Kikuyu Lawn Renovation Update // Fixing Topdress and Mowing

Kikuyu Lawn Renovation Update // Fixing Topdress and Mowing

Achieve Beauty and Protection Through Electric Garage Doors

Before, the garage is only considered as a place where one parks their car or vehicle. It is not really a place that people would put much importance to. But now that criminals are after so many things, home owners are thinking of ways to also protect their garage.

About Fire Retardant Tarps and Their Uses

This article is about fire retardant tarpaulins. It explores and explains the various uses of the tarpaulin and its construction.

Caring for Lawn Rental Equipment

Making a living can take up so much of your time that your once beautiful lawn has been reduced to a jungle mess. The quickest way to get the big job done is by bringing out the heavy artillery such as weed eaters, garden tractors, power washers and what not. But these top-of-the-line machines can rip a hole in your pocket, which makes rental equipment the easiest way to making the quickest way possible. However, their use can get expensive if not done right. Here are some tips to avoid incurring additional charges.

Tractor Repairs Don’t Have To Be Costly With The Right Maintenance Plan

Push lawn mowers are only good for suburban houses and its small gardens. Once your yard reaches the half acre mark, it is simply impractical and practically impossible to complete the entire landscape on foot. Here’s the lowdown on the tractors used for large and diverse terrains with a few preventive maintenance tips for less costly tractor repairs.

Buying Used Riding Lawn Mowers
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A riding lawnmower can be such a cool thing to have. It can make you feel like you’ve really arrived. It’s all wonderful, except for one thing – these things do tend to be expensive at about $1500 when bought new.

Buying Safe Riding Mowers

Really, you’re asking – is it really a big deal buying safe riding mowers? What do people actually die on mowers? Well, since you ask, the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that there are about 100 people every year who die on their riding mowers.

What You Should Know Before Installing A Lawn Sprinkler System

You’ve decided that it’s time to have a lawn sprinkler system installed. Perhaps you’ve recently built or bought a new house, or you’ve just had enough of monitoring the watering of your lawn and garden. Having to drag the sprinklers and hoses around every so often is getting old. There are so many other more enjoyable things you’d rather be doing with your time. If you had a lawn sprinkler system, it would not only be easier to have a great looking lawn, but you would be adding value to your home as well.

Wheelie Bins Are Practical and They Also Encourage Recycling

Wheelie bins are very popular in the UK, and there are many different versions, all characterized by different colors and dimensions. Here’s why you should be using them too.

Water Timers For Gardens: 4 Reasons You Need Them

There are four main reasons why you need a water timer for your garden, and we cover them and show you why you need one for your garden. They are fairly simple to use and more important than you may think.

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Finding The Best Fence Warranty For Your Vinyl and Aluminum Fence

Here’s a list of some of the types of things that you should look for in your vinyl fence warranty. When you see that these things are covered for life, you know that you’ve found a product that you can trust your family’s and your property’s safety to, as well as knowing that the aesthetics won’t fade after a few years.

Things To Watch For In A Used Forklift

Forklifts are such efficient workhorses that it is easy to think they are indestructible. They are machines, though, and like all machines, they are subject to wear and tear. If you buy a new forklift, you can reliably purchase it based on its factory specifications. If you’re buying a used forklift, however, there are other things you need to look for.

The Best String Trimmer, Choose It With Common Sense

The best string trimmer for you is the one that is easiest for you to operate, gets your job done quickly, gives you great looking results, doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and doesn’t cost you a fortune. If you want a beautifully trimmed and edged yard and you want to get it done as quickly as possible with the least out of pocket expense, that means having the right tool for the job. My father often told me “Any job is easy if you have the right tools”, and that is certainly true with lawn maintenance work.

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