Easy Mower Oil Change Using The Same Oil You Use in Your Car

Easy Mower Oil Change Using The Same Oil You Use in Your Car

Easy and quick oil change for your mower.

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Hey there today I'm going to show you How to change the oil in your lawnmower And this can be done by any diyer in Less than 15 minutes now when it comes To adding fresh oil I just use 10W30 Full synthetic this mower takes 18.6 Ounces so once you get yourself set up The first step is to run the engine for About five minutes and warm up the oil So it drains a little bit easier then Disconnect the spark plug for safety Next you simply tip the mower on its Side and you let the oil drain out the Fill tube now I Mark the side of the oil Jug where the sight glass is so I can Easily reference when I've poured out The right amount I pour about three Quarters of what the mower will take First let that settle in for a couple Minutes check the level then add the Rest and check again until I'm within Spec from here reconnect that spark plug Run the mower for a few minutes and You're good to go so for most homeowners Changing your oil just one time per year Is plenty and I like to do mine in the Fall right before winter when I'm going To put it to bed I'm Alan hating the Lawn care nut hope this tip has been Helpful and I'll see you in the lawn

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