We Tried the Worlds CHEAPEST Motorsport!

We Tried the Worlds CHEAPEST Motorsport!

THIS is Lawn Mower Racing. A bunch of MANIACS get together in a field to do some of the craziest racing you’ve ever seen on 50mph lawn mowers. For some reason, we’re giving it a go.

🚜 Thanks to the BLMRA for having us! If you want to go racing – check them out 👉 https://blmra.co.uk 👈

We should probably explain how we got to this point. Since we took three cheap cars to a track day, the obvious next step was to take on the world of motorsport.

There’s one big problem, motorsport is EXPENSIVE. A season of Formula 2 would cost you about £2,000,000, a year of GT racing would cost you £400,000, but Lawn Mower racing costs LESS than £2000 for a full season (and that includes the mower!).

So to give Lawn Mower Racing a go, we’re going to do some practice on the fastest class of lawnmowers before doing a 20 minute race with 35 mowers on track – we’ve been thrown well and truly in the deep end.

So we headed to Dorking for the final round in the British Lawnmower Racing Championship, where Callum had a confession to make. Why has this one got your name on it?

Scott and I were just trying to get our heads around the mowers when we were interrupted by an important announcement.

🚨 $2000 Fastest Car Road Trip Challenge 👉 https://youtu.be/weoXy7eiqxY

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