ANGRY Karen CONFRONTS Me while Mowing Elderly’s Yard..

ANGRY Karen CONFRONTS Me while Mowing Elderly’s Yard..

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I’ve never experienced an angry Karen like this before while helping folks for free. I was contacted by some neighbors that this family could use some help as their overgrown lawn hadn’t been mowed in a couple months and their lawnmower was broken.

As snow/rain was in the forecast, I drove over this way and knocked on the door but no answer and no vehicles around so I decided to just cut it anyway. I noticed the grass was extremely tall, started to lay over due to the wetness and wind. The bushes were also overgrown and I had a lot of weed whacking to do.

I went around weed eating the yard and unloaded the mower, after about 10 minutes I was approached by an Angry Karen and she was very frustrated, she asked why in the heck I was mowing this yard, this family always get’s free help. I’ve never experience anything like this, wait until you see her actions, what would you do?

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