Installing The Sand Layer For My Backyard Golf Green and Irrigation

Installing The Sand Layer For My Backyard Golf Green and Irrigation

Installing the sand and irrigation on my backyard golf green today!

Can’t wait to be putting on my backyard golf green and playing on the course!

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Excited for this video this is going to Be A huge step to getting our green up and Running so today we're going to be Installing the pump well in today's Video this is gonna be over a couple of Days installing a pump controller For the golf course I'm gonna be running Our line down to our valve boxes which Is going to be down near the green and Then run some trenches around the green As well and start installing our green Sprinklers as well so it's all happened To me and we're still going to get the Sanding on the green but I'd love to get The irrigation in now so when we start Cutting some sanding I can keep it wet To help it Compact and stop it sifting Down through any areas as well so mate This is this is a super exciting day This is a massive part of this whole Project so Let's just get started get the trencher On the city Our trenching We've got the trench sticker here on the Skitty as you guys can see Hutchin and Pierce has organized all this stuff for Me so a lot of guys still ask the Question this stuff is all sponsored and Sort of like a long-term loan from the Guys Hutchin and piers and they supply All the attachments and everything so I Didn't purchase any of this stuff

Those guys just helped me out immensely Which I'm so appreciative So Return to today we didn't have to go Super deep with it we're probably gonna At least still go On AIM for about 300 mil In depth just for the sake of it but That's going to run from the tank so This is the line that we're running Straight from the pump which is going to Feed all the other areas of the core so This is 63 mil poly that we're starting With then it converts into PVC around The greens Um huge shed out to the guys at race for Designing this plan for me and helping Supply all this stuff as well including The controllers the sprinklers the pipe Everything designed and done for free With the quote and everything like that Mate couldn't have done it without him But the plan is down through the tanks Between the tanks here which we put this Tank in last week just there Controller is going to be mounted on the Wall here somewhere which is going to be Wi-Fi as well and then we're going to Put our pump just here somewhere and Start running our poly down through here Stick around the ground And pop out through this way and this is The pipe that's feeding from the bore Just here

Which will then go into here Coming through the top Fill it up we'll have a pipe running in Between the two tanks as well so they Both fill up at the same time and They'll have a float which will then Stop the water coming from the Bosch out Off the ball and it'll just be automatic So whenever they get low it'll pump up Again so it'll be a constant up and down And the plan is to get a few more tanks Installed here as well as time goes on And as the money comes along for me to Pay for it as well With me and I'll tell you what that Green I haven't told you guys but the Grains probably cost me nearly about 20 Grand all up so far Um Adam I am pocket obviously the guys At Hutchin appears have supplied the Equipment braces supplied all the Irrigation and stuff if I had to pay for All that as well It'd be ridiculous Um but yeah about 20 grand I think that Green's gonna cost me probably a little Bit more if you include little extras Here and there Like building this tank up and buying More gravel for that and just all the Fittings that go between it Just every little thing adds up so quick But it's gonna be worth it So I'll make a start we'll start digging

Our Trends through here make sure we Stay as close to the fence as we can With that trench bigger it's going to Burn the outside of the ball pipe feed Um it's then gonna have to cross it Across at some point when it goes to the Fairways but we're just running the one To the greens today because I want to Get this green installed and seated by The end of January Oh this is the moment I'm excited [Music] Hey what man this Soul around here is Rich must have been from all the Horsepower back in the day You know I just saw a bit of Aggie down There About agcoil I don't know what that was From Honestly have no idea I'll find out one day if it's a problem See how deep it is Well it's definitely deep enough that's 400 mil That'll be fine [Music] [Music] Foreign [Applause] Digger Like it sort of broke a weld in there so Just be careful so if I finally big Rocks like I just did We're gonna dig it in

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[Music] Oh that's not that big So you think with trench diggers Sometimes they can struggle in rock I Know when my brother Josh they were Getting irrigation down on their Golf Course At um Wentworth in town I'll tell you What there is a stupid amount of rocks There because it's a quarry nearby and It's just a rocky area they end up Having to get them to install it with a To dig all the trenches with an Excavator Which is you can imagine takes a lot Longer Um so I'm glad it's not too Rocky in This Paddock there's only a couple of Rock shelves here and there and some Shale and stuff Shale this thing's not Worried about it's more big suckers That'll pick it up and Get jammed in the Digger so just got to Be careful that it takes flight [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music]

