More Work On My Golf Green // USGA Green Build

More Work On My Golf Green // USGA Green Build

Today I’m back on my UGSA Golf Green Build to put some drainage in to help out with all of the rain. Can’t wait till my putting green is complete and the Par 3 is in motion!

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After a season of rain We've been held off with this green as You guys know we've got some sun Until tomorrow afternoon and the green Has dried out a little bit so we're Going to run a drain underneath this Green to stop the water from the Driveway running across the green and Washing it out every single time that we Get even like five to ten mil so this Will help it dry out a lot quicker and From there once we had a couple of dry Days we should be able to shape this put In our subsurface drainage And start getting that gravel in so Let's get into before the rain hits [Laughter] [Music] So this is my driveway here this goes up Around the corner there'd be probably be Tracking 200 meters from here and up Around of actual driveway and it Collects all through the gutters and the Point that it runs to and from this side As well from the side of the driveway it All runs to this point just here You can see there's a trench already dug Out there and from here it runs through Here And then it gets to this point here Which when that fills up it overflows And flows down through the this area Just here so as you can imagine with That much road and everything it

Collects a lot of water even when we get 10 mil of rain and like floods down Through here So the plan is to put a big Pit just here And then run the pipe under the green Into the dam now the dam is at full Capacity at the moment it is chock a Block where it overflows over the back Side here there's still water actually Laying there so this is chokers this Thing's not going to get any more full So our drain pipes are going to sit just Above that water level will flow it in If the water gets this level again It won't go back up the pipe because We've got an overflow on the other side Of the dam there was runs then down the Back side of the pack into a culvert Down across the road Yeah you get the gist of it it's just to Stop all that water flushing through Because imagine if we had that water Flowing through there from the car park When the green is built or we're trying To seed mate it we'll just wash all the Seed away and then the green would just Always be wet on top of it and that Explains to me why this area down here Was so boggy when we started building And why I thought this area down here Was going to need something to get rid Of all that Mucky clay but it was just Because it's so wet it's all the extra Water thing down there

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So we've got our pit here Foreign Great for the top of it as well which I'm probably gonna put some gfab on top Of that as well heaps of dirt and stuff Things go flying through it But you get the gist that's the big pit We're gonna put in so go dig a hole on The other side I really want to use the excavator Because it'll just be easier And I'm probably going to All right let's get this camera [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Let's check the level of the trench I've Got my gravel underneath now It's just chicken stew flip and do it Yep Cooling All right let's start from here [Music] All right so it's not falling much there So It digs them out

[Music] Foreign [Music] Ly that took way too long far out man so I had to backfill with a lot of gravel Because what I've realized is obviously From where the pity is up here and then The dam the pipe would be coming out Into the water which means it would Backflow up now the dam is at its Fullest point it's still sort of sitting At the Overflow on the other side so the Dam we're getting full of this but I've Got it sitting a good well I'll show you A little bit above the down level where The pipe will be so this is where the Pipe comes out just here and it's Sitting just that little bit above A dam level there as well as well the Pops we're going to end about About here somewhere In the actual Dam wall I'm not going to Go all the way into the water And that is Flowing downhill all the way Nicely We'll even get the pipe in there in a Minute and we'll test it just to make Sure that it is Took way longer than I thought it would Though but it's done even if it rained Right now wouldn't really be a big Problem because we've got drainage Through there and it will be fine the Only thing would be all this crap on top

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So let's get the pipe in We're gonna get a Bunnings and buy a Household it's big enough for that pie And then we'll do it [Music] So we put some water in up the top and Let's see if it comes out there in the Bottom [Music] As you can see that is working perfectly Fine So we're good Now it's probably only going to come out Quite slowly because I have Because it's only just falling enough So I didn't have it running in the DM so I didn't backfill it if that makes sense But it's enough for water to flow which Is fine if we get heavy downpour it'll Go through a lot faster as you can Imagine because the pipe will be a lot Fuller of water But bro Oh my foot but that is a good sign Have a good time [Music] Oh we're done I think the battery went Flat while I was doing that Unfortunately That's three batteries have gone too Late it's ridiculous so bro It's all done let's strain the water Properly So I'm gonna quickly wrap this up and

Show you guys how it looks after some Rain and how much water we've got Flowing through For mate It's working well I've actually tied it Up a lot cleaner than I thought I would To be honest it's totally up pretty well But we'll come through obviously the Level compact it down a bit the rain Will come back down where that trench Was as well and we'll go from there but I'm going to come and fill the rest of This in now just with the excavator Where that pit is just there Not going to film it because this Battery is pretty much flat A mate Very Happy with that and that's going to make A huge difference for how long it takes For us to get back on this green after a Rain event so Nice anyway I'll see you guys after some Heavy rain well we're not getting much Rain at the moment we got some yesterday I forgot to film with this camera but I Did film it with my phone so I'll flip That up on the screen so it is Definitely drowning out which is awesome I fixed the pit up Like put all the dirt around it um I'll Probably I'm going to clean that up a Lot better than it is at the moment but It's just a quick little fix until we

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Get into it But as you can see here Drains down through here and pops into The pit Just there Which this area has stayed dry after 10 Mil of rain now that's just the low spot Over there so that's water's just Collected Slowly over time but Yes It's worked nothing coming out there at The moment but you can see way above the Water level which is awesome dams at Full fullness Is that a word I don't know he's chasing A rabbit over there See if I can get him Go Morrow He's off Anyway damn's a full capacity uh it's Overflowing over the back there so yeah That pipe is far above the water level Which is awesome when it comes to Putting our drains in around the green As well it's going to be fine as well We're going to set them so they're just A little bit higher than the water level So they won't Go back into the green the water went From the dam Thanks guys so much for watching Hopefully I can start doing some more Construction videos on this soon I'm

Gonna spray The Fairway soon with some more Glyphosate because you can see there's a Lot of green coming back through them so I'm planning to do that at least two or Three times possibly even four and then Start ripping into it and laying Turf Soon as well and starting irrigation Next week if the weather's good if not The following week we'll get stuck in This irrigation as well so stick around Lots coming up depending on the weather Appreciate you guys and I'll see you Soon Foreign [Music]

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