Micro-Spreader Makes Fertilizing The Lawn Simple

Micro-Spreader Makes Fertilizing The Lawn Simple

The micro-spreader is easy to use and gives you ultimate control over your spread. Thrower Down!
Here is the hand spreader I got at Home Depot:

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So one of the biggest barriers to entry For folks looking to do their own lawn Is they have to overcome fear fear of Burning the lawn when they fertilize it Fear of striping it or whatever else There might be out there and also buying A piece of equipment that's about a Hundred dollars or a little more can be A little bit daunting and so that put Together keeps a lot of people from Taking action so today I'm going to show You a much simpler easier way foolproof Way to fertilize a lawn even the size of Mine which is about 8 500 square feet Using one of these so while my lawn is Overall 8 500 square feet it's actually Broken up by sidewalks and a driveway And everything else it's broken into Smaller sections that are between 2000 And 2500 square feet which each of those Sections alone is perfect for this Solution so before you begin any lawn Program the first thing you want to do Is measure your lawn knowing how big the Lawn is especially by sections is the Key to unlocking easy fertilizer Applications now you can measure your Lawn for free in my app called yard Mastery or you could walk it off Yourself I recommend you do both length Times width gives you square footage and As you can see I have mine broken down Into logical sections All right this little hand crank

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Spreader here this can be found at Pretty much any big box store Ace they Are pretty much made all in the same Factory I'll give you a link below to One that's very similar to this right Here but let me show you why I really Like this and what makes it so easy when It comes to fertilizing your lawn with It so I put the hand crank spreader on a Scale zeroed out the weight of the Spreader itself and filled it up with Double dark you know what the spreader Holds six pounds if you fill it up with Flagship same thing about six pounds and If you fill it up with stress Blends Same thing again about six pounds it's That way with all of these ferts So you see right there 18 pound bag Covers six thousand square feet what you Can do is you can find out what's called The application rate by taking 18 Divided by six and you get three what That's telling you is is three pounds of This product Covers one thousand square feet that's The application rate because this Spreader holds six pounds it holds twice That amount that's two thousand square Feet you'll see all the yard Mastery Fertilizers are the same way 18 pound Bag covers six thousand square feet 18 pound bag covers 6 000 square feet I Formulated them all to be that way so it Would stay consistent and that's why

This is so easy all you really have to Do is filler up a heaping helping that's Going to be six pounds and now you got Enough loaded here to cover two thousand Square feet now you can see why dividing Your lawn up into sections is so Important because that's what makes this Whole strategy dead nut simple so it's As simple as that take any yard Mastery Fertilizer fill up a heaping helping and I put this on the highest setting Available because I want maximum spread For maximum enjoyment now as far as Burning the lawn there's absolutely Nothing to fear here there isn't even Enough fertilizer in this small spreader To burn anything unless you spill it but Really you'll see once you start Cranking and walking your instincts will Take over and you'll be able to spread Like a pro in no time there's something About having it all in your hands you Can see very well you get good instant Feedback and you can control how wide or Narrow the pert goes It's really simple to hit narrow areas Corners or thin strips and again because You're controlling the spread by Cranking you have ultimate control and Best of all you won't have to measure Anything anymore you just fill it all The way up to the top and you know 2 000 Square foot of coverage locked and Loaded so the last thing to wrap this up

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You're going to ask me who do I Recommend this for well if your lawn is Under 10 000 square feet and mostly Divide it up into sections that are 2000 Or maybe three thousand square feet each This is perfect if you have a lawn That's bigger or you have a stretch of Lawn that's maybe five or six thousand In one spot I would say then you're just Gonna need to stick with a traditional Push spreader but again if you have a Lawn like mine 8 500 total broken up Into small sections this is perfect and This is probably what you're going to See me using through most of the season Coming up and again because I'm always Looking for ways for beginners to be Able to to get into DIY lawn care Without fear and I think that this is a Great way to do it with that I hope you Guys have enjoyed this episode I hope You've learned a little something leave Me some comments or questions below and I'll see you in the launch

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