Grooming My Lawn // Mid Season Dethatch

Grooming My Lawn // Mid Season Dethatch

Learn why you should groom, dethatch (vertimow) your lawn! Grooming is a great way to get rid of thatch and help keep your lawn nice and healthy.

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[Music] The 10 mil car key was looking a little Bit neglected at the moment eight weeks Since I've really done anything to this Apart from mulling and even the mowing I Haven't mowed this in It'll be two weeks I had Luke from Silverstone gardening mile from the Other day and it's Scout so I'm going to Show you guys what's happened what What's happened since I've neglected it And how I'm gonna fix it a bit of Grooming watch out Yo mate what up welcome to another lawn Tip vid that's for you Caleb [Music] Foreign [Music] Spongy because I have not been mowing This bad boy regularly temperatures have Warmed up And it's just we're at a shorter High to Cut so it tends to get a little bit Spongy or thatchy quite a lot quicker Now there is a couple of ways to prevent This one you could be mowing regularly And you'd be on top of it two you can Scalp your lawn back with a rodeo mower So you can cut down below current Hider Cut probably cut down to your lawn Starts going quite Brown And below your normal cutting height so Say if I was at 10 mil I'd probably Scalp it back to like seven mil either

With my cylinder mower or the radio Mower if your radio mower is going to go That low Then for your next couple of cuts you Want to raise your high to cut back up To your 10 mil this is just an example And then your lawn will come back be Nice and green get rid of quite a lot of That thatch so thatch is like when your Lawn gets quite spongy and you get quite A lot a lot of um dead or organic Material sitting in your lawn and I'll Show you guys when we pull some out in a Minute what it actually looks like But this lawn is spongy and the way I Can tell is underfoot it feels a lot Thicker and when I run the mower over it It actually feels like the mower floats Around a bit and it's really really hard To keep some straight stripes on this Car keyboard it's hard enough of these On this area because it's slow but when It's thatchy it's 10 times worse the Other way to do it is to actually groom Or you can scarify your lawn but we're Going to groom it today with a grooming Reel so let me show you guys what that Is Which I use for scale verifying your Renovation time we've actually swapped Out the cartridge to a grooming reel Some people like to call it a dirty mind Reel it really depends on where you're From from Western Australia you guys are

Going to call it a dirty mind reel on The golf course we always call it a Grooming reel so what it looks like is We have lots of little blades in here That basically Nick down into the canopy Of your Turf so it's actually nicked Down into the top layer of your lawn and Pull out all that dead organic material Rip it out and make your lawn less Thatchy and a lot thinner believe it or Not that is also going to help with Water penetration into your soil to help Get down to the roots because they've Got rid of all that dead stuff Underneath the top of the turf but it's On top of the soil level as well so it's Going to help with water penetration and It's also going to help your lawn take Up Liquid fertilizers and granular Fertilizers a lot better as well so this Is something you don't need to worry About too much if you're cutting your Lawn up around 25 30 40 50 mil it's not Going to be as big of an issue when you Start getting down to tighter finer Turf You find that your lawn does get quite a Lot thicker And this can become a problem Now I'll be honest with you guys as well I did have plant growth regulator on Here it did rebound and I didn't apply Any more plant growth regulator on here So it wore off and it then goes into What they call a rebound stage and when

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That happens your lawn tends to grow Quite a lot thicker and it can cause Thatch issues if you're not regularly Applying your plant growth regulator So that's also my fault for doing that So this is why we need to thin it out Now because the lawn has got so so thick From that plant growth regulator it has Of course an issue because I didn't Reapply quick enough [Music] I'll leave the catcher off today just to Show you guys how much stuff we're going To get it out of here so this is set not To go to the soil it's just going to get The stuff that's above the soil so come Down below beneath the top of the turf And get the dead stuff in between so let Me show you guys how this works this is Satisfying and it doesn't leave too much Of a mess let's start her up let's get It done Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Pull out a couple of bits here and there Here's some of the brown stuff Underneath Foreign That out a little bit we've just got it Pulling up we'll have these nasty

Runners which will allow us to actually Cut those off when we go and bring the Cylinder mower in But it's bringing out a lot of this Thick stuff in here and it's just Sitting out the canopy more than Anything you can see through here it's Lifting up a lot of this nasty looking Stuff as well Look at that long sucker You can tell how pgr works too look how Thick Be close together Everything is there that is ridiculous Man love it looks so good but we are Going to do two three possibly four Passes on this whole area thin it out Quite a bit after the first pass I'm Probably gonna get the catcher out Because I just want to show you how much I get off off one pass in this whole era It's not going to be a ton because we're Pulling out the stuff from underneath We're not going heavy like we scarify so And we're not doing a deep groom either This is the thing we're only doing a Light Lightroom here today just to thin Out the canopy bit stop them while Floating and allow water to get down and Nutrients on top of that as well Generally you do this once a month when You start getting your Hider cut down Below 10 and anything below with couch Cocky those are uneven Zoysia as well

Just to really stop it getting Uber Thick and like how to move [Music] [Music] Now I am aware that not everyone is Going to have access to a groomer you Can hire guys out to come and do it for You as you can imagine but if you don't You can honestly use a scarifier go over It a few more times and just set it Really really light so it's not ripping Into the soil too much not a big issue If it rips in the soil a little bit Um You probably just wouldn't have to do It as often like once a month or you can Just scalp it with your cylinder Mower And that's going to get a lot of the Above ground patch as well the cool Thing about this though is when you're Grooming it's not actually disturbing The surface as you guys can see still Got color in here but it's pulling all The stuff up and allowing the grass Still to look nice that's why so good to Use on Bowling Greens golf courses Because it's not going to disturb play You know what I mean I mean it's going To firm things up make things a little Bit quicker But it's honestly not going to disturb Play And make it look nasty and honestly it's Really hard to scale up a golf green When you're mowing down at like three or

