Seeding My Backyard Golf Green Surrounds // Perennial Ryegrass

Seeding My Backyard Golf Green Surrounds // Perennial Ryegrass

This is how I’m seeding my Backyard Golf Green Surrounds.
The seed I’m sowing is perennial ryegrass and I can’t wait to see it come up!!

The grass seed I’m using:

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Time has finally come to get some seed Down I am beyond excited so today I'm Going to talk to you guys about how you Can do this yourself at home what type Of seed I'm going to put out how much Water we need to put down to get seed Going I've done all the seed prep Already but I can quickly talk about That as well if you're watching this Video and I haven't watched the other Ones but mate time to get the surrounds Done And let's get stuck into this if you Haven't seen the videos over the last Couple of weeks I have been I've done all the irrigation around this Area irrigation's in we've built the Golf green everything is done this is Ready to be sewed into so this soil here Is nice and soft We use the power rack on this area that Goes on the front of my Skitty but you Can use a rotary here to do the same Thing and then rake it and level it out Which is what I have done here we've set The heights of our sprinklers I've Trimmed these trees back just recently So we let some more sunlight in because It is about one o'clock in the afternoon There's still a little bit of shade There by the time it gets to about three O'clock though we do get sun or even two O'clock we get sun directly there for The rest of the day so the rye grass

Will be fine there I've also put some Rocks through here just today As you can see just to stop everything Going into that drain which that drain Actually runs underneath the green which I put in a couple of months ago so it's All happening it's all ready to go so Let me show you guys the seat but today We're using a drop spreader this is one That I bought from Bunnings a long time Ago and the reason we're using a drop Spreader is because if we use the Broadcast spreader there's a chance that The seed will flick onto the green we do Not want our surround seed in the green That would be painful so drop spreader So it's going to drop straight down into The ground and then we are using a blend Of Rye grasses like I spoke about last Week this is the blend here this is a Couple of Sr varieties like at my old House custom blend that is also Available on my website if you guys are Interested Yeah today we're putting this out at About We're gonna go on the high end of the Road and go five kilos per 100 square Meters so there's green surrounds are Close to 500 square meters so we'll be Putting out about 20 kilos is that right 25 kilos sorry of this I've got some Left over for over sowing but we're Gonna put that out today with the drop

Spreader [Music] So we're gonna have to go over this in a Couple of directions well not directions So over a couple of passes so I'm going To go over this probably two to three Times to make sure that we don't miss Any spots now if you're on a Home Lawn That's like a square or even a circle or Something make sure you go on a couple Of multiple different directions it's Going to be a little bit harder here Because we're only going Probably two meters wide on this a Couple of areas we will go a tiny bit Wider but we're not going super super Wide with this at the moment because we Will have our Fairways which will be a Couple of different grass types leading Up into them as well I mean we can Always over sew a little bit further in The future but today that's as wide as We're going Let's just put it out honestly let's Just get it down so that's our rye grass Seed just there not super super fine I'm Going to show you guys the bent grass in A couple of weeks you're going to be Very surprised um yeah the setting on This already got set From when I last seeded my rye grass Lawn actually at the old place so we're Sweet to go but you just basically go on A lower setting for the first time and

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Adjust from there if you've never used One of these before now I do keep Getting the question about that Blackberry barrier around the outside That will be cut down once we have sewed The outside of the green and also the Bent grass as well it's just basically So the sea doesn't wash under the green We don't get soil and stuff going onto The sand as well until we've got Coverage on both areas then I'll cut it Below the soil level probably a couple Of inches below and get the job done Because there's only black plastic so it Will be fine Foreign [Music] [Music] To be honest is to make sure we break This in because we want good seed to Soil contact so if I can rake it in get The seed a little bit below the surface Of the soil it's not going to dry out as Quick when watering this and it's going To germinate a lot easier I'll talk About watering in a minute and why Watering is probably to be honest the Most important step after raking so to Help with that seed and soil contact We're going to use a roller today I'm Going to use the roller on the back of The cylinder mower here just because This is my heaviest mower at the moment Just basically so that we can pack that

Seed down in the soil a little bit just So it's not super super loose not that It's going to be too much of a problem Because we haven't got heaps of rain Predicted but it's just going to sort of Help you a little bit if you've got rain On the way we're probably only about a Couple of days and one to five over the Next week which is why I want to get the Seat down now and one day that's five to Ten but I've got a feeling it's going to Back off anyway so perfect sort of Weather for seating and our temperatures Here at the moment are starting to drop So today's 19 degrees We get back into the 20s next week 25 26 I think one day gets up around 28 then It starts dipping again so this time of Year here in Orange like February we Tend to get weather that's constantly Like this and I want to give this a few Months to establish And we get quite a few Cuts in it before Frost hits so not that we tend to get Frost out of town here but you know I Just want to get them to talk about so That's why we're selling in February you Could do it in March if you wanted to But I've always done it in February in Orange which February climate Monopoly Orange climb it's going to be similar to Summer like Melbourne anyway most places In Victoria they don't get stinking hot You guys might stay warmer for a little

