curve here I could see where there Was a lot of activity almost like a fork In the road where he'd come in and go Out that way or come in and go back that Way or come in and go out that way and Then sometimes continue going around and That's what I kind of noticed was it Seemed like this was the main area of Activity and so that's how I knew where I was going to go ahead and target with The next step which is the traps that I Chose to use so when it comes to getting Rid of moles in your yard there are all Kinds of methods that people use from Ultrasonic Sonic Boomers they put in the Ground to poisons you put in the ground To people hooking up hoses to the Exhaust of their car and trying to blast Them through tunnels to Juicy Fruit There's a lot of different things but For me when I did my research I realized That what I want to be able to know is

That I actually dispatched the mole all Those other methods they drive them all Away so to speak but you don't really Know with this method that I chose I Actually find the carcass which means I've actually eliminated the problem did I go down so these are mole traps and When you read about these on Amazon they Actually say they're traps in that They're Humane so I don't know what Their definition of that is but there's No trapping that goes on with these it's Just a straight kill so maybe that's the Humane part is that they kill quickly There are two kind of different types And I'll show you which one I prefer This is the the kind of the main one You'll see this is the Victor original Steel mole trap so this has been one That's been in use for a long time this Is not one that I prefer but I'll kind Of show you how it works now we're going To use this toilet paper tube and kind Of pretend that's is our tunnel and so What you would do with this one is you Would straddle the tunnel with these Stakes here Push it down into the ground and then You pull up this spring and that sets it And you can see I'm not having a very Good time with it doing it out here air Dry but it's not as hard to do it in the Lawn all right now the other trap and This is the one that I actually caught

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Them all with that I like is called it's By wire Tech it's called the mole Eliminator so again with this one you're Definitely going to rip your fingers off With this one if you're not careful it Has a lot more powerful Springs and You'll see it's it's a real clamper so Again if this is your Tunnel here So with this one we put it down across The tunnel And we set it now I'm using my hands Very dangerous but there it is so it Kind of straddles the tunnel like that And then And I'll show you in the lawn in a Second but the mole he comes through And it grabs them So that's how that one works now we'll Do some close-ups and show you a little Bit better how it works but you can see That's got a lot of spring power to it That's exactly how I got my mold which We'll show you in a minute now it's time To go out on the hunt and that's where Today's sponsor Cujo yard pants play an Important role in this strategy now it Can get really hot here in Florida Especially when you're tracking a mole And Rapid onset swampy butt can put a Real damper on your day this is Rip stop Fabric right here and it's breathable It's moisture wicking and it keeps you Cool now I have plenty of angle room

Here with this gusseted crotch and I can Get down and dirty knowing that the knee Is double layered and abrasion resistant You see me wearing these working in Videos now for the last several weeks And I can share with you they're very Comfortable and I like them a lot if You'd like to get a pair visit Forward slash LCN and you'll get 10 off Your entire purchase site-wide for a Limited time that's right Forward slash LCN for 10 off the Cujo Yard pants and anything else what you Want on the Cujo Yardware website I'll Give you a link in the description below Cujo yard pants are the only brand that I wear when I'm mole hunting now I'm Going to take you out and show you how I Gained success using this trap and get Rid of the mole in my Zoysia okay so Remember when I told you I was in my Observing phase I was kind of checking Out the crime scene I noticed that this Was the major highway right here so That's where I chose to go ahead and set A trap right here and there's actually Like a fork right here where he kind of Runs around we can see so I knew this Was going to be a good spot so I set a Trap right there and then I chose to set The other one here and again there's Lots of Highway going right down through Here so I went ahead and set that one Right there and again the real key to

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Success here is you have to know where That main artery that Main Highway is if You're not experiencing success with Traps I'm pretty sure that's what it is You're setting them out in the field Where they're just being like a Roomba Just bumbling around and eating and they Probably don't go back to those same Spots that Highway though it's day after Day after day that's where they're Continuing to go and that is what is Most important is to find that Highway And set your traps over top of that okay So you can see right here this is the Tunnel that he's coming through so I Want to straddle it with these spikes Right here so that's what I'm gonna do I'm going to straddle the tunnel there And you'll see these are what impales Them bam that's what impales the the Rodent so that's going down over top And it's over the tunnel the tunnel's Right here Push it down in there as far as I can And I'm going to reach up and pull this Up And this is what I don't like about this Is it doesn't always catch but there's a Lot of moving Parts in it there it is There it caught it's got a catch on There Ah yeah you're gonna see this is not the Trap I like all right so I'm gonna keep Trying here and I I did get it set for

When we were going after the mold you're Gonna see this is not the one that Caught them all and this is not my Favorite trap because of this because it There see there now it's set I got it in There and it's on here this is the Plunger I'm not gonna do it that plunger Gets hit and that's how it comes down Now I don't want to trigger it Maybe I gotta dig out a little more Either way you can see this is just a Lot of Problem there okay now it's in there Now it's set So that's how that looks and I'm going To show you how it works So the Trap is set that was not easy the Moles gonna be under here in the tunnel And he's going to come down through and He's going to hit this plunger right Here from underneath because he's going To come through he's going to notice his Tunnel's Disturbed he's going to pop up His head flip her around and he's going To pop up this plunger here Right and then sends those spikes down And impales them so when you pull them Out that impaled him again you can see This is not easy to set for me and I Just don't like that setup that's old School tried and true and so if you like That it's great but for me I just I don't like it but that's that's One trap that has worked for a lot of

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People all right so this is an actual Mole tunnel here this is actually where We caught the guy and uh so it kind of Goes right there if you can see that so You can kind of simulate what I'm doing So you take this again you don't want to Set these above ground I've been doing That that's super dangerous and go ahead And put the spikes directly into the Middle of the tunnel right there so that You can see that winning easy because That's hollowed out Get them in there and then just step on It All right so now I have the Trap set and This is the tunnel right here and so Those those jaws are kind of sitting Like this right around the tunnel right And then there's a plunger in there and So he's going to come through and he's Going to find that his tunnel is Disturbed so he's going to bust his head Up he's going to paddle through there And when he does that he's going to hit That plunger underneath there Once he's making all that noise and he Hits that plunger And it grabs him now it doesn't pop out Of the ground like this has just been Disturbed because I've done this several Times trying to just show this but That's what happens those jaws grab them As he hits that little plunger under There

So I set the traps around noon and then I left for the day and I actually didn't Come back until eight o'clock at night When it was already dark and I had Noticed that this trap over here was Nothing different but that one had Definitely been sprung and at first I Didn't believe it I thought well maybe It just sprung on its own or whatever But when I went over there and lifted it Up bam there was the mole So definitely caught him within eight Hours but it could have caught him Within 10 20 minutes I don't really know But definitely the key to getting him so Fast was putting it in the middle of That Highway that was the main thing That mattered so with that I hope this Video has been helpful to you I hope This will help you to get rid of your Mole problem leave me any questions that You have in the comments below and also Have a podcast that I'll link below Where I went ahead and talked about this A little bit more because there's a lot Of different methods that people use to Get rid of moles and I thought some of Them were kind of interesting so I'll Leave you a link in the description Below to that as always I'm Alan hay the Lawn care nut thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you Foreign

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