I’m Mowing Everyday on My Golf Green // Mowing and Fert in the Rain

I'm Mowing Everyday on My Golf Green // Mowing and Fert in the Rain

Today I’m mowing in the rain and fertilising as well!
The Golf green is really starting to fill in and we will be putting on in very soon!!

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[Music] All right so today's will be a funny one We've got we've had so much rain over The last week so I'm trying to get a Mowing today rain's firming up that I Can mow it while it's wet like this and I want to get some fertilizer out as Well with all this rain about but I've Had so much rain man I'm gonna show you Guys what's happening in the green with All this rain and some plans I've got I'll just show you how it's progressing Along it's going really really well Loved it Go mate what up welcome to Another lawn tip vid so as you can see The green is really really starting to Fill in now even all of our gaps here This is all new growth looking at coming Up through here where it looks a little Bit lighter really starting to fill in Now to be honest this green has moved so Much over the last couple of days it's Been ridiculous the rain has helped the Cool attempts everything because as I've Said this is cool season grass so it is Loving this time of year but we have had Oh at least 100 and I don't even know Whatever 100 ml for 150 even more than That in the last five days so the dam is Chocolate block at the moment it's Overflowing out the back Down the bottom there it's all the way Up to our Outlet drains luckily they're Just above

Um the water level so you can see this One flowing here this one here flowing This is the subsurface drainage then This one here is also flowing in as you Can see it's right at the water level The dam is actually a little bit Fuller Than it is constantly overflowing at the Moment because there's so much water Going into it so generally it'll sit a Little bit lower than this so that's Right on the line which is lucky tell You what pushed it right to the brink With that but yeah the rain Unfortunately has caused problems as you Can imagine as well so on our edges Josh And I fixed up a couple of weeks ago We've had lots of wash it's held pretty Well but unfortunately all our grass That we sewed in here hasn't germinated Very well Because it keeps getting washed out and I have to keep raking it back up I've legit raked it up and fixed it Every single day for the last five days That's how much rain we've had so you Can see this here is a shocker of a spot Causing such a big slope that comes over Here and the water comes down through Here Just keeps washing it out like crazy now These parts are not really a big problem The Green's all good there but I need to Rake all that off now back into The second cut

We get a little bit of wash through this Area here And unfortunately this part here which Is actually part of the Green from to About this point here Needs to be sewed yet again some of it Came up and it's looking good this is About 10 no 12 days old now this section just Here and that's come out pretty good It's not it's holding it and not eroding But this stuff eroded before it even Germinated so it's caused a bit of a Problem there so it's another fix we Sort of have to do lastly this strain's Going well it could actually probably Handle a little bit more water to be Honest Flowing in there well because the rocks Are sort of help helping to hold it out And letting it flow in and as you can See the driveway here is where it'll Collects just me just pulling out all The pine and stuff that I had to fix up But it slowly feeds in there the only Problem is if we get like 50 mil in About an hour it does have too much Water here and it does go a little bit Around the outside of our drain there so My thought process is to widen That actual trench through there and put Some more rock in there to help hold it Up but allow more water to flow into That drain as well because that drain

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Can actually take a little bit more Water on top of that luckily we've got a Sand green And a drop straight through like this is Firm as Considering the amount of rain that We've had Like this is super firm which is why Sand is so great for a putting surface And for sports turf areas because you Can play on them within 10 minutes of Having a major rain event so it's good Don't need to stop raining well it can Rain maybe some light rain and not some Heavy rain I've been itching to mow this area Because I didn't get a cut yesterday and I've been doing daily cuts at the moment Double Cuts so in two directions and I'm Getting about a catcher and a half off From a double cut so the first cut I get A full catcher and the second cut I'll Get half a catch now the Green's about 500 square meters so we're getting quite A bit of grass off because we're pushing It so much to get it to fill in which It's filling in I've just got to keep on Top of the current cutting if you know What I mean in a day like this slows me Down a bit because Looking at it now after walking over There with all the wash and everything Probably not worth getting a cut on now So

I might get some fertilizer out that I'm Due for this is a really low nitrogen Product it's more for the carbon Coating In it to help hold some nutrients and Organics in our soil as well so we're Not gonna be pushing too much growth With this stuff and last thing I just Want to quickly talk about mowing Um with the mile here so I've been using The Torah at the moment because I am Still collecting a tiny tiny bit of sand With this mold when I'm mowing so every Time that I do one cut on this green in One Direction I take it off the green And then adjust the reel to the bed Knife to make sure it's cutting paper Again and if it's not cutting paper After I adjust the reel to the bed knife I go and backlap it so I'm finding I'm Backlapping this Probably every Two double Cuts so every time they do Four Cuts over it I'll then backlap this So this is kind of what happens when you Bring a green in or you're bringing Something back from renovation you'll Find a collection for a while and you do Start to blunt your reel quite a bit so It's a good thing I've got this old mode Able to do this and bring it in like That but it's constant luck if I did one Cut now On the green and then try to do a second Cut without adjusting the Reel back down

