Free Curbside Lawn Mower – Is it Trash?

Free Curbside Lawn Mower – Is it Trash?

I passed this Craftsman lawn mower on the side of the road. The owner had left it there hoping for someone to take it away. I had someplace to be and was running late so I had no intention of stopping. Thankfully my son talked some sense into me and I turned around and tossed it in back of the car. Is this lawnmower curbside waste or will it run and cut again? Lets find out.

Lawnmower Model: 917.374541
Engine Model: 128T02-1270-B1
Stens Blade: 350-149
AYP Blade: 421825
Carburetor: 799866

I use Harbor Freight Super Heavy Duty Degreaser in my ultrasonic cleaner.

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