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Two mil You start cutting into sand after that But yeah this is why we use groomers is It's when you start getting to that fine Fine Turf like it really does make a Difference and I mean it's a little bit Of a Next Level thing but it's fun like I really enjoy this sort of lawn care it Really is exciting stuff sounds Ridiculous but I love it So as I mentioned we're not going to get A ton of this stuff out you can see here This is sort of what we're getting but I'll show you guys how much we get off One pass with the catron now we are Collecting a little bit of sand but not A lot I'm actually I'm pretty sure the Sand's Up from where I put that tree in anyway So I'm probably not catching anything Apart from when I ran out of that area I put the catron show you guys how much We get out of here [Music] So when you do this make sure you do an Opposite pass so we've gone that Direction so now we'll go straight up And down then we'll go on a diagonal After that and I might Go the fourth time we'll see how we go It's a nice big model so it doesn't Actually take that long to do it which Is nice [Music]

Thank you Foreign [Music] That's how much we've got two passes now This size area we just did is just over Under 100 square meters so it's not very Big We've got all this brown stuff it will Bring out some of your green stuff as Well but a lot of that is just our below Ground sorry above ground thatch so Instead of scalping it we can just get It out with that grooming reel so I'm Just going to go over three times for Today I think that would be enough I'll Find out once I do a cut afterwards I'm Going to cut this as well after we'll Show you guys how it looks after we've Completely tidied it up Mate it's pulled out Um a lot of the crap it's thinned out The canopy as well which is great so That's why it's pulled out some of the Green stuff which honestly is not a Problem because it was getting way too Thick and the male is just floating as I Said so let's go finish off the other Half and then we'll give this a cut and I'm going to show you guys how it looks As the end result after grooming it and Then we might even give the lawn a Little bit of a fertilizer because Minute is hungry I haven't given any Liquid fur or granular Fert for over six

Weeks so Sound good color to be honest Considering that and I haven't watered This Since the start of the season when I Applied the barricade so so pretty good [Music] [Applause] [Music] I'll do whatever you do [Music] Whoa that is done man put quite a bit Off there as well that was a lot harder To do for some reason The right side of the back roller kept Slipping on the angle Stuff that is Sweating I am sweating But yeah it's probably got a similar Amount off to the other side so I didn't feel as sponges this side Either so I guess that's probably why Maybe a little bit is dropped out the Bottom of the ketchup Yeah you can see here It's actually still quite a lot in there Actually it's probably a bit more To be honest now I'm looking at it My So I'm not sure how much of this you Guys can see but you can see that it's Pulled up quite a bit of Runners with That groomer

Which they'll get cut off with the Mama when we come through with the mower Which is a great way if you find your Runners are starting to grow on top Using a groomer is a great way to get Rid of those or scalping your lawn back Is another way to thin all those bad Boys out as well because look those are Long suckers that have pulled out which Is nice and they'll now be collected With their groomer now let's give this a Double cut Give it an edge Show you guys how it looks [Music] [Music] To you I know it won't be easy but it's true [Music] Foreign [Music] How much grass I got off off that after Using the groomer so it was any mode on Saturday today is Monday so two days ago At that 10 mil with a double cut Oh my God so many catches off it so I'd Say when the groomers come over it's Actually lifted up the grass and stopped It laying over because when sometimes You mow they're still in the mail Constantly your grass does lay over so Let's lift it up and we've come and cut We've cut straight into it and taken a Lot more grass off so it has gone a

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Little bit white from that This is just because I've left it for Way too long in between mows Because of the green build and the Irrigation and everything It's a little bit White So it's a good opportunity to put down Some liquid fertilizer we're due for it Anyway So I've got my mix here this is my Actual spring and Order Mix just here Vitalize nourish and our brilliance There's a couple of products just there And then I always like to add some Enhance Just to give it a nice dark green color So it's just some liquid iron in here With one percent magnesium and 12 Nitrogen as well so it's gonna give you A bit of a kick of growth but it's Mostly going to be for the color that We're using this bad boy here and these Ones here Great for the Organics in the soil the Microbes how to key light A lot of the nutrients like it's just Very Very great for us all which is why I Love this stuff Just want to mention as well because I Do get this question quite often I apply This mix monthly well I haven't been Lately I haven't applied it nearly in Two months as I was saying but generally

I apply it monthly and I put down Granular products every 10 to 12 weeks That's what I tend to aim for more focus On the liquids and to give a bit of a Boost with our granular and if one when I start to work on the green as well It's going to be very very similar and I'm using those longganics products Basically get a lot of Organics and um Microbes and stuff into the soil Straight sand over there Let's pull it [Music] Well we're all done thanks guys so much For watching if you guys have any Questions about the grooming process how I did this Anything chocolate make sure you check It down below um I'm going to be taking A Week's break we're going away on Holidays and my brother's my little Brother's going to be here sitting the Place so I'll show you guys how this Looks when I get back I'm shooting this it'll probably be a Week and a half until I shoot something On here again to show you guys the Results For me bro But yeah thanks guys so much for Watching really appreciate it excited to Get the green seated as well I'm it's Looking to be a round it's either the

End of January or the start of February Because we're going to say the rye grass Around the green first for the collar And then we'll be selling the bank grass After that rye grass has maybe had about One cut on it or something we'd have to Be watering that side quite as much just So we're not using so much water to get That much seed germinate anyway thanks Guys Please [Music]

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