PowerSmart 26 Inch Snow Blower. Assembly and overview.

PowerSmart 26 Inch Snow Blower. Assembly and overview.

The fine folks over at Powersmart sent me this huge snow blower to check out. Well, Wouldn’t it be just our luck that we haven’t had any good snow?
It’s a great looking unit with a Briggs and Stratton engine. I’d say it looks like a winner to me!
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Hey guys it's Eric here at farpoint Farms check it out 26 inch two-stage gas Snow thrower from powersmart the folks At powersmart were kind enough to send This my way as you know we get lots of Snow here in the mountains of North Carolina in the wintertime And with winter being about a month away From when I make this well I think it'll get some good use let's Put it that way today I'm going to do an Unboxing and a setup on this and then Later on when the snow falls we'll film It doing a little bit of what it's known For and that is pushing snow we're going To blow some snow all over the yard and Hopefully off the driveway let's go Ahead and unbox this thing this is the 26 Um it's I think the biggest one they Sell currently and it's a beast it came From FedEx and it weighed quite a bit uh Getting it in and out of the truck was a Bit to handle for one person I managed To get it done I'll say it was extremely well packed There is definitely looking at it oh Just a wee bit of setup involved in this Oh cool it even has lights all right Nice now this 26 inch model does come With a Briggs and Stratton engine so That's kind of a cool upgrade some of The 24s come with their own brand of Motors but I'm a Briggs fan and so it

Was nice to see that as an option it's Quite a piece of Machinery when you Really get a look at it A lot of stuff going on here so let me Go ahead I'll start pulling the Insulation off of it we'll take a look Clearly there's going to be some setup Here and I'll walk you through that all Right give me a moment here I'm going to Go ahead and read the instructions on This see what we got to do to get it all Set up and ready for its first use And then I will be back and we'll start The assembly okay the very first thing It wants us to do is install this Bracket here And it does tilt upward a little bit so We're going to slide that each side has One nut provided we're going to go ahead And install that those are 13 so I'll go Ahead and tighten those down once we got That on we've got to install our tires Now these have shear pins and stuff that Go with them but you want to make sure That you put your Valves down facing out so I'm going to Rock this thing forward and slide this Up Until it slides on do the same on the Other side Once you've got it you can't see this Side but I'm going to put my cotter pin through Here on my slide pin

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I'll do the same thing on this side Flip the side a little hard to see here But what I'm doing is Got to line this like so about like that You've got these pins here And then a cotter pen and you just need To have that Line up in a manner where you can slide It through there there it is Once you've got that lined up you just Put your cotter pin in place Like so And that's the bulk of it now we're just Going to attach our handle here And we've got four nuts and bolts here They're going to go through and hold all That in place once you've got all four Of those started you go ahead and Tighten them up And these have to hook together with This this is how our Drive control works Right right now it's in the lock Position that I'll let that off And up it comes and now I can hook those In And those should hook together There we go Like so I'll do the same thing on this Side all right we're getting down to the Last step now we're going to go ahead And install the skids now I'm going to Be using this on gravel So I want these kids to be pretty much All the way down however if you're using

Pavement well you can have them and you Can see there's quite a bit of Adjustment there I'll go ahead and put those in And of course you can always make Adjustments to these after the fact like I said for right now on my property I'm gonna have them sitting pretty much All the way down well that's it for Setup you do need to add oil and it does Come with exactly how much oil you need To add so that's really kind of cool so I'll go ahead and Top this off with a funnel And we'll be ready to go I'll do a walk Around here and I'll show you some of The features and functions how to Operate it and that's it my friends Let's take a walk around here I'll show You the features and functions I guess We'll start right here on this side this Does have an electric start you simply Plug an extension cord in And there you go so that's really nice Of course you do still have the pull Start over here And then you have your dipstick check Right there Up top pretty good size gas tank The wheels are nice Heavy treads on those I like that And then back here we'll take a look Here this is cool How about that how about heated

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Handles so that is really cool that it Comes with that feature Auger control here Turns and stops turning the blades up Front here's our Drive control here And then we do have headlights which is Also really nice especially up here in The mountains where most of the stuff I Do is well before the sun comes up Then we have our speeds and it does Include reverse So that's cool Put our neutral for right now And then we have Chute deflector as we Can move that up and down You see that move Cool And then we also have here this is where Changing our angle So you can shoot it to the left or to The right On this side controls for choke and run And we have our primer bulb here for our Fuel I like how they've got the exhaust you Know kind of hidden away but put a cage Around it to keep it from burning you And then it's a little hard to see down There but that right there Is our oil drain so if you want to do an Oil change on it you got that there Here's our gas turning on and off our Gas and then there's our speed control There

Not bad at all Okay come around to the front You can see our adjustable skids are There and here is our auger 26 inches and it looks pretty mean Now the kit does come with two shear Pins or additional pins and lock washers There so if you hit something that's Unmovable rather than damaging the Transmission those will shear and you Just replace that and be back in Business And 26 inches 250 cc's of Briggs and Stratton power powering a 26 inch wide Cut so you're going to move through your Uh your property pretty quick with that Big of a cut no doubt Oh yeah Well it looks great And it won't be long before that big First snowfall happens here on the farm So I look forward to uh to checking it Out in part two Till next time my friends take care

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