Backyard Golf Green Construction // Levelling the Subgrade

Backyard Golf Green Construction // Levelling the Subgrade

Back working on my home putting green today! Today I leveled it and moved some dirt around. Can’t wait to be playing golf on this bad boy!

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[Music] Yo what is going on so today we're Trying out this power rake From the guys Hutton Pierre sort this Out for me this is from the guys at Digger Shared hatching and peers as always Obviously get me the track Skitty to Work on this green and then we've got This as well to help out with Fairways I'm gonna go shape the grain a bit with This today gave a little test run Over on I'll show you just over here he wants to Come outside hey bro Um I just gave a little test run because I've never used one before just on this Patch over here so it's leveled it out Turn the soil over I got rid of all the Clumps and stuff pushed all the Rocks Off to the side there which I've got to Actually pick up Um but me and It's an awesome attachment I love it so Let's go try it in the green the idea is Just I'm going to rough up The soil there so I can shape it a bit More With the level bar that I put on the Front of this afterwards so today's draw Will be just roughing it up See if we can do a bit of soil around And stuff and then We'll go from there

[Music] Come on come on what's going on We'll do it properly [Music] So plans for today are to Rough it up a bit because we have had a Bit of wash from that 100 ml of rain so much rain that this is Just obviously been a few bits of a few Streams and washed it at the back where I dug out early on drain's working well Though Um but that's basically the thought is Just move all this around so it's easy To shape and then once we've got our Shape which we're going to do with the Level bar Like close enough to what we don't want Our final grade to be for our green We're going to start putting in trenches For our herringbone AG drain which is Going underneath for our subsurface Drainage so working on the subgrade Today see how far we get Might move some of the dirt from around The outside as well you can see the Grass is just going absolutely Bonkers At the moment it's going bananas With all the rain and stuff about having Been able to mow in here because of all The merch the dirt sorry so you might Move that out as well the Skitty since We've got the track skiddy now Because once the drains are in this is

The thing once those subsurface drains Are in And we start putting some gravel down Like It's gonna be easy going we could get Heaps and heaps around doesn't matter Because all the rain will just wash out And we will keep our subgrade the way we Want to keep it Prop let's go move the soccer ball out Of the way the kids I don't know who Brought this down here on the kids Obviously but he eats it Foreign That is done like that is tidied up like Crazy [Music] I just got rid of all that clumpiness That was in there or the like the clumpy Clay That's made it nice and soft so I'll be Able to get the level bar down here and Move it around but I think it's it's Pretty close To what I want my final grade to be Anyway nice flat spot at the top here Flat spot down the bottom there so it's Sort of like a two-tier green so it goes Flat here And then as we move through to through To here It drops off down into the second tier So it'll be a super hard pin placement That drops off just down there gradually

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Another flat section down the bottom There and then that flat section down That back part there as well I love that power rank me and so good to Use Man so I went forwards with that because These Um I don't know what you want to call Them Little things are on the side here so it Just helps stop making a meal on the Side so you can clip them to the back if You want to go backwards by the look of It Pretty sure that's how it works anyway I Think it would do a good job the way I Was doing it That'll be so handy too when I get at The um area prepped for Turf on the Fairways and even areas that I want to See it as well when I'm prepping it just Like it's basically like a really light Rotary oh I guess um you can also use my Driveways to fix up driveways and stuff Like we got washout and all that kind of Stuff but That is impressive this looks so much Better now it looks more like a what I Want to look like with the golf green so I think tomorrow We'll get level bar down here Level this out I don't know we'll see how far we get we Might even start thinking about putting

In some herringbone trains why not Before the rain kicks in so we've got That'll give us tomorrow A bit of Friday after edit this video See how much we get done and I'll just Put this into two parts And then I can do some on the satellite Sunday Monday and I think there's rain Coming on Tuesday so try to squeezing as Much as we can [Music] Back for another day so this morning I'm Thinking because it's still a bit Dewey About we're going to get all the the Dirt from around the green move it to Round with the dam back side of the DM Is so take off the power rake put the Bucket on just start doing that this Morning see how much we can get done Just so that when I start to bring Gravel and stuff in I don't have to Bring the Dirt away later than dirt Drops on top of the gravel just to make This nice and clean so Let's go [Music] In here at the green so we're going to Get rid of all these huge amounts of Dirt that's what I was talking about so When we come to do other things they're Not in the way I use some of this to build up around The edges of the green as well because The green is going to be slightly raids

