Seeding The Ultimate Backyard Golf Green // Bentgrass Putting Green

Seeding The Ultimate Backyard Golf Green // Bentgrass Putting Green

Today I am seeding my backyard golf green! Can’t wait for this bentgrass to grow and to putting golf balls on it. Seeding grass is honestly one of my favorite projects and I love watching it grow and establish.

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Time has come to sew the bent grass on My golf green been waiting for ages for This so I'm super excited to do this so Today there's a couple things we're Going to do is going to put some Amendments down on the sand because We're missing quite a lot of nutrients Also going to put the seed out and show You guys how I'm going to do that sort Of like hydroseeding a little bit Different but you guys will see the Process break it in Start watering it so We'll talk about how this is a little Bit different from normal seeding And here we're going to go about it so Firstly I just want to talk about the Sand on this green so the sand on this Green is lacking quite a lot of Nutrients as you can imagine because it Sands when we've seen quite a bit of Phosphorus potassium a bit of sulfur Tiny bit of calcium they're the main Ones anyway that we're missing from the Green itself so we've got a couple of Different products here that I'm Trolling at the moment so To help just get a couple of different Nutrients in there so I've got to start Off I've got MP Renault blend which the Main reason I'm using this one is Because it's carbon coated so that's Going to help with our Organics in the Sand itself because we've got basically

No Organics In this green itself because it's sand And it's come from a pit so that's Something we have to build up over time With liquids bit by bit but it has got A bit of potassium in there a little bit Of sulfur a little bit of calcium as Well which is what we need Um they're the main ones we've got and Of course the carbon that's in there as Well which is going to be a great source We're not only holding nutrients but Building up some of that organic matter Over time as well next we're going the MP Cow plus as you just here got a bit of Calcium not the main reason I'm using it The main reason I'm actually using it is Because of all the potassium in here and The sulfur as well because we are quite Low on those now this is something I'm Going to have to mend over time one Application is not going to do it for me The next 12 months can be pretty intense With Fertilizer applications And liquids especially is going to be Our main deal on this green just here Which is probably most of my lawn tips Mix because it's got mostly everything I Need in it but this is what we want to Break into the soil today Now one that is really low is our Phosphorus

Which we're going to be using this map Product just here Which has got a lot of phosphorus in There so I'm gonna get that down today as well Bought the bunker aching this morning as Well you can see these root barrier Strips I've got to see you so I could Not track any seed onto the green Leveled it out again because I haven't Done it for absolutely ages it looks Really tidy at the moment actually I Pushed a bit of a little bit of sand up Into some low spots as well where I Noticed there was a little bit of water Sitting if we got really heavy downpour But to be honest the water drops through It nearly straight away so it's not too Big of an issue so I'm not worried about Wash as much as I was On the outside on the rye grass here Which after that third application Yesterday It's looking good No no Didn't quite have the spreader closed Properly Me and I just had it cracked open Slightly by accident [Music] Foreign [Music] Hear it's quite windy today so we are Not going to be seating today it's just

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Not going to work when we're using the Hose to seed Just gonna make a mess so I'm gonna talk To you guys about how we're going to Seat it and I'll probably see it Tomorrow unfortunately met us over here Today so what I've done I've actually Pre-seaked the seed in a mix of a couple Of different products this is the help Of germination and germination sorry and To protect against diseases as well so Put a couple of different things in There first thing is the vitalize so This is one of my liquid fertilizer Products so put this in because of added Potassium and the phosphorus as well They're quite low though but most of us Because of the beneficial bacteria and The trace elements in here as well which Is really going to help it germinate And also help protecting its disease as Well next is a liquid cult product so my Survival here liquid kulp is great for Your roots root establishment as well so Another reason why we're soaking the Seed in this and I've got a wetting Agent Just to help retain some moisture and Again that can also help Um Increase your germination and Germination times as well lastly we have Put in a fungicide now the main reason We've done a fungicide is because

Ben grass is yeah there's a high chance Of getting disease invent grass so I'm Sticking to one kilo over 100 square Meters for the bent I'm not going any Higher so we're going to soak it we have So sorry in some subdue Max from the Geyser syngenta and we're also going to Apply some if we've got the seed down And apply some roots on top of that as Well this is all just going to help with Germination might as well do it the Seed's been soaking for 24 hours Probably going to soak for 48 hours now Because of today's such a windy day like It is ridiculous man The gusts are up around 40 or 50 K's and It's really open just here Actually I thought before when I started Filming that was gonna be fine because The wind had actually died down but nah I'm not going to make it today but how We're going to do it is you can see how This wheelie bin here so we're going to Fill this wheelie bin up with water now For a memory they take like nearly 100 Liters I'm sure we're close to it so fill it up With water truck our bank grass seed in There which is mixed with everything Which I'll show you guys this in a Minute then we're going to obviously Once that's mixed in there we're gonna Have to agitate it like crazy so Probably with the the shovel handle or

