Mowing at 6.5mm (0.25″) // The Green is Filling In!!

Mowing at 6.5mm (0.25") //  The Green is Filling In!!

I’m now mowing my golf green at 6.5mm!! It’s really starting to fill in now. Tempting to putt on it now!

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After that top dress this thing is Starting to look thick you can see looks A little bit puffy in the mornings now Which means it's really started to grow Because our knots are starting to cool Off and our days are starting to cool Off it's loving those cool attempts so Today we've got lots of rain coming over The next little while so I'm gonna get Some fungicide to protect this from Getting an epithelium or seed dampening Also going to get some liquid fertilizer In there at the same time because we can Mix some foot with that as well and on Top of that probably do some Applications on the rye grass on the Outside and I'll show you guys updates Over the next couple of days as well as Well of how this is growing we've got Some good rain and some cool attempts as Well okay so today we're Stop pethium chances and Seed dampening Which is what can happen your seed can Get a little bit too wet especially with Bent grass get quite sick or you can get Seed creating which means you've got too Much seed there and it can start to kill Itself out basically so we're just Putting down this as a preventative so It's more to stop pythium because we've Got lots and lots of rain coming and It's been quite damp down there Obviously because we're trying to get Seed to germinate Plus on the outside

We're trying to get seed Gemini it's Just been a lot of water over the last Little while so great way to protect Yourself so we're using some subdue Max Today this is the product and I'm just Going to add a little in-between foot Application with this with my enhance This is a great liquid or home product a Little green lap really really quickly Actually one of my favorite products to Be honest Um just because it gives you that quick Color a little bit of kicker growth as Well Um but also solo Has sent me out a 441 sprayer because I've been using this Um Pump on here So they're kind enough to send one out To me because I was struggling with the Amount of applications I've been doing Lately so it'll be good also sent me a Dual nozzle boom to go with this one so We'll test it out I've had one like this Before in the past and they're great Sprayers I'm actually I had the exact Same one and it fell off the back of the Gator At quite a quick speed unfortunately the Motor inside broke fall to my own Obviously that's going to happen if You've gone too fast with the go [Music]

Oh I got that down time the rain's just Starting to come in so Perfect because that sort of needs to be Washed in a little bit anyway it's any Light rain for the next little bit so It's not going to really be a problem But Probably the liquid food I want in there For at least an hour before it rains but Hey we've got our fungicide to protect Ourselves from a disease because Bank Grass is a lot more susceptible to Disease than other grass types probably Mostly because of the maintenance Practices because we're mowing it so low So regularly There's a lot going into it as well Right so it has been a few days since I Put that fungicide down man I'm glad I Did because we've had So much rain and there's been constantly Wet on this green so there would have Been a higher chance of disease here but Today we're going to clear the dew off First thing this morning you guys going To help me I've got the kids for for the weekend Because Emma's gone away for A wedding So you guys can help me today we're Going to Stew it off we might give it a Mow I'll show you guys the damage too That we've done that's happened From those storms we had like 60 mil two

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Days ago then yesterday we had another 20 mil that 60 mil came now quick I'll Tell you what all right let's get this Due off the green hey [Applause] So you can see unfortunately our edges Have had a bit of wash this isn't too Bad though considering the amount of Rain we had and how quickly we got it so This will just be a rake back With the rake through here is not too Bad luckily we had a lot of germination Through these areas like this but it is Still A little bit frustrating like Honestly it is but the big areas that we Put a lot of effort into Like down the bottom just here basically No wash which is just awesome a little Bit down the bottom but it's just helped Some grass pipe through more than Anything and a little bit washed down Through here And came through this way I did rake This little part just here yesterday Afternoon because there was still some Grass in there so I wanted to survive Um but yeah no wash there and up the Back there We didn't really get any wash either Which is awesome And maybe a tiny bit yeah look at this Tiny bit of wash here where I'd put down Some more bent grass so unfortunately a

