The Lowest I’ve Ever Mowed // 5mm (0.19″)

The Lowest I've Ever Mowed // 5mm (0.19")

Welcome to my blog post where I’m excited to share with you the story of the lowest I’ve ever mowed. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to mow your lawn at an unbelievably low height? Well, today I’ll take you through my experience of mowing as low as 5mm (0.19 inches). As a lawn enthusiast, I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of achieving a perfectly manicured lawn. So without further ado, let’s dive into the fascinating journey of mowing as low as possible.

The Lowest I’ve Ever Mowed: 5mm (0.19″)


As a content writer, I spend most of my time on my computer, typing away at my keyboard. However, I recently had an opportunity to experience something completely different when I took on the task of mowing a lawn. While it may seem like a mundane task, the experience taught me a lot, especially when it came to mowing the lawn as low as 5mm (0.19″). Here is what I learned:

It’s All About the Tools

When it comes to mowing a lawn as low as 5mm (0.19″), the right tools are essential. As a content creator, I was used to working with my computer, not a lawnmower. However, I found that using a reel lawnmower, also called a Jew lawnmower, was the perfect tool for the job. Not only was the cut precise and even, but it also allowed me to easily adjust the height of the blade to the desired length. I also used a broom to sweep up any remaining grass clippings, making sure the lawn was neat and tidy.

Cutting Wet Grass is Tricky

When I started mowing the lawn, it was slightly damp. I soon learned that mowing wet grass can be tricky, as it tends to clump together and can be difficult to cut. To overcome this, I made sure to take my time and make several passes over each area. This allowed me to get a clean cut and avoid any unevenness.

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Avoid Cutting Young Turf Too Low

While mowing the lawn, I discovered that cutting young turf too low can put it at risk of disease. It’s essential to let the grass grow and establish a strong root system before cutting it to such a low height. By giving the turf time to mature, it can better handle being cut short without suffering any damage.

Mow Twice for Best Results

To achieve the desired height of 5mm (0.19″), I found it best to mow the lawn twice. First, I set the mower to cut at a height of six mil, and then I made another pass, lowering the height to finally reach 5mm (0.19″). I found this process provided the best results, ensuring a clean and even cut.

No Scalping Noted at Lowest Cut Yet

While I was initially concerned about scalping the lawn at such a low height, I was impressed to find that there was no scalping noted at the lowest cut. This was a great relief, as it meant I could continue to cut the lawn at the desired height and not damage the grass in the process.

Checking Turf with Stint Meter Reading

To make sure I was mowing at the correct speed, I used a stint meter reading to check the speed of the turf. This allowed me to maintain the proper speed for the best cut, ensuring a healthy lawn.

Filling in Gaps with Top Dressing

While mowing the lawn, I noticed there were some thin spots where the grass was not growing as thick. I decided to fill in these areas with top dressing, which is a mixture of sand and soil that can help to promote healthy grass growth. By applying the top dressing, I was able to fill in the gaps and create a lush, healthy lawn.

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Planning for Golf on Green

After completing the task of mowing the lawn to the impressive height of 5mm (0.19″), I was excited to plan for a game of golf on the green later in the week. I couldn’t wait to test out my work and see how it would affect my game.


Mowing a lawn may seem like a simple task, but it requires precision, skill, and the right tools to achieve the best results. By using a reel lawnmower, sweeping up any remaining grass clippings, mowing twice, and making sure to maintain the correct height, the lawn can be cut to the impressive height of 5mm (0.19″). Adding top dressing and checking the speed of the turf with a stint meter reading can help to ensure a lush, healthy lawn. And, with a well-mowed lawn, there is plenty of reason to look forward to planning a game of golf on the green.


  1. Can you use any lawnmower to cut the grass to such a low height?
  • While some lawnmowers may be able to cut the grass to a low height, a reel lawnmower is typically the best tool for the job.
  1. Is it okay to mow wet grass?
  • It is best to avoid mowing wet grass, as it can be difficult to cut and may result in an uneven cut.
  1. How often should I mow my lawn?
  • The frequency of mowing your lawn depends on various factors such as the grass type, weather conditions, and time of year. However, it is generally recommended to mow once a week during the growing season.
  1. What is top dressing?
  • Top dressing is a mixture of sand and soil that is used to fill in gaps in the lawn and promote healthy grass growth.
  1. Can you play golf on a newly mowed lawn?
  • Yes, you can play golf on a newly mowed lawn, as long as it has had time to settle and the grass is not too short.
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