Mowing tall weeds (Relaxing Lawn Care)

Mowing tall weeds (Relaxing Lawn Care)

A one time cut needs some help getting overgrown yard back into shape.

For this job I used my TORO HDX 2000 60″ mower. The edger is a TORO 60 volt attachment products, which run off one 60 volt power base and attach/detach in the middle of the shaft. The blower is a small TORO 60 volt unit as well.

Q and A:

Q: Why are you mowing in that pattern? You should have mowed in straight lines.

A: Making a video like this requires cutting the yard into small filmable sections. Straight lines don’t make a good video, so I go in small squares or circles instead.

Q: What equipment are you using?

A: TORO HDX 2000 60″ mower, TORO 60V attachment capable base with string trimmer, and TORO 60 volt blower.

Q: Didn’t I see this video before?

A: You may have seen the full length version last week. I haven’t made two versions of videos in a long time, but am going to start doing it again as some people like the long videos and some like the short ones. It also gives every project two videos, which means more content in the long run.

Q: What was the meow jar?

A: Family pet was buried there. I assume the jar was their food bowl or treat jar and served as a grave marker now.

Q: Why do you string trim like that?

A: One reason it looks weird is I am left handed, so hold the trimmer different than most. I also always trim from right to left so the clippings get thrown away from the bed.

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Q: What kind of truck and trailer are you running?

A: I drive a 2021 Chevy 2500 Custom with a 7×14 Carry-On utility trailer with two foot mesh sides.

Q: Why are you using battery equipment?

A: While this equipment isn’t commercial grade, it has the power I need for any job I tackle. I also have enough batteries to get me through a day, so there is no reason for me to keep running gas at this point (except for some specialty equipment like backpack blower, commercial pole saw, other things where there is no battery equivalent yet)

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