The First Mow On My Golf Green!!

The First Mow On My Golf Green!!

It’s time for the first mow on my bentgrass golf green! I’m loving have a golf green in my backyard. It’s been a great process from the USGA Construction till the first mow!

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Guess what time to give this bad boy a Mo a little bit nervous but it is ready It's about 20 mil over most areas some Areas are up around 25 mil so I want to Get this down nice and low so we're Cutting it down to eight mil with the John Deere today so Let's get stuck into it let's do it just To prove to you guys this is at about 20 Mil I showed you in the other video the Other day which was two days ago I Filmed that we're now sitting definitely At 20 mil this is one of the thinner Patches through here as well 20 mil all Throughout this area so We're gonna have to do it now because I've let it dry for ages I need to get Some water back on here so I'm going to Cut it probably one cut we'll see maybe A double cut I don't know but one cut See how it looks because we're gonna be Taking off about half of it which is Fine when it's young like this but you'd Only be doing it obviously cutting more Than a third of a leaf off when it gets A little bit older now it is going to be A little bit tricky on the edges because I've got that black barrier there I Can't actually run off and turn around I'm gonna have to turn on the green Which is not really ideal so I've got These big bits of Cardboard from when we're building the Shed door which I'm going to lay on the

Ground I'm going to turn on those so I've got two two of them which I'll put Up each end and just move them as I'm Going along so I don't damage the Surface itself otherwise man it would be Frustrating we have to come off the edge A little bit because the John Deere has Those axles which the wheels sit on Which I can't forget how to get them off so We just have to stay off the edge a bit Because if it grabs that black plastic It's just going to pull tomorrow and We'll create a big crater there so I'm Not doing that so this is the mower We're using today the John Deere 220 SL Thanks to guys touching piece Just applying this bad boy for me bruh She's ready to go I tested with some Paper The blade's not actually nicking the um The Reel at all so really really clean Cut on this bad boy now which is good so I'm going to test it out I've actually Never used a John Deere greensmail so Today is the day You can engage the blades there well Look of it We'll forget it as we go Okay we're always going to get straight Into it get them on it because I need to Get some water back on here [Music] Foreign

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[Music] Foreign [Music] Was cutting this in awesome I was Actually expecting more of this sort of Stuff where the sand gets pushed up Because obviously the mower is quite Heavy and it's got two points of contact And when it comes through sometimes it Just drags a bit of sand because it's Not super level yet this area and it's Still soft as as you can see like that Moves So easily didn't pull the grass out Though it just sort of moved around the Sand a little bit so it's going to come Through the lawn level and push it Around a bit it's going to do that for The first little while while that mile Is running over it because as I said This area isn't obviously super flat and Even but it will settle down flatten out Especially once I start using that mower More and more Thank you [Music] So believe it or not we're actually Getting a bit of grass off there So I got probably Half a catcher in there which is not bad For a 14 day old green today's 14 days Yep 14 days today So I saw it on a Thursday and today's Thursday good Mass

So mate look at that so so fine Um Mate that smell of bent grass nothing Better didn't actually get much sand Which is really really good so obviously Just necking off the top which is really Good there's basically no sand in that So not gonna have any impact on that Reel which is nice Look at this stuff mate like it is so Fine we've cut a bit off too like we Have cut Legit close to 10 mil in some spot Some's a little bit less But that's fine we don't want to stress It out anyway and it's fine for a cut And we're going to keep cutting it now Bro Exciting stuff that was There we go that's off just one pass Cutting off about 10 mil which you think About 10 mils not much and there's still Still Like more thick look at that man that is An exciting sight to see Brah love it man it is cold this morning About to mix up some liquid fruits but Look a lot to do about again which is Fine now we looks like we Either we missed some spots when we were Mowing Or it's just where The overlap was how can we miss some Spots have a look at this

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It's clearly not used to the mower yet You can see little lines all the way Through there I think that's what it is Or it's just Oh no it's not it's just obviously where The edge of the mail was It's just not as much glue on those Spots Man it definitely needs another cut but Let's get some food out And I might cuddle again this afternoon Today we're putting out my mix With my four products just here the Roots vitalize nourish and Brilliant as Well I'm gonna put down All of this MP reinforced As well just to help keep this nice and Hardy strengthen up the leaf of the Plant and actually it's going to help The uptake of potassium and phosphorus As well and protect against disease to An extent On top having a fungicide program as Well just because it strengthens up the Plant nicely so we'll mix this all Together spray it out we're going to Leave this on the leaf as well not water It in [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Got that out this should really start

Kicking sideways it really looks sticker This morning after cutting it yesterday Like Yeah it's looking a lot better there is A couple of thin spots I can see so I Went over a little bit of extra foot on Those areas Um because I had a tiny bit left in the Knapsack but something dug a hole here I Filled it up already when I was walking This morning I forgot to film it but Something dug a hole just there it Wasn't schnitty either it's pretty good It doesn't come on the green because I've told him not to a few times But yeah Mate I really want to get this Blackberry off Hmm I think it's time to take this Blackberry out so we're gonna use this Reciprocating blade saw what do you want To call it just here And just honestly give it a go see what Happens I'm interested to say because I Don't think we've got everything Perfectly level with the sand and the Soil so Yeah we're just going to see what Happens once we do this I need to do it Because I don't want to do it when it's Too rooted down and then it's gonna be Really hard to cut through and we're Going to wreck all the turf and Everything so do it now we've done a mow

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It's rooted down enough that we're Probably going to be sweet doing it if We're not Exactly [Music] The types of frogs [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] Well that's gonna do me for today so I'm Going to get a cut on this thing so good To get this Blackberry off definitely Some spots gonna need some top dressing And adjusting we'll see how that goes Over time once I start mowing more on The grass gets a bit taller and things Start to settle we'll fix things up in The next couple of weeks though it's not Like it's going to be in six months 12 Months time but yeah it's all happening Starting to really look like a golf Green now with that black barrier going Looks weird looks really weird actually But mate I'm excited Thank you guys so much for watching I Cannot wait to be putting on this thing Anyway I'll see you [Music] Foreign

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