New Way To Get Rid of Bermuda Grass In St Augustine (and Zoysia)

New Way To Get Rid of Bermuda Grass In St Augustine (and Zoysia)

Welcome to our blog post where we explore an exciting new method to effectively eliminate Bermuda Grass in St Augustine (and Zoysia). We understand the frustration that these invasive grasses can cause, and that’s why we are here to provide you with a solution that works. By teaming up with us, you’ll discover a fresh approach that will help you reclaim your lawn and say goodbye to Bermuda Grass once and for all. So, let’s dive in and explore this innovative technique together!


Are you tired of struggling to get rid of Bermuda grass in your St Augustine lawn? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. Our new herbicide, RECOGNITION, is specifically designed to target Bermuda grass while still being safe for St Augustine and Zoysia grass. With the addition of Fusilade2, we have created a powerful combination that effectively knocks back Bermuda grass, giving your St Augustine lawn a chance to thrive. In this article, we will share all the details about our innovative approach and how it can help you achieve a beautiful, weed-free lawn.

The Problem with Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is a persistent and aggressive weed that can quickly invade and overtake your St Augustine lawn. Its rapid growth, deep root system, and resistance to traditional herbicides make it a challenging adversary. Many homeowners struggle to eradicate Bermuda grass without harming their desirable grass species. Until now, finding an effective solution has been a daunting task.

Our Solution: Recognition Herbicide

We are proud to introduce RECOGNITION, a revolutionary herbicide formulated to tackle Bermuda grass in St Augustine and Zoysia lawns. What sets RECOGNITION apart is its unique “safener.” This safener allows the herbicide to selectively target Bermuda grass while leaving your St Augustine grass unharmed. This means you can finally say goodbye to Bermuda grass without sacrificing the health and appearance of your St Augustine lawn.

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Here are some key features of RECOGNITION:

  1. Selective Action: RECOGNITION specifically targets Bermuda grass, leaving your St Augustine and Zoysia grass untouched.

  2. Versatile Application: RECOGNITION can be applied to both residential and commercial lawns with St Augustine or Zoysia grass.

  3. Easy to Use: Our herbicide is user-friendly and can be easily applied using common garden sprayers.

  4. Effective Results: In just a few weeks, RECOGNITION starts to show visible signs of Bermuda grass suppression, allowing your St Augustine lawn to thrive.

How RECOGNITION Works with Fusilade2

To maximize the effectiveness of RECOGNITION, we recommend combining it with Fusilade2, another potent herbicide. When used together, these two products create a powerful combination that effectively knocks back Bermuda grass in St Augustine lawns. Fusilade2 enhances the performance of RECOGNITION, making it a formidable weapon against Bermuda grass infestations.

Here’s how the combination of RECOGNITION and Fusilade2 works:

  1. RECOGNITION is applied first to target Bermuda grass, while safeguarding your St Augustine lawn.

  2. After allowing RECOGNITION to penetrate the Bermuda grass, Fusilade2 is applied to further inhibit its growth.

  3. By using this two-step approach, you can significantly reduce Bermuda grass while preserving the health and vitality of your St Augustine lawn.

More Information and Lawn Care Assistance

For more information and detailed instructions on using RECOGNITION and Fusilade2 to control Bermuda grass in your St Augustine lawn, visit our website. We provide comprehensive guides and resources to assist you in achieving the best results for your lawn.

In addition to our website, we offer other helpful resources:

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With our innovative herbicide, RECOGNITION, combined with Fusilade2, you now have a powerful and effective solution to combat Bermuda grass in St Augustine lawns. Say goodbye to the frustration and disappointment of dealing with unwanted weeds. Enjoy a lush, healthy lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors. Visit our website for more information, download our app, explore our Lawn Plans, and subscribe to our newsletter to access expert advice in your journey towards achieving the lawn of your dreams.


  1. Can RECOGNITION be used on other grass types besides St Augustine and Zoysia?
    No, RECOGNITION is specifically formulated for St Augustine and Zoysia grass and should not be used on other grass types.

  2. How long does it take to see results after applying RECOGNITION and Fusilade2?
    Visible signs of Bermuda grass suppression can be observed within a few weeks of applying the herbicides.

  3. Is RECOGNITION safe for pets and children?
    RECOGNITION should be used according to the instructions provided. Allow the treated area to dry completely before allowing pets and children to enter.

  4. Can I apply RECOGNITION and Fusilade2 on the same day?
    It is recommended to apply RECOGNITION first, allowing it to penetrate the Bermuda grass, before applying Fusilade2.

  5. Are there any specific weather conditions for applying RECOGNITION and Fusilade2?
    Optimal results are achieved when applying the herbicides during warm and sunny weather. Avoid applying before or after heavy rainfall.