Foreign [Music] Trenches dug all the way down there Towards the green so from here we're Putting a valve box in Just here which will then Have a loop around the green And then swing arms will come off the Poly that's in there which will then go To where green sprinklers so we Obviously caught a few root locks along The way there's a little rock a couple Of rocks through here this wasn't too Bad could get that with the shovel Now the main problem was I need to get fit bro The main problem was these rocks just Here that was a ton Of rocks for this area just here We've made it through that's deep that Needs to be so I put some soil back in There and then put the pipe on top of That but it's deep enough all the way Through I end up going about three Anywhere from three to four hundred mil All the way through so we're not gonna Have issues with hitting the pipe in the Future as you can imagine the pipe is 63 Mil Inside so it is popping up a little bit Higher Before that Yeah trenches trenches are going All the way up through there

All the way down there So now I need to dig around the green As close as I can to the green as well With that trencher and I know there's no Rocks around that area too so we're Going to be sweet because when I dug the Rain out somehow I didn't pull out one Rock down from down there just Ridiculous So it will dig All the way around there And then I've got Matt my Old neighbor from across the road is one Of my really good friends Um coming out to help me GPS where the Sprinklers were supposed to go from a Design from the guys at race We're gonna do that and I've got my Brother-in-law this afternoon coming as Well to do some electrical so we get our Pump in in our control as well up behind The tank so it's all systems go Christmas is this weekend so I don't Think we'll have a sprinkles in by Christmas But I'll have all my trenches done Hopefully the pipe in pumping controller In Ready set go right And hopefully the sand turns up [Music] Back for another day so yesterday my Brother-in-law Ollie came and put Electrical in behind the tanks there so

We put the pump in and the controller as Well down the bottom I finished the Trench up to the green and I leveled Some dirt out around the green as well Spent a bit of time doing that as you Guys saw Previously in the previous clips now Come check us out Our sand has started to turn up so for The sand from your garage I told you Guys about that came from the guys Dencole in town I'm paying a bit over 40 Bucks a ton for this stuff and we've got 240 tons so you go through the mouth but It is not cheap I'll tell you that much But really good sand I mean it's cheaper Than getting USGA sand out of Sydney Nearly half the price which is ideal It's very very close to USDA specs and I Actually um Got some tests done on it and got all The granule sizes and everything and It's pretty damn close to USGS and we Didn't have to be bang on this is a home Green it's not going to have heaps heaps Of traffic on it but this stuff is going To be perfect to Chuck on top of this Gravel I actually didn't think it'd be he born Here so I mean I'm trying to figure out What to do because I've got to do the Irrigation around the sides but if the Sand's here and we're supposed to start Getting some rain tomorrow

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I want to start cutting the sanding do You know what I mean because I want to Get a lot of it in there before it rains So I'm considering Just starting to do the sand today and Getting as much as I can in there before The rain sets in I think it's tomorrow Afternoon that it sets in so how can I Get quite a lot of it in over the next Two days so I'm going to Mark out the Surveying pegs At 300 mil that are on the green and Then Let's cut some sand and we'll do the Irrigation After that it might be next week's video But we've made a start on the irrigation Anyway So I'm not sure if I've explained Exactly what these Stakes are for but These are the key bear levels pretty Consistent throughout the whole green Build so I want it to be similar to my Subgrade the gravel layer I did level Out pretty much nearly bang on to what I Want it to be as my final grade and then There might be some slight adjustments With the sand but not much from what's Here right now so I've got a mark out 300 mil above these Stakes tape measure A bit duct tape Make some of those Stacks backing Because I did accidentally ding some of Them with the skinny last time I used it

But yeah this is just basically cutting Sand in Probably the next full two full days I Reckon 240 ton might take me even longer You're gonna Two people on skis will be in Anyway Let's do it let's mark these out I want to get it done it's almost Christmas 21st of December today so We're getting We're getting close to holiday season Thank you Oh let's start cutting this handing so We'll bring it at the front dump a Little bit at the front and then we're Basically going to work over top of that Sand which will help compact it in and Sort of push it out across the whole Area finicky process got to make sure I Don't rough up the gravel underneath and Make sure I don't drive the skinny on it Because then you have to get the rake Out I don't really want to get a plate Compacted back here and fluff around With it so that is the plan we want this This sand to get nice and compacted as Well so the bit of watering in between In the process as well I've got a Firefighting pump which I can use from The dam to water it once we've got quite A bit of the sand in and we'll just keep Tracking over it And kicking along like that that's the

