I’m Ashamed I Let This Happen // Zoysia Struggles + Freedom Factory Update

I'm Ashamed I Let This Happen // Zoysia Struggles + Freedom Factory Update

Are you feeling embarrassed about letting this happen? Let’s dive into the struggles of Zoysia grass and get the latest update on the Freedom Factory.


Hey there, turf enthusiast! It’s time for another deep dive into your beloved grass and any struggles it might be facing. Today, we’ll be talking about the infamous Zoysia grass and its common woes. But don’t worry, we’ll also provide an update on the latest buzz from the Freedom Factory turf. Let’s get right into it!

Zoysia Struggles

Zoysia grass is known for its lush texture and vibrant green color, making it a top choice for any lawn connoisseur. However, even the best grass can hit some hurdles along the way.

Dealing with Dry Spots

  • Apply Foreplay for localized dry spots.
  • Mix 9 oz of Foreplay with water for soil treatment.
  • Use Foreplay to drive more roots and hold more water.

Weekly Lawn Tips

If you’re looking to keep your Zoysia grass in tip-top shape, sign up for weekly lawn tips via email. Stay ahead of the game and ensure your lawn stays healthy and vibrant throughout the seasons.

Freedom Factory Update

The latest news from the Freedom Factory brings exciting developments in lawn care technology. Check out our new training program specifically tailored for nurturing Zoysia grass to its full potential.

Soil Treatment

  • Want a free lawn plan? Get it with the Yard Mastery app.
  • Check out the latest tools and techniques for Zoysia grass maintenance.
  • Water the treated area after applying the product for best results.
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Don’t let Zoysia grass struggles get you down. With the right care and attention, you can transform your lawn into a vibrant oasis. Stay tuned for more updates and tips on how to keep your turf in perfect shape!


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