How To Spray Your Lawn With A Battery Sprayer – Detailed Training

How To Spray Your Lawn With A Battery Sprayer - Detailed Training

This will teach you exactly how to spray your lawn (blanket spray) with a battery powered sprayer.
Yard Mastery Backpack sprayer comes with the white tip and elbow just as you see in this video, as well as a bunch of others to give you options.

Here is the blog post I referenced where I go into detail on the tips:
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Second part:

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All right Joe we're gonna have a lot of Fun today because I'm gonna teach you How to use a backpack sprayer now when You're finished with this video you'll Be able to confidently blanket spray Your lawn now what blanket spray means Is applying product to the entire lawn Consistently from one end to the other Like a warm blanket of goodness for the Lawn now I'll be using the yard Mastery Four gallon backpack sprayer and that Comes with everything you need to Confidently blanket spray anything from Pre-emergent herbicides to liquid Fertilizers and everything in between And in my opinion this is one of the Best sprayers available to diyers and I'll leave you a link below but if you Have a different one that you like or That you're using all the teaching that I show you in this video can be Translated and used with any sprayer no Problem so here's my four gallon Backpack sprayer when I fill this tank Up with Kim's my job is to get Everything in that tank out evenly over My lawn but how much area can I actually Cover with that four full gallons of Spray mix So this brings us to the first lesson And that is to teach you a standard that We use in lawn care and that standard is That when we're talking about lawns when It comes to Applications everything we

Do is broken down into one thousand Square foot increments that's the Standard and that's what you're going to Find on labels of products you buy Increments of one thousand square feet It doesn't matter what you're applying Either for example you can see granular Fertilizers you can see the coverage Here is broken down 18 pound bag covers 6 000 square foot increments of a Thousand square feet you can see here on This insect control Treats up to twelve thousand five Hundred square feet and you can see here On a liquid see right there 12 to 18 Ounces per thousand square feet here is A liquid concentrate fungicide you can See here some mixed rates I'm just Looking at real quick look fluid ounces Per thousand square feet So like I said in lawn care we talk About areas in increments of one Thousand square feet now in order for You to apply this standard to your lawn You need to First measure your lawn and You want to understand how many thousand Square feet that you actually have under Your care and when you do measure you Want to measure actual grassy areas step Them off length times width don't just Go looking at a real estate survey Because even though that might show you That you're on a third of an acre that Doesn't take into account the house

Driveways sidewalks landscaping and all Of that stuff what we want to get is Actual grass space and divide it up into Segments or sections so I have a Property map here that a fan actually Laminated for me which is really cool But you can see I've kind of segmented Things down and I understand how big Each area is of my lawn now the other Thing you can do is you can measure by Satellite in my app and I actually Recommend that you do both so I'll give You a link in the description below to My free app it's called yard Mastery Where you can go ahead and measure your Lawn and segment it out via satellite And then you can compare it to your own Property map that you made all right so Now that but you know the standard unit Of measurement we use is one thousand Square foot increments and you also know How big your lawn is now you're one step Closer to getting out and spraying and Praying with confidence all right so Back to the sprayer like I said it can Hold four gallons of spray mix but how Much of an area can that four gallons Cover so this is where we're going to Use that standard remember I taught you About Lawn Care being measured in one Thousand square foot increments because When it comes to spraying with a Backpack sprayer like this the standard Is that one gallon of spray mix covers

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One thousand square feet so that means That if I fill up this tank and there's Four gallons in there I can cover four Thousand square feet and so knowing that You can now see why it's so important to Actually measure your lawn and segment It out now you can understand if you Even need a four gallon sprayer in the First place if you only have a little Two thousand square foot lawn postage Stamp you may want to just invest in a Two gallon sprayer like this one it's Perfect for a 2000 square foot lawn Because it's two gallon for me in my House I have 8 000 square feet and I Know that if I'm gonna blanket spray my Hair entire lawn with something I'll Need to fill this up twice okay so now Mark this down when it comes to spraying Liquids from a backpack or a hand can One gallon of spray mix covers one Thousand square feet that's the standard All right next let's talk about just the Tips and only for a minute or two so When it comes to spraying the tips they Serve two purposes the first one is to Regulate the flow so think about it like This these two sections here this Section of lawn and then that one across The sidewalk way over there those two Sections together are four thousand Square feet to blanket spray those two Areas I would need to walk back and Forth and evenly coat the area if I took

A tip like this with a very small Orifice it will take quite a while to Force the four gallons through just Watch so I've got that little yellow tip On there and I'm just going to go ahead And see how long it takes to push out 64 Ounces or a half a gallon and what You'll find is that it's a minute and 20 Seconds which between you and me that's Slow that would take forever if you were Spraying that's 64 ounces and it took a Minute and 20 seconds so that means it Would take two minutes and 40 seconds so Over two and a half minutes to just get Out one gallon with that little yellow Tip now let's take a tip with a much Larger orifice opening and see the Difference now I've got that heavier Flow tip on there and you're going to See that things go much much faster Maybe even a little bit too fast Now in the next section we're going to Get a lot deeper when it comes to these Tips but for now just know that my goal Is a DIY is to be able to get this four Gallons of spray mix out across that 4 000 square foot of area and do it at a Comfortable walk Pace I don't want it to Flow too slow so it takes a long time But I also don't want it to flow too Fast so I have to run to get it done so Choosing a tip with the proper flow rate Is very important but the second Consideration or the second thing the