Way we're gonna roll so let's do it this Is exciting [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] For another day we've got I reckon about Half the sand in there still got some More Santa be dropped off it's about 30 Tons sitting over there another truck And a dog and then probably another Truck on top of that as well so we'll Start bringing some more down this way I Try to limb before this rain that's Supposed to kick in around lunchtime Today so we'll see a 30 tons taking me About A little bit under an hour to get Through depends on what part of the Green I'm taking it to but yeah if we Get this on before the rain it'll be Awesome because that's going to help Compact it down Um get some of the air pockets out of it And me driving over at the moment to Help compacting you as well I'm not Going to be using a plate compactor this Time round just to be compacted with the Tires with some water and then probably Running something like a bunk rake over It to help level it out And get all my levels and everything as Well so

[Music] Foreign [Music] For the truck to come back with some More sand now there is some sand left Over down the bottom there but it's Super duper close to the grass there's a Bit of cooch in there but it passed pail On a bit of everything else which I Didn't want to get any of that not even The inkling of it in the green so I'm Going to put the power rake on And just level it out Over there we've got plenty enough sand Coming like I'm gonna have extra sand Which is not a bad thing but so we're Gonna level that out now and Just like while we're waiting for them [Music] Well that looks so so much better This looks tidy actually level out some Areas is two two as well because it's Quite lumpy and bumpy through there I'll Probably Chuck some rye grass or Something down there and just let the Rain take care of it once the rest of Sand comes in because I've torn it up Quite a bit but this end has obviously Helped fix that and that power rating is Ridiculous anyway I hope this sand turns Up soon because the rain looks like it's Starting to Shift towards this if it's just a Sprinkle it's fine because it actually

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Help sort of compact it down a bit but If it starts pouring I don't really want To track Like mudding under the sand so yeah a Bit of a funny point Rest the sand turn up late yesterday Afternoon so let's rip it in supposed to Be showers on off today so Anyway let's go [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you Well [Music] We've got sand over the whole green now I have got some leftovers I told you Guys I probably got an extra I would say close to 30 30 ton oh Probably 40 ton actually but some of That's going to go up in the areas at The top where I need to put a little bit More sand I'll show you so through this Area just through here I want to flatten It out quite a lot so I'm going to bring Quite a few more buckets through here Probably another I'd say I'll get at least another 20 Buckets just for this end because I Don't want the screen sloping All the way to the water like it Currently is we did set a little bit

With the gravel and make a little bit Better but it still needs a little bit More sand up above there just to shape It a bit more now I've got these Stakes Here just to show me all my 300 mil Depth is because I don't want to go any More shallow than that That is compacted whoa [Music] The sandwich Okay there we go Right at the bottom so we're at Oh I'm sorry That is so close 300 mil just there Sitting at Just Charlotte So in a little bit more Sanders to come Through here as well as I was saying Anyway because this all needs quite a Few buckets here to level it out I've Got a little bit of extra sand down the Bottom So then the bottom would be my 300 mil When I start I want a bit later on I don't know why to be honest I did We're just there a little bit further Down it is at We've been close to 400 mils so there'll Be a lot of pushing around of the sand And shaping it somewhere you also get Some taken out some areas will have some Left in that's why these Stakes are here So I've got a bit of a guide and I can

Use this old golf club just here that I've got marked off a 300 mil to press In See our depth so that there's just above 300 mil That will come back down a bit though And we'll probably need to bring a Little bit more in As you can see yeah so a bit more sear Needs to come in through this area it's Mostly at the top where it needs it down The bottom Not so much [Music] Thanks guys so much for watching Appreciate you guys so much obviously Shout out to Hutchin and PS4 lending This equipment would not have been able To be done this quick if I didn't have Equipment and if I was hiring it out so Huge shout out to them obviously race For the irrigation the irrigations just To come in It's all happening and just share it to You guys as well for watching without You guys watching there was no way I'll Be here at the moment building A golf green in a paddock Were properly bought the business so I Just appreciate you guys so much all the Support you guys give me watching the Videos commenting appreciate yours all Right We'll wrap it up and I'll see you guys

Very very soon [Music]

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