Clean the smeg buildup off your spreader impeller. #LawnCare #lawns

Clean the smeg buildup off your spreader impeller. #LawnCare #lawns

How to Safely Operate Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers can be a very useful tool for you to use in your garden to keep the hedges trimmed and your pride and joy looking nice. However, regardless of whether you use petrol, electric, or battery operated trimmer, you need to use it in the safest manner possible to avoid getting injured due to misuse.

Benefits and Types of Yard Vacuums

Depending on the size of your lawn or yard, you may consider getting a yard vacuum to clean up leaves, sticks, or debris. Depending on your needs, you can also get a lawn vacuum that has the ability to shred or doubles as a chipper.

Types of Lawn Vacuums

If you have a large lawn, or even a small yard and hate raking leaves, sticks and other debris, then maybe you should think about a yard vacuum. I don’t know about you, but I hate raking leaves and any cool tool that will help get the job done quicker is a tool we all need in my book.

Electric Lawn Mowers – Advancements in Quality and Deliverability For the 21st Century

Tired of obnoxious gas powered lawn mowers? A little guilty for waking the neighbors on a Saturday morning with your lawn tractor? Why not do the ‘green’ thing and make the switch to an electric powered lawn mower.

All About the Gasoline Auger Drill

A gasoline auger drill is one of those tools that you probably won’t appreciate until you have to complete the task by hand. With the cost of the average back injury case over $25,000- it is easy to justify adding this handy tool to your collection. Primarily used for digging holes for fence posts, garages, and decks, these tools have additional attachments that can dramatically increase their usefulness.

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Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Reel Lawn Mower

If you’ve ever thought of buying a reel lawn mower but had questions or concerns then this article is for you. We give you ten great reasons to buy a reel lawn mower and once you do you’ll be glad you did.

Three Varieties of Lawn Mowers

Need help figuring out what mower to buy for your lawn? Here are the three main kinds of mowers and their price ranges.

Buying Used Lawn Mowers

For those looking for cheap lawn mowers, buying used is a useful option. Buying new mowers can get quite expensive, so why fork over all that cash if you can get the same quality for a lower price? Used lawn mowers may not be sparkling clean, but they’ll certainly get the job done, and save you money at the same time.

Simplicity Lawn Mowers Are a Wise Choice

If you want a tractor mower that is easy to operate and comfortable to ride look into the line of Simplicity Lawn Mowers, Inc. Formed in 1922, the company is under the Briggs & Stratton umbrella and has been long known for quality and craftsmanship. Their mowers are durable and perform well for years, well beyond their warranties.

Find a Hedge Trimmer in Three Easy Steps

While you might find your hedge when it gets out of control irritating it does serve a very important purpose. They not only add beauty and landscaping to your home and the grounds but it also creates a barrier from your neighbors and gives you a lot more privacy than you would have if it wasn’t there.

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How to Choose the Right Honda Lawnmower

Honda’s lawn mowers are built to commercial landscaping standards, meaning that they can handle jobs from the roughest backyard work to everyday commercial use. Honda mowers have long been considered the leader in the field by professionals for delivering durable, reliable, quiet, and fuel efficient performance.

Yard Work is Never a Hassle With a Ryobi Hedge Trimmer

No home owner enjoy doing their yard work around there house. It has to get done somehow and usually you have only two choices in how that happens. You can choose to hire a handyman or gardener to do the work for you or you can get a few tools to help you make the job a lot easier.

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