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Lawn Care Tips For Your Lawn Tractor

There are several basic types of lawn mowers: cylinder, reel, and rotary. Each of these types of mowers uses a different cutting mechanism. Cylinder mowers use a cylinder with multiple spinning blades to push grass past the cutting bar. The blades in the cylinder form a helix around the reel axis. While mulching is effective, it is not an option for lawns with tall grass.

A sharp blade ensures a clean cut. Wet grass will cause the blade to tear and will not evenly distribute the clippings. The resulting bald spots and areas will be prone to weeds. Seeding is a good option to fill in empty spots. Grass blades will fold and bend when wet. This leaves areas with taller grass. If you have a wet lawn, be sure to wait a few days before mowing.

To clean the air filter in your lawn mower, first remove it from the engine. Then, remove any debris from under the mower’s undercarriage. If it’s foam, clean it by rinsing it with hot water and dish soap. Then, soak the foam filter in clean engine oil. Finally, replace the filter. If the foam filter is still in place, you can clean it with hot water and dish soap.

Zero-turn mowers are popular for their convenience and ease of operation. They have deck widths ranging from 30 inches to 33 inches. They also feature steering and manual controls. These lawn mowers can handle up to 4.5 acres of lawn. They cost between $1,200 and $2,400. The one you choose will depend on the size of your lawn and the terrain. You’ll also need to consider the number of trees in your lawn.

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