Dusting my Golf Green With Sand and AWESOME Damage REPAIR

Dusting my Golf Green With Sand and AWESOME Damage REPAIR

Today I’m dusting my golf green with some sand to help with levels and for bare patches to fill in. The green has also repaired nicely thanks to the vitalise!!

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Today I'm going to show you guys a Couple of things first of all how the Green has repaired after all that damage We had the other week We're going to give this a top dress a Fertilize we've got some rain coming in Today so we're not going to be spraying The Weeds on the outside that'll be next Week I'm going to DJ the green Let's get into it let's just do it yo Mate what up welcome to another lawn tip Bit so not sure if you guys can tell but This thing has drastically improved Since we had that damage from the roller Just last week now put down that Vitalize we put down our fungicides and This thing has really kicked back into Gear lots of repair these areas here That were really really quite sick look At them look at all that green growth They're starting to even fill back in Now which is awesome and a dusting like A top dress is really going to make the Difference there with this whole area You can see it's super dewy so we're Going to move this Dew in a minute That's actually where I chucked a Sprinkler on this morning to get rid of The ducks that keep hanging around Because they have been pests as of late And I'll show you actually What they do which is why it's Frustrating so they come up and they Love to dig out

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Little patches of turf for some reason I'm not sure why But it is Uber frustrating also our Edges are coming along well that bent Grass is coming up nicely in there rye Grass is coming up probably have to Overseed one more time on the rye grass Because not all of it came through Unfortunately now honestly let's get the Dew off here Let's get stuck into it [Music] I've just sifted a heap of sand into This about seven shovel pools I saw Brenton doing this with this with even Some wet sand and he seemed to get Pretty good results so let's try it now See how it goes with it sifted it does It has fluffed it up quite a bit which Is good all the clumps are gone we had a Couple of rocks in there too actually so Not a bad thing to do it's not like any Rocks on the Green Let's just try I mean that is more like A bro So much better [Music] Bro that is so much better that actually Works properly now Yes yes yes yes [Music] Thank you [Music] Well the rain's starting to come down a

Bit heavier now Camera's starting to get a little bit Too wet So I might rub in my tear Um And it is struggling to come out a Little bit more because it is getting The Sands getting quite wet now still Working when I'm sifting it which is Good but it's just yeah it'd be easier If it was a sunny day I'll be honest it Was supposed to originally rain Six o'clock tonight but it's pushed in a Bit earlier Dang it but you can see Down below the leaf That's hard to see it so it doesn't Really need much of a rubbing To be honest quite impressed with that So close to getting the green done only That section there Which I'll just come and do it when we Have a dry day It's just to see if it looks any Different though on this area Even tomorrow after doing this I guess I'll show you [Music] So the rain is coming in really well now So I'm going to get some fertilizer out While it's raining Because it'll wash it in nicely when I Put the irrigation on and the sand Rubbed in nicely luckily we got it

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Before I got too wet down there Otherwise it would have just stuck to The leaf and could potentially cause Some burn so you also got to be careful You'll be so careful when doing stuff With sand I remember one year we did Runners and it rained towards the end And some of the greens actually burned And took a little bit a little while to Come back so yeah you just gotta be Really careful I'll come down and make Sure I rub in the green again tomorrow When it dries out again let's put this Fertilizer out I'm using the carbon Green product again just here What's up with our carbon levels and a Regular granular fertilizer just to kick Growth on this area just here so two Kilos per 100 square meters to put this Out at and it should help this just keep Ticking along and growing Foreign [Music] A little bit frustrating If I didn't get the finished top Dressing it but I'll do it tomorrow It's all good it's just the way it gets This time of year rain constantly But you can't complain we need rain For me and it is definitely looking Better since we've got that vitalized Out now the fertilizers down will be Sweet need to get some more liquids out Probably tomorrow or the day after as

Well just to keep pushing this growth on This area because we want this filled in Before we start getting frosts but I Mean men Look at the color of it Has really really come back it always Looks worse in the rain as well when the Sun's out it's always looking its purest But it still looks good considering like Those that's all the sand there we can See from the top dressing But it's just looking so much better man Like super happy with that well thanks Guys so much for watching really Appreciate it I'm going to go inside Because it's starting to bucket down Right now Um appreciate it and I'll see you guys In the next vid [Music] Thank you [Music]

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