Renovating my Lawn to FIX Bare Patches // Overseeding My Lawn

Renovating my Lawn to FIX Bare Patches // Overseeding My Lawn

We are excited to share our journey of renovating our lawn to fix bare patches through overseeding. Join us as we explore the process of reviving our lawn and creating a lush green space to enjoy.


Hey there, folks! Today, we’re diving into the world of lawn renovation to fix those pesky bare patches that have been plaguing our beautiful green space. We’ll be sharing our journey on overseeding our lawn and the steps we’re taking with the help of Ecoscape Lawns and Gardens to achieve that lush, dreamy lawn we’ve always wanted.

Getting Started

So, our lawn has seen better days, and we’re ready to give it a much-needed makeover. With bare spots dotting the once-full green landscape, we know it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Identifying the Issues

First things first, we need to pinpoint what’s causing these bare patches. From hot and dry weather to cold nights impacting certain grass varieties like paspalum, our lawn has faced its fair share of challenges.

  • Hot and dry weather causing thinning
  • Patches of paspalum dying off due to cold nights

Planning the Renovation

To kick off the renovation process, we’re focusing on overseeding, core aeration, and top dressing. This holistic approach will not only address the bare spots but also improve the overall health and appearance of our lawn.

  • Overseeding for grass regrowth
  • Core aeration to reduce compaction
  • Top dressing to reintroduce nutrients

The Renovation Process

With our plan in place, it’s time to get our hands dirty and start the renovation process. We’re lowering the lawn height, removing excess thatch, and preparing the ground for the overseeding with ryegrass seed.

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Preparing the Ground

We’re digging deep, quite literally, to ensure our lawn gets the TLC it deserves. Our core aeration process is all about easing compaction, enhancing oxygen flow, and giving our grass roots the nutrients they need to thrive.

Seeding the Bare Patches

When it comes to overseeding, precision is key. We’re applying a specific rate of ryegrass seed per square meter and targeting those bare patches for some manual seeding love.

Partnering with Ecoscape Lawns and Gardens

A huge shoutout to the team at Ecoscape Lawns and Gardens for being our partners in this green adventure. With their expertise in fertilizing, lawn maintenance, and renovation services, we feel confident that our lawn is in good hands.


In conclusion, the journey of renovating our lawn to fix bare patches through overseeding has been both challenging and rewarding. By addressing the root causes of thinning grass and implementing a comprehensive renovation plan, we’re well on our way to achieving a lush, healthy lawn that we can be proud of.


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