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Raised but I'll bring that back in Afterwards spray it with some Glyphosate and stuff get all the weeds Out of it but let's just move it on now This morning this while everything's Still a bit dewy move the stuff from Around that side as well I'm just going To put it over the back of the dam just Over that side and then just figure out What to do from there but Let's get started [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music] Alrighty so that took so much longer Than I thought it was going to to be Honest They know that I got bogged in the Middle of that but this looks so much Tidier than it did this morning I'll get The drown up a minute and show you guys How it looks but mate starting to really See how it's going to look with all Those Mounds going all the mess going From around it Looking So much better Bruh I'm excited about it so now I'm gonna go Get the the what are they called the Not the Harley right because that's not A Harley wrecked the power

Oh my gosh why can't I think it was cool Some sort of break It's coming to me [Music] Anyway there's my camera was called for Some stupid reason so we're gonna get That and then we're gonna just rip Around this area tidy it up a bit make It all a bit more level get rid of the Clumps I'll get the Drone up while I'm Doing that to show you guys and that's Probably going to be it for today's Video to be honest because I was wanting To get the drains in I don't think that's going to happen Today and this video needs to be edited Tomorrow Um but after that I'll probably start Putting some drains in and start filming It so this will be part one of the video Part two we'll start doing the drains on This and you guys should hopefully see That next week before guys according to Plan but let's get the Drone up let's Live this out [Music] Thank you [Music] Doesn't like a dinner for the day And for this week's vid me and that Machine I'm still super impressed with That power right man like it is just Absolutely crazy like how tidy that Looks up along the edges now around the

Dam just there how that looks we'll tidy That up a little bit more in future but There's actually a path through there Now I can drive tractors in the Skitty And stuff through This through here obviously so we can Put our Sprinklers and stuff on the edges as Well it's nice and tidy now Night I can't believe how good of a job That does and how it just follows the Undulations and keeps the land nice and Natural as well so we'll keep like a lot Of these areas like this as well with All the swales through there so the Water still does get there through there But there's a little bit of a dip there Which is cool for this Zoysia Fairway We're gonna have in this spot just here Just looks so good [Music] [Applause] Starting to come together nice to have Some dry weather to be able to actually Get this done and by the way The dam is holding water ever since we Put that polymer stuff in there so Really really good sign Because last time we had a week of No rain like it dropped down super duper Low And currently they're still sitting Really really hot it hasn't even dropped Even slightly which is ridiculous

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Definitely definitely worked but Happy with this happy with that power Raker it worked and just tidies up these Edges even pulls out the rocks for you When you get a few rocks here in there And pushes them out to the side Which we can collect later Bro So so good So the next step from here on in is Going to be I'll level it with the level Bar like I said compact it down so I Might have to pump some water from the In from the dam onto the green area just To compact this out a little bit then Roll over it again and then I'm probably Going to start digging out my drains Like I was talking about earlier which I Want to get done this week but I'll Probably get to try to get us to make a Start on it over this weekend I'll make Sure to film it too And you guys should probably see that Next week if we don't get any rain And then from there I'm going to put Some root barrier around the outside To stop any tree roots getting in plus To stop the moisture from The outside dropping in there and to Separate the two layers there so the Sand and the soil will be separated Plus it'll be great because I'm getting 600 mil In height of that root barrier so I'll

Actually be sitting up a little bit Higher than the level which means we can Then backfill it with a bit of soil and Stuff as well so the green is just that Little bit elevated so it doesn't have Water running down onto it all the time Because this is the lowest part of the Paddock as you can imagine and even if Water does get on there it'll drop down Through the green and through our Subsurface and it won't really be a Problem to be honest honestly it went I'm excited thanks guys for watching Really really appreciate yours hope you Guys enjoyed that even though we didn't Get to the drainage in the end but we're Close I'll tell you what we're super Duper close excited right So yes

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