Rolling My Golf Green // Flag is In for Masters Week!!

Rolling My Golf Green // Flag is In for Masters Week!!

Time to give my golf green a roll with a greens roller to help flatten out the edges and get rid of some bumps.
I also changed the hole on my green and put my first flag in!!

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Lots of exciting stuff going on today's Video so as you can see there's a flag In so I'll show you guys how we did that And why I did it so early Mexico's Masters week but you guys see the root System it's looking really really good I've got a greens roller here as well so We're going to roll the green I'll Explain why golf courses use greens Rollers mine's not really ready for a Regular use with one but we use it to Fix up a few areas we're going to do the Surrounds Um just possibly even top just we'll see How we go but let's get into it yo mate What up welcome to another kit vid okay So first things first before we get into Anything you can see Oh my goodness how much this is filled In like it is knitted up completely here Even our bare spots now which are like The Esports just here have got grass all Throughout it the only reason they look A little bit purpley at the moment if You guys can see is because that's Actually sand just sitting on the leaf After we rolled it with that greens Roller That's just over there which I'll get to That in a minute we might even roll it Today as well we'll see how things Progress but the area is looking Really really good we are so close man I Give I can give it honestly two weeks

And pretty much all the sports are going To be filled in apart from our bear Patches on the edges now the tiger fire That we used in last week's video is Working awesome honestly this spot here Always used to get lots and lots of wash Through here and ruts and everything From that sprinkler just there look at This this is holding firm as like I've Never seen sand do that when you're Putting so much water on it and even the Spot down here we can see we always used To get wash and ruts running through as Well because the water would run from The sprinkler down through this area We're safe man we are safe that is Honestly ideal so I rate that stuff it's Awesome having any big storms to see how It goes against like 10 to 20 mil in an Hour or two but just from the sprinklers Definitely made a difference here one Frustrating thing no is all this duck Poop from the Ducks Had like a massive family of the moving We've had like 30 ducks hanging out on The DM Because there's lots of bugs in there Lots of dragonflies but the Ducks are Frustrating me I don't know what is with Ducks and golf grains probably all of The um in nutrients that are in the Green they love to pick at not really Making it any damage but they just keep Pooping everywhere so I come down here

Every morning and pick off about 100 Poops [Music] How much poos can they do man The only poos you got in your bank so as You can see we've now got the pin in bro So exciting so I know a lot of you guys Said in the comments that I should wait A little bit longer to do this but it's Masters week and I thought you know what I want to get it down wouldn't mind Having some putting with the family over Easter weekend it'll be good fun When they're all here and it is legit Tightened up so much in the last three To four days that It's pretty much already For a cup well you know for a home green That's not getting traffic on it every Single day And not going to get damage from all the Traffic on it like you would on the golf Course this was a golf course and you Got like 100 200 golfers coming through You would not put a pin in and make this Thing playable putting a hole in very Simple process a lot of you guys might Not know how they do on a golf course so I'll just explain it for you guys right Now so We usually use something called a hole Changer so I've got it's my little Brother he actually bought this over From the golf course to help me change

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It because I've got an old hole changer In the shed but it needs to be fixed up A little bit or I might get a new one We'll see how things go not cheap though And you take a plug out of the ground Basically these ones here actually have A depth that it sets to and you can see It'll stop as soon as we get to the Bottom even a little level on the top of It as well pull it out and ideally you Want your whole plug to hold together Now I was a little bit scared that it Might not because it's such a new green But it really did hold together I mean You can see the roots in this like the Roots are down at 110 mil on the green Which is which is just ridiculous for We're nearly at six weeks so about five And a half weeks since we sewed this Green So you take your plug out put your cup In set it down and drop your pin in that Area and then you take the plug that you Pull out and you will usually put it in The previous hole that you had there if That makes sense so you pull the old cup Out the old pin put the plug Into that spot there but obviously we Didn't have that here so we I just put It on the outside in a slightly Bearer Area And that was the most simple way to do It so I also got my little brother to Drop off the grains roller so I've been

Buying that I've only got that until Tomorrow So let's see how we go might get a roll On today I'm not really sure but I need To be super dry so it doesn't collect Sand and make a little bit of a mess Just because we've still got quite a bit Of sand around the area but the main Reason I'm using it today Is basically or have been using it sorry It's just to fix up the edges because There was quite a few humps and bumps on The edges and we just needed that roll To sort of flatten them out and fix up Those areas there for me which honestly I did a cut afterwards after the first Person we did it and we don't the myel's Not actually bouncing around anymore and It is so much smoother and it leads in From the the second cut to the green so Nicely now that we've done that so There's a few reason why golf courses Use greens rollers one of the main Reasons is to make your greens a little Bit quicker and to get rid of all those Imperfections that happen after getting Lots and lots of pitch marks on there Not that it's going to completely fix Your pitch marks but it will level them Out quite a bit sometimes you have to Manually go there As a green keeper and actually fix those If they're ridiculous but yeah one Reason is to speed up your greens firm