Bit of that's washed away A lot who's germinating about that's day Seven today Look at that we've got some bent grass Coming up through there as well which is Good and even some in the washed areas Probably need to put some more through The guts here again so the easiest way To fix this wash Is just to rake it back onto the edge There Because we've still got some bent grass Under here We don't want to wreck it so this rake Is great because really really light and It won't pull any of that bend grass yet Now I did say in my last video that There was going to be no big storms Coming and then we got a massive storm Legit the next day Bro seriously every time I say that we Get a big storm I don't have a Tony a rockstar Luckily the bent will push back through That not going to be a problem And we didn't really pull any out no It's all staying nice and tight in there Which is awesome Now a bit of Seed Market on there but Luckily we'll just pick it up at the Moment we're mowing so not going to be a Problem and the lower we get like once We get down to five mil four mil the rye Grass really is not going to handle it

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Now I kind of wish I had like a Jew Whip or Something or I could even put the hose Across it but This thing works fine for me We'll get there in the future we'll get One of those nice Nice stew whips it'll be good fun or a Jew broom figure it out But this does the job doesn't it You bro [Music] So as you can see that's legit is pretty Much filled in Wow ain't nice but anyway that's Probably one of the best spots there He's probably one of our thinner spots Just here like this but as you can see That's not even that far off if you look At it From feeling it as well Some regular dusting our fertilizer like We've been doing and mowing which we'll Be doing some mowing later today Is what's really helping this thing Creep along like crazy Plus That little bit of rain Nothing beats right until you want oh What's that Bobby oops can you fix it Fix that up for me Oh look at that good job so we'll come Back Probably in about an hour or two when It's a bit more dry give this a cut I'm

Gonna take this lawn down probably to Green sorry down to about Them we'll take it down to six mil or What are we at seven maybe six and a Half mil sorry so you see ya Hmm So I've just adjusted the mower down to 6.5 mil so we're cutting a 6.5 mil an Hour we're at seven and a half before so We've come down a mill so we'll see how Much grass we get off We're gonna go across this way Um Just get it done I'm Keen to see how it Looks after getting a six and a half mil Cut and next week I'll take it down to Five and a half possibly five mil we're Probably gonna keep it there for a good Chunk of time because they're not really Too stressed about getting it down to Four mil three mil Three mil probably won't be till next Season but Yeah we're taking it down increment by Increment we'll see we'll see how far it Gets to guess and how much it handles Over the next one bit Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Yeah we got it Bubby all right we've got This working now


Take it back on All right we're done we fixed it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] All right So all done me and that is looking Schmick is looking really really good Starting to get nice and tight Six and a half mil did not even worry we Didn't get any sand so I think we could Probably actually go down to five and a Half mil possibly even five mil Getting really clean cut on it Mate we've got about half a catcher off That close to half a catcher I'm not Sure if you guys can see it But that's the most we've got off a cut And we cut it yesterday afternoon at Seven and a half mils so we took it one Meal off Right man it is really starting to move Sideways now so the whole area just has A look as if it's starting to move like It's starting to it looks thick all the Leaf blade everywhere it's evened out Quite a lot after a granular Fert Application And our constant liquid fertilizer as Well so I've actually been fertilizing Twice a week with liquids once with my Um lawn tips mix and with those other Products as well are for stem force and

The foundation as well The MP products and then on top of that I'm putting enhance on a little bit of a Lower rate about half rate In the middle as well just so we get a Little bit more nitrogen here and push a Little bit more growth because we want This to fill in before winter and I'll Tell you what I think it definitely will Have a look at that Like that is so close you'd say that's Nearly filled in just there Some regular top dressing will fix that This is basically the bearer spots now Which still Compared to a couple of weeks ago It has drastically improved so it looks So good across the green Me so I'm not going to oversee the edges Today because we've got another big Storm coming in this afternoon by the Look of it So I'll just leave them as is and I'll Probably seed it tomorrow Because there's a chance that this stuff Here will wash again luckily there's a Bit of seed that's come up in between Just here Um but we did lose quite a bit of it Unfortunately which is a bump It is a bum bum No thanks guys so much for watching Appreciate yours You guys enjoyed that subscribe to the

Channel if you guys haven't already like This video If you enjoyed it And I'll see you guys very soon you say See ya say bye See ya bye [Music] [Music] [Music]

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