Something like that constantly agitate It we're gonna have to have a couple People to help me do this so my Brother's gonna come help me and then We're going to pump it out with a pump On low throttle And then we've got like a fish mouth Nozzle which we're going to spray out Across the green which I'm probably Going to get my brother Josh to use it Because he uses that for fertilizing all The time on his Bowling Green And he's got a lot more experience with That than I do I've only used it Probably when I was in the golf course I Only used it three times because we used To have a big Um red tank that I used to use but I Don't think it's working anymore I'm not Sure what they're doing there but yeah That's how it's working so we're not Going to be able to show you that until Tomorrow but I'll just show you guys the Seed so this is our bent grass mixed up In here and if you look on the side here You can see how fine bent grass really Is like it is ridiculously fine not Normally that color it's just got a lot Of fertilizer and stuff mixed in with it Fungicide and everything Yeah so there's about five I think it's Nearly six kilos to be honest in there Slight bit more than recommended Application rate we're gonna go over

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This green probably four five six times When spraying this out right so we're Putting out the seed today we've got the Bros here brother-in-law coming in at Two as well just to help agitate actual Seed in the wheelie bin we've got there But we're just gonna Walk it over so we'll put the seed in With the wheelie bin And the pump will suck it up through the Nozzle and we'll spray it out like that [Music] Foreign [Music] Okay so final step for today is we're Going to roll the bunker ache just the Tires of the bunker egg Over the green here just because a Little little knobby thing is on the Tire help push the sea down and get you Really really good seed to soil contact Now you might have like a checkerboard Look across the green when it first Starts growing in but Bank Grass does Grow sideways So we're not gonna have a problem with That so we're gonna roll it over quite a Few times taking the rake off the bunker Egg so it's not actually going to rake Anything in we're just going to use the Tires itself to compress it down we used To use the old grains mowers the Triplexes to do it on the golf course With the smooth tires

Um And the reason I don't want to use the Toro the um the JD is because I did find When I was doing this area here used to Slip around a bit I don't really want to Slip around on the green I want to be Really really particular with this bang For us [Music] Foreign [Music] All done with that you can see it's left Dimples all over the place so the seed Will germinate In those first probably and we'll get Like a checkerboard looking Look across the whole area although it Depends on how the irrigation goes the Irrigation might actually just settle That down a bit as it has been But as you can see how cool I actually Reckon that looks really cool PS how thick is this rye grass looking After that fertilizer I put them out two Days ago told you guys it would look so Much thicker And putting some of that dirt down bro Sticking up like crazy Mate look at this even the thin spots Are starting to fill in So this is the seed I put down here this Is from the guys at Advanced seed It is a blend of bent grass so it's Called dominant extreme best of Bank

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Grass there got a couple of different Cultivars in there's got flag stick Creeping bent grass double o seven Creeping bent grass and triple seven Creeping bent grass they're all about 33 The flag sticks at 34 but yeah the Reason I really want to go a couple of Different color bars too is because one Fit is Ace resistance because bent grass Can have a lot of problems with disease Resistance and otherwise found when You've got a couple of different Cultivars in there you do tend to have a Lot more resistance to disease one might Get taken out one of the colder bars Like with dollar sport or something but Another another one may not it really Just depends yeah it's still going to Look very uniform and very nice I mean You can see here on the or on the rye Grass here like you can't see any Difference in color in the three Different cultivars that are on the rye Grass there so as I was saying the seed Is super super fine I don't know if you Guys can see that on camera Super super fine grass like it is Absolutely insane How fine bent grass is I mean it's got a really fine Leaf blade As it is when you sew it as well but the Seat is just absolutely crazy so the Main reason that we did that with water Is one so we put the Fungicide and stuff

In there and the fertilizer and Everything to help sort of Give it a kick start with germination Not that it's germinated yet but it'll Germinate just a little bit quicker now That it's actually on there which means We need to get some water down there now But it also helps because the seed's so Fine it stops it from blowing around in The wind too much you get a little bit More control with it and you do tend to Get a little bit more even coverage when You do it as well really good way to do It but now I've got to keep about Watering like we did with the rye grass So we're watering this like four to five Times a day making sure it's wet all the Time hand watering spots to get missed When the wind's about Mate this is one of the most important Parts keeping this water up to this now Which I'm actually really happy with the Sand because it drops water through well But also actually holds moisture really Well from what I've seen over the last Little while so mate How exciting is this make sure you guys Keep up to date with this I'll be doing Stories on Instagram and Facebook and Stuff as well to keep you guys updated When the seed germinates also how the Rye grass is progressing obviously it's Going to be a pretty intense liquid Fertilizer program on this because we

Need to get some Organics in to this Sand profile here so we're going to be Fertilizing this like nearly once a week Just for the first little while and the Fertilizer program is pretty high for The first 12 months so lots of Applications going out which I'm Actually really looking forward to to Doing that looking forward to the first Cut on this mate this has been such an Awesome Journey I've loved every part of It thank you guys so much for following Along we're only just getting started Thanks guys so much for watching Appreciate yours I'll see you guys very Soon [Music] Foreign [Music]

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