How I’m Fixing Some Problems in My Lawn // Maintenance Day

How I'm Fixing Some Problems in My Lawn // Maintenance Day

I’m excited to share how I am tackling some issues in my lawn on Maintenance Day.

How I’m Fixing Some Problems in My Lawn // Maintenance Day


Lately, I’ve been dedicating time to renovate my lawn to bring back its lush green vibrancy. However, despite my efforts, some areas are still struggling to thrive. In this article, I’ll take you through my maintenance day routine, sharing insights on the products I use and the methods I employ to ensure a healthy, thriving lawn.

Getting Started

First things first, I assess the current state of my lawn and identify areas that need attention. It’s crucial to have a clear plan in mind before diving into the maintenance process.

  • Inspection: I walk around the lawn, noting dry patches, bare areas, and any signs of nutrient deficiencies.
  • Preparation: I gather essential tools such as a mower, rake, fertiliser, and watering can to streamline the maintenance tasks.

Applying Fertiliser and Overseeding

To address the struggling areas of my lawn, I rely on a combination of fertiliser application and overseeding.

  • Product Usage:
    • Tricure Wetting Agent: I apply this to enhance moisture penetration in dry patches.
    • Seavival: This organic fertiliser aids in providing essential nutrients for overall lawn health.
    • Ryegrass Seed: Used for overseeding, promoting thicker grass growth.

The Importance of Regular Mowing

Maintaining an optimal grass height through regular mowing is key to ensuring the health of the lawn.

  • Frequency: I mow my lawn weekly to prevent overgrowth and maintain a neat appearance.
  • Clippings: Leaving grass clippings on the lawn helps cover bare areas and provides nutrients for seed germination.
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Addressing Dry Patches and Ensuring Proper Moisture Levels

Dry patches can hinder the growth of a lush lawn, necessitating targeted solutions.

  • Cause Identification: I pinpoint areas with inadequate watering and adjust my watering schedule accordingly.
  • Solution Implementation: Using Triurea Wetting Agent mixed with liquid iron helps improve moisture retention and revive the dry patches.


Maintaining a healthy lawn requires a blend of diligence, proper products, and consistent care. By following a structured maintenance routine and addressing issues promptly, I’ve been able to revive my lawn and promote robust growth.


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