To the bed knife I actually can see Parts where it tends to bruise The actual bent grass out there and it Becomes a little bit of a problem Because it is such young grass if it's Grabbing it and not cutting it he Intercourse damage caused problems with Disease and it's going to make problems For us in the long run plus we're going To start the growth because we're not Giving it a clean cut either so you Always need to make sure you get a clean Mower even with your normal lawn like It's cutting cleanly so it's always Looking Schmick and you're not stressing It out it's always going to hold water Better it's going to have more Resistance against disease and even Insects as well because it's going to be A stronger and healthier plant so every Time I've been cutting at the moment I've been cutting double cutting as I Said but always cutting different Directions and the thought process Behind this is to really help it push And grow sideways because when you're Mowing it and the roller is going across It it does push it in a direction and That does actually help it sort of creep And spread that regular mowing just Really does promote lateral growth Because you chopping the top off so it Goes all right then it'll let me to grow Upwards so we're going to grow sideways

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So let's just see how we go hopefully it Doesn't rain in the next little bit but But let's even get one cut done just on That diagonal there Foreign [Music] Definitely needs a double cut I mean it's got about half a catcher There and that's on a wet cut normally a Dry cut you'd get quite a bit more than That wet Cuts obviously they tend to Collect at the top a bit and everything Sticks everywhere you get some sticking To the Reel some will fall out as well Because it doesn't quite shoot into the Back of the catcher properly so we've Probably got a little bit over half the Catcher off a single cut there So that goes to show it has slowed down A little bit so the nutrients are Probably leached out of this area Because we've had so so much rain so There's probably not quite as much Nitrogen pushing it now so Um yeah we'll be fine putting some Fertilizer out today we're still getting Rain like everyone was mowing then it Just kept showering on and off but I'm Really impressed with how The grain held up with a cut How firm it Is and how quickly the water drops Through it which is why we went with That sand in the first place is so you Know if we get Uber Heavy Rain like

We've been getting and I need to get out And mow I'm going to be able to mow Within 20 minutes of having a heavy Storm It's really cool to say that it's Exciting So we're putting out our MP carbon grain Today I can put this stuff out at two Kilos per 100 square meters so actually Lower than the recommended rate because We're going to be doing it more often so Basically spoon feeding this area as we Have been with our lighter rates with Our liquid fertilizers as well by doing It constantly because we're in a sand Profile we're trying to get to push Sideways you don't do this to a normal Lawn as I've said to you guys the only Really do if you're trying to get an Area to repair or you're trying to grow In a green or something like that Because excess nitrogen Is not really worth it because then the Rest you lawn has to try to keep up with It it grows super long you start Leaching nutrients out of the soil or Losing nutrients because you're pushing So much growth and it's taking all your Nutrients up from your soil as well so As you can see Pearl's nice and Tiny It'll sit down Fine in that canopy and The mower I won't pick it up Now this time I've made sure the Fertilizer support is shut

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[Music] Perfect timing with that the rain's Starting to come back in so It makes me feel good now it looks so Much better after a cut yeah I can't Believe the difference it makes to be Honest once you get it cut down on it Just how much more pure this is starting To look starting to fill in now somebody Just wanted to quickly talk about I'm Not sure if you guys can see this on Camera you can these light green patches Like this so this is a lot of the new Growth but it's also a sign that it is a Little bit hungry so it's gone a little Bit off color when you start to see a Little bit of color difference in your Green If you've got the same cultivars Throughout it and you haven't got Patches of like power when you grass and Even maybe some cooch and something else If you're seeing spots like that it's a Good sign that your lawn is hungry or Your golf green and it's in need of a Feed now the only reason this is so Hungry all the time is because again Full of sand doesn't have a lot of Organic matter built up at the moment to Hold nutrients so a lot of this dropping Through Um so that's why this here is a little Bit more hungry and we have to keep on Top of the feeding

Um hope you guys understand that I'm not Just tracking product here to try to Make it grow quick but it's actually Because it isn't really holding Nutrients in this area just here Oh well we'll start to more and more Especially that carbon grain product Will help it do that and my the um my Lawn tips mix as well with all the Microbes in there they'll actually Promote a lot of more organic matter Sort of building up and helping hold Nutrients and helping this area feed off What's already in there instead of just Relying on liquid fertilizer Applications and your granular Applications as well but it is starting To look good man Really starting to look good be good When these bare patches fill in they've Already started to creep in a bit as you Can see we've got some new growth in the Middle of it So everything is starting to creep and Fill in that was actually where a fox Dug Um I found out this boxes are hurting Them one night going north and that's Off in the distance They actually dug up All around the edge here I just didn't Film it because I was frustrated Um but it's really starting to look good Like even walking over it

Like you can just see the difference From even a couple of weeks ago this is This is actually knitted up even in the Last couple of days even more than last Time I showed you guys me wowzers well The rains are really starting to set in Now but I thought before I wrap the Video up let's get a golf ball out what Really is raining and see how it rolls Obviously it's wet cutting a 6.5 mil Only had a single cut But we'll show you how it rolls Freddie [Music] Yeah that's a slope down there once it Gets down there but Crawling I'm getting out of this rank Thanks guys so much for watching gonna Wrap it up now because this rain is Coming in heavy but excited I'm going to Show you guys that take a fire later in The week how it's going to hold the Edges overseed some patches bring a Higher cut down in the next video Lots Going on getting excited so anyway Thanks for watching guys and I'll see You guys very soon [Music] Good [Music]

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