Bit longer Canberra is very very similar Here to Orange And below the place in the Central West You can honestly start thinking about Sowing down grasses like rye grass Kentucky Bluegrass bent grass which We're doing on the green you can start And tour Fescue as well this is the time Of year to start thinking about it or Time to start over sewing as well if you Want if you're um we're somewhere up in Queensland I mean you could wait another Month two months three months you know What I mean because you guys could even Do it in the middle of winter and it Would still come up it's completely Different climate but anyway let's roll This in and then foot and then water Right so now we're up to the fertilizing Stage this is going to be sort of like a Starter foot something you put down with Your seed so the seed I'm using today Fertilizer sorry Is my proliferate fertilizer so great For Autumn time it's great for Autumn Seeding or just great for seeding in General to help it come up and give the Nutrients it needs when this seed first Germinates so I'm going to put this down At the same time some people I could put Down a week before some people like to Put it down a couple of weeks after the Seeds come up I just like to put it down While I'm putting the seed down as we do

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It so we're going to use two kilos per 100 square meters on this Today so 10 kilos off is what we're Going to use let's get lit now the Watering is the most important part I Find of getting your seed to germinate So we need to keep this moist at all Times so generally I water it four times A day seven o'clock eleven o'clock three O'clock and seven o'clock again I might Adjust a little bit here and there Depending on how much water it needs and I generally only go for 10 to 15 minutes On each sprinkler now these things Chuck Out a little bit more water than those MP rotators they used to have it the old Place did so we could probably get away With seven or eight minutes of course We're constantly watering and the temps A little bit lower at the moment but Just for you guys for seating make sure You're keeping it moist at all times if You don't have Automatic Irrigation I'd Highly recommend you go and buy yourself A tap timer from Bunnings or any trade Place Um that you can basically set your hose Or your backyard sprinkler to come on a Couple of times a day they're about 20 Bucks they're not too expensive Yeah definitely the most important part You need to make sure you get this right And then from here it's just waiting for It to germinate so rye grass can

Germinate anywhere from three So seven days I think it is I've did a Trial with this grass inside in a Container and I got some coming up in Two and a half three days so Definitely comes up pretty quick which Is good So I probably haven't even updated the End of this video we'll see because this Video will be out in a couple of days so We might have an update at the end I said things we'll see It's been about six days since we put That seed down we have lots of Germination but we had a stupid heavy Storm this morning and we've had Some wash and some annoying things Happen as what tends to happen when you Put seed down If you've done it before you know what I'm talking about I'll show you what's Happened oh we had a big storm a lot of Water has run down from the top of the Hill here come through here you can see All the wash lines coming through here To wash down through here some of it's Going to our drain which is good As we can see some of it's come to the Drain here but a lot of us actually Snuck up around here going up to here And washed out Through the green and guess what it's Done unfortunately it has washed seed Onto the green so the water got so heavy

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Through here that it pulled up and Actually pushed my barrier over in that Spot just there where I've got those Stakes sitting just now As you can see Right when it's washed seed all over the Green Frustrating so I'm gonna grab this Shovel Shovel off you can see where all the Dirt is like it's a bit darker to see Shovels as much off as we can for the Time being and when seed germinates in There which will be in the next couple Of days Gonna get some gloposite and spray it But we have to do that two or three Times I reckon dry grass me and it just Keeps germinating for ages as in like Seed won't germinate straight away Sometimes it'll germinate a week later Two weeks later Um but we'll get as much as we can we Probably have to deal with a bit of rye Grass in that section of the grain of Stuff to pick it out While we're at it Maybe not maybe we'll get all of it Maybe we'll spray it all and we'll be Sweet so let's get the shovel pick it Out and I'll show you guys after that How much is germinated actually quite a Lot has come up over the last couple of Days I saw a germination around day

Three but today's day six and lots of Germination not sure how much you guys Can see but there is seed coming up Here we go Absolutely everywhere across here It's actually pretty even too which is Awesome Really really really good exciting stuff To see And if you haven't noticed We pulled this fence out The side here as well so the whole Paddock is really really open now like From Up the top here Coming all the way down And not behind the green as well it Really opens up this whole area Absolutely ridiculous lots of Germination over here too I'm not sure If you guys can see it on camera but You can see green Haze Man it's everywhere I'm not too worried about the wash it is Frustrating but it's not that hard to Fix so what the plant attack is we've Got some more rain coming today so I'm Not going to do anything else for this Today but probably tomorrow Which you guys will see in the video Next week I'm going to come out overseed The whole area with the drop spreader Again and then what I will do is I've Got some more sand up behind the shed

I'm going to top dress Over the whole area roll it in again and That's going to give us the best chance For really really even germination Something I always do anyway so it's not Too big of an issue we've just got some Washed out parts now and potentially Some seed on the green which means I've Been keeping those sprinklers going 360 Anyway just to see if any weeds to Germinate I did have a couple of little Broadleaf weeds come up which I'm Guessing is just blown in from the Outside not much though but we'll keep The sprinklers going 360 now so that the Seed germinates on the green either pick It out depending how much is there we'll Spray it with some glasses Here that's the plan of attack over the Next couple of days so that's gonna be It for this video I'm gonna wrap it up Thanks guys so much for watching Appreciate yours can't believe we got to This stage super exciting but anyway I'll see you later [Music]

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