12292022 ROS Lawn Tractor Meeting

12292022 ROS Lawn Tractor Meeting

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Jeff: rostopic pub -1 /turtle1/command_velocity turtlesim/Velocity — 2.0 1.8
Jeff: rostopic pub [topic] [msg_type] [args]

00:00 Jeff: Gives a demo of the mostly completed steering on his new small robot.
05:15 Jeff: Talks about drill batteries.
10:10 Al: Compares his lithium batteries.
12:20 Al: Talks about Jeff’s steering again.
Questions about the position sensor in these R/C servos
17:45 Jeff: Talks about possibly adjusting the pot and getting better tracking.
20:15 Al: Shows a simulated vehicle so he can see the cmd_vel that is coming out.
36:50 Al: Reiterates what he thinks he is getting.
40:00 Jeff: Suggests directly publishing a cmd_vel to verify that works.
49:00 Okay, we finally figured out how to publish a cmd_vel.
53:00 We proved the vehicle will drive faster. So the problem seems to be TEB planner parameters.
54:30 Terry: Gives a quick update and asks how to proceed.
Discussion of simple motor control. And an Ada Fruit Itsy-Bitsy board.
SAMD_PWM function. Suggestion of ros_serial.
1:02:15 Al: Gives a brief overview of how does low level motor control.
1:03:45 Jeff: Says where to find this github. But it also gets posted to chat.
1:04:10 More talk about ros_serial.
1:05:00 Jeff: Talks about quadrature decode.
1:05:55 Al: Asks about Terry’s Itsy-Bitsy board.
1:10:00 Al: Talks about simulation.
Some exploration of his simulation shows up.
Attempting to fix the vehicle being below the ground plane.
1:28:30 Some talk about how to create a map.

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