Tips do is they actually create a Droplet pattern and a droplet size That's going to work best for the Application that you're doing the first Tip we looked at has a tiny orifice and It creates a nice fan spray and the Droplets are very fine this is ideal for An application like a weed killer where You want as much of the liquid to stick To the surface of the weed Leaf as Possible the smaller or finer the Droplets the more of them will land on The weed to kill it on the other hand This tip that allows a much faster flow Rate it also delivers a more large Coarse droplet size this is helpful for Applications that I'm going to need to Water in I'd rather these larger Droplets plunge through the leaf canopy And get into the thatch or touch the Soil right away when I spray them and That will just help me when I go to Water them in later so in this training I'm going to be using this tjet turbo Floodjet wide angle flat fan tip it's a Tf-vp4 these tips deliver a flat spray Pattern and you can also get them in Several different sizes to regulate the Flow rate so why this particular tip and Why the white one well I'm glad you Asked it's because this tip allows Enough liquid to come through that I can Get an application done in just a few Minutes but it's also not so fast that I

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Have to run to get it done now some of You want a more specific explanation on This I know you do and I actually did a Really detailed blog post on all these Different tips and what they mean and How they work and PSI and all of those Different things I'll give you a link in The description to that blog post below But in order to spray you actually need A little bit more information not just That I told you to use this but what you Need is a more specific explanation you Want to know exactly how fast or slow You have to walk when using this tip With that sprayer and that's what we're Going to get even deeper right now we're Going to go do a bucket test and a Bucket test is going to show us exactly How long it will take to pump the liquid Out of the sprayer using this tip the White turbo floodjet fat Fan flat white Turbo floodjet flat fan now a gallon is 128 ounces I have this 64 ounce pitcher That's a half a gallon the yard Mastery Sprayer has two settings a low and a High now I'm going to just use the low Setting and I'm going to run a timer to See how long it will take to fill up the 64 ounce pitcher I'm going to do this Four or five times just to make sure I'm Getting a consistent result and I'm Going to record this in my lawn Journal Now you can see it takes 47 seconds to Fill the 64 ounces which means that it

Would then take 94 seconds to pump out a Full gallon 94 seconds is a minute and a Half all right so here are the numbers With that White Flood Jet right there Takes 47 seconds to put out a half Gallon so a gallon being 128 ounces we Need to multiply that by two so 94 Seconds to put out one gallon so that's Essentially a minute and a half 94 Seconds divided by 60 seconds was one Minute is 1.5 essentially so one and a Half minutes to spray out a gallon of Spray mix with that tip on the low Setting on my sprayer so what that means Is if I'm using the yard Mastery sprayer On the low setting and I'm using this Tip I have a minute and a half to pump Out one gallon and that one gallon of Spray mix is designed to cover one Thousand square feet so let's revisit Those standards one more time remember We talk in lawn care in increments of One thousand square feet we also know That when we're spraying liquids the Standard is one gallon of spray mix Covers one thousand square feet of lawn Area from the bucket test we just did we Learned that the yard Mastery sprayer Can can pump out a full gallon in 94 Seconds a minute and a half and that's Using the white tip on the low setting Now I've been doing this for a long time And I can tell you that covering one Thousand square feet of lawn space or

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Spraying it in a minute and a half That's a decent walk Pace that anyone Can achieve so that means there if I Wanted to spray just this first section Right here this front section that's 2 000 square feet right there I'd have to fill my sprayer I'd fill my Sprayer up to the two gallon Mark and I'd have three minutes to get this area Sprayed now if I was really ambitious I'd fill all four gallons up in there And I'd have enough to do this 2 000 Square foot section here and then that 2 000 square foot section over there and I'd have six minutes to get that done That's still not going to be too bad to Walk all of that in six minutes not too Bad math sure is fun isn't it So I went ahead and put two gallons of Water into my sprayer and then I just Put a splash of humic 12 in there mainly So you guys can see a little bit better Here in the video There I am at the two gallon Mark now I'm going to go ahead and load up and go Out and spray so you're going to see I Start here with a trim pass just to get The edges done keep things off on my Sidewalks I go ahead and frame out the Entire area here Now I'm ready to start filling in the Field and if you're wondering about the Overlap here as you make each pass there Really isn't much of an overlap you just

Really want to go tip to tip or kiss the Tip of the previous pass which is a lot More enjoyable than nut to butt but I Digress the real thing I want you to see Here is the walk speed you can see that I'm not running but I'm also not you Know laboring to slow down it's just a Comfortable walk pace One other tip is you can use polarized Sunglasses to help you see where you've Sprayed always good to be able to tell The wet spots from the dry and polarized Sunglasses will help you with that Now when I get to about the halfway mark I'm not quite halfway done here I just Want to check see where I'm at now You're going to see that I'm not level Here but I'm just over one gallon and That's where I should be because I'm Almost halfway done and I have just over A gallon left so that tells me that I'm Good to go now over time what's going to Happen is you'll be able to feel the Weight of the mix coming off your back As you spray and you'll know what that Weight feels like as you move on it's Like a muscle memory kind of thing to Where you can tell when you're about to Empty out and then you can look at where You're at in your field and know if you If you've done a good job or not of Course you can see I got mine almost all The way pumped out and that's because I've been using the sprayer for a long

Time and I also know my life now in the Next video we're going to put all this Into practice and what you're going to Find is that 1 000 square foot standard It translates even better once you're Actually mixing up chemicals in spring So stay tuned for that make sure you Subscribe leave me any questions that You have in the comments below and as Always I'll see you in the lawn

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