Shaping and Levelling My Backyard Golf Green

Shaping and Levelling My Backyard Golf Green

Time to Shape my backyard golf green and level it so we have some nice breaking putts and an enjoyable green to hit a golf ball onto!

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Thank you [Music] Well back in the green bill today we've Got Dean caddy from green and gold life Make sure you guys should get his YouTube channel I'll link it down below But give me a hand to that on the green To give you some levels compact it with These bad boys just here and get stuck Into it so appreciate it we say good Having two blokes doing this instead of One bloke so let's get stuck into it and Let's go [Music] Thank you foreign Cruise along here getting all the air Pockets out with these plate compactors Dan's just about to jump on the lawn Level we'll get rid of all those like Undulations and low spots where there's Just some chattering along the place Let's say the play compactors have Really shown up those spots which is Really really awesome so we'll do that Um as you can see These things have done a good job just To show it up for us looks nice Nice and tardy shout out to the guys at Kennards as well For letting us hire these out Those guys are awesome and they support The channel appreciate those guys so Much Yeah Dan and I are gonna get

Ripping into it get sweaty get sweaty Exactly also this is like the most Finicky stage of all trying to get Everything nice and perfect so that we Get to put the sand on top of this It's a little bit less work [Music] Foreign [Music] Just want to explain to you guys what We're doing now so what we're doing is Making a few different sections on the Green so upper top here It was gradually just sloping all the Way down into the bottom section there Which would be way too hard to put a pin Somewhere here because it would just Roll straight past the pin and be a Problem so flattening this out bringing Some more gravel in here dancing on the Bottom making a little flat spot down There Which this is a two-tier green as I Mentioned to you guys so Plus Foot all flatish not completely Flat then it tears off and then it drops Down to this bottom section then it will Roll Open the DM so it's not going to be an Easy green But that's why it's nice and big Yeah that's the whole thought process Behind this and while we're cutting more Gravel in and why Dan's breaking this

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Here Getting your sweats on Yeah it's looking good and then smashing It so good bro oh thanks mate Look good feel good I could feel good Say happy with that big hole like this Yeah beautiful man that's great so I'm Trying to drag a bit of that out here Yep and flatten that out in the bottom a Bit yeah yeah that's really really good So good Love it yeah it's actually come together Pretty good now that you've shifted a Bit down there and flattened it out a Bit I like it you see and then we've got That nice so it's a bit flatter up there Now and then we'll have that little key There I'm just sort of bringing that Whole lot to it yeah love it [Music] Levels all done by hand Dan's a machine Still going On the bludge here talking on camera Footy dip dance made what he's named Himself what do you call it Dan's Bowl What do you call it Cody's crater down The bottom here I'm not sure if you guys Can see it on camera but there's a big Crater there Hold him once but I recommend I reckon That's what that's going to be a hard One but it is one and nice and flat in This section here and it sort of Peters

Off into the dam and the same way down Here so nice and tricky but Onto using the play compactors again And we should be nearly done Foreign [Music] Dan has done a cracker of a job I had a little bit as well here and There But it's looking honestly so so good Super super happy with this I reckon She's honestly ready for some sand man Yeah hopefully get the sand turning up Well I just rung the guys and they said They're just checking it because it's in Your garage where the floods were so Unfortunately they couldn't get into the Pit so you're gonna guys can imagine so We'll see might be able to get out this Week we'll see what happens it's gonna Give me a call back later but She's ready I'm gonna press me in yeah yeah looks Good so good Back for another day Dan Katie's still Here helping he's just down there on the Excavator he's the one with the skills And I think he's got lots of experience Whereas you guys know I don't pick it up And learn it And the guys touching peace suddenly Um but today as you can see we've Shifted this tank up now it's only Sitting there for a little bit we're

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About to shift it back over into this Pad we're starting to build over here Which we're trying to get these tanks Level here Um from where we're putting the inlet in And putting a float on so that they draw Water out at the same time we're pumping Down to the Green in the future so we're Getting ready to get a pump installed And get things sorted for this but the First thing is to move the tank across Install the float and get things sorted There so if you want to see some footage On us doing all of this Dan's actually Good on his channel but I wasn't filming Yesterday because honestly don't know Why we've got to get the camera around If you can see we're going to grab some Of this gravel from here And shift it over To here and then I've got another couple Of tons Coming from the guys in town just gonna Get some Crusher dust chucking on top Because Crusher dust is nice and cheap And she'll sit nice and firm as well And we'll go from there but this is the Starting point For your irrigation basically get this Sorted pump in controller in but let's Do it Foreign Foreign [Music]

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Guys what happened with everything but Yesterday my battery went flat as it Always does so you guys know what I'm Like Um but check out what Dean and I have Smashed out Dan's idea with all these Rocks and everything down the bottom to Retain it we've got some Crusher dust Some dust from the green we've got a bit Of stuff down from the ball mixed in There we've got a bit of everything but We've got these bad boys level so that When we got the ball Putting into the inlet of this one at

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The top here they're both going to feel At the same time because the the tops of The tanks where the inlets are or the Outlets technically where they overflow Uh both level so we are set we're done Mate thank you so much for helping out With all this too dude like Such a massive job and I also know how I Would have done it myself now I don't Have the footage of us getting the tank On there you have a little bit though Don't you so you might flick me some or Go check out Dan's Channel either way Um make sure so watch your channel again Bro give yourself a shout out the great The green and gold life right green and Gold life I'll make sure I'll link it For you guys down below Dan's been a Huge help especially on the green we've Been down the bottom there and he's Actually leveled it up People saw the dam as well with the Excavator Dan's got some mad skills with The excavator as well so I'm gonna learn Some tips off this plate Yeah just another Channel bro well mate Seriously thank you so much and This looks so good this is a massive job So I'm glad and even that as well that Would take me a day took Dan probably Like it would be two hours or something Like that yeah rip throughout me and so Appreciate it all right thanks guys so Much for watching and I'll see you guys

Whenever I see Bye [Music]

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