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Them up a bit as well also are layers You to stop cutting all the time so you Can give Your Greens a bit of a rest From mowing Once you start using a roller because The greens are still going to be quick Even if you're cutting a little bit Higher so a lot of guys instead of going Down to like three mil Or even some forces go nuts and go down To two mil some of the costs on the PGA Tour but it means you can bring up your Height of cut you know I mean so instead Of cutting at three mil we could cut at Five mil and Roll Your Greens every Single day and they could even skip a Day and roll it and you're still going To be fine because you've still got that Pure surface there I know you guys are a Little bit disgusted Buy all of these weeds here but we will Be spraying them out probably in the Next video because the only reason I Haven't sprayed them is because of all The new seed that I sowed when we did That aeration and I have only done one Cut since that so once I've done this Cut today which I'm about to do on the Surrounds we're going to spray out all Of these weeds so lots of plantain in Here that's mostly what's here almost Looks like cabbage all over the place to Be honest won't be hard to get rid of it We will spray that out also got a little

Bit of clover mostly mostly Clover and Plantain also got a little bit of this Mallow here as well which is really Really tiny all going to be really Really easy to get rid of though with a General broadleaf herbicides we may use Some Probably some dicamba M to be honest on This area because we are not going to be Overseeding any more times and this new Grass has popped through He's been up for long enough it's been It's nearly been three weeks I think so Next video you guys will get what you Want and these weeds will be gone [Music] Foreign Grass starting to look thick really Lush Lots of new growth coming through which Is nice Mate that color in contrast to the bent Even Just like next level I love it cannot wait to these edges are Filled in and it's all looking nice and Lush but man look at that Whoa I haven't cut it for a while feels Good to get that cut done seriously So so good now still got my little Nursery here which is starting to fill Back in as you can see some new seed Coming up Which I'm using for some bare spots so If worse comes to worst we might put

Some of that grass on the edges like in The really really bad spots along here If this stuff doesn't germinate well but I think it's going to because of the Amount of look at that tack of fire Stuff we put down on that area as well Man look at that look at those stripes Popping bro oh My oh It's exciting It looks so clean From there like across to the Green Man Bro So good and look at this Like It is Lush It is looking Absolutely pure at the moment here what It is foam after rolling it All right let's give this a go now this Is going to be super quick I wish I had A stint meter to show you guys probably Could just make one to be honest but me It's all good we'll get one So I'll rolling a lot more pure as well It's gonna get way past Holy Dooley Wow Yeah that's definitely rolling quicker Oh yeah just want to show you guys how Big of a slope this actually is I'm just Going to sit it on top and let it roll Down and show you how far it rolls this Is right on the edge of the slope here

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I'm not going to touch it I'm just gonna Let it roll Foreign [Music] That actually is but we are going to let This green rest now I'm probably not Going to mow it I made it yesterday Yesterday yes so I'm probably not going To mow it until Thursday or Friday now Today is Tuesday Um just to really give it a rest From all the mounting and cutting I've Just found after cutting so much That it it doesn't really need to be cut That much because it's still only so new So I can back it off a little bit Because it's we're starting to get lower And lower clipping yield in our catcher So every time I've cut over the weekend The last couple of days it has slowed Down even with the fertilizer and that's Probably due to the weather as well Um and everything else but we can back It off a bit give it a rest let it grow Let it creep let it do its thing next Video we're probably gonna do our top Dress as I was saying probably some more Fertilizer on the green been doing that Every four to five days also due for Granular foot next week again actually Doing that every Fortnight at about half Rate spray the weeds as well mate There's a lot going on I think what We're constantly doing things in this

Now I want to talk about quickly Fairways and tea boxes are not going to Be done until Springtime just so you Guys know because I'm trying to focus on This area as much as I can I am one guy And unfortunately cutting this like Fertilizing it keeping topping it top Dressing it all those kind of things are Keeping me busy throughout the whole Week so once winter comes we're running Irrigation to our three tea boxes Um that are across this Paddock just Here and we're also going to be putting Out two Fairways one with cooch and one With Zoysia as well now I haven't Decided what I want to do with the tee Boxes yet probably going to be cooch or Something like that just because they're Going to be getting divots out of them All the time because it is a par three But we will I will keep you guys up to Date with all that but we're going to Get on top of that soon like winter's Not really that far off two months and We're in the thick of it so that's when We'll start getting things ticking along For that just want to say appreciate you Guys so much watching following Along on This commenting on the videos I really Really do appreciate it that's what's Been able to obviously make me better do This so appreciate you guys so much Um and yeah I'll see you guys in a Couple of days when we shoot our next

Video on the green [Music] Well we'll give it our first putt I hope We get this in It's just a little break on this Let's see Please Oh [Laughter] That's ridiculous that was so close What a Feeling That's so weird Love it

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