Damage To My Golf Green Already?! Here’s How I’m Fixing it…

Damage To My Golf Green Already?! Here’s How I'm Fixing it…

Unfortunately my green is damaged from the greens roller. Today I apply some vitalise and fungicides to help with repair and prevent any disease pressure. I show you the best way to fix my lawn in the vid!

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So today's video is not what I thought It was going to be because we've got Some problems On the bank grass unfortunately so I'll Show you guys what's going on how we're Going to fix that Possibly going to spray the weeds the Wind's not too bad at the moment and Hopefully by the time we get to the Weeds it's not too windy because I'm not Risking tripped getting onto the bent Grass but yeah some stuff going on so I'll show you guys yo mate what up Welcome to another lawn tip so three Days ago I rolled this green and it was Great to fix up edges fix up the humps And bumps and everything like that but Unfortunately it has stressed out the Bent grass Across the green not sure if you guys Can see it on camera but it's not Looking as healthy as it has you can see All these purpley patches I did talk About in the last video that some of the Sand came up but it's also what has Happened that it's burnt the tip of the Leaf on the grass throughout a lot of Areas we've had a little bit of die back Where it wasn't super super mature Unfortunately lots of green shoots Coming through but I'll show you so if We have a look here this is probably one Of the worst areas which it actually Looks better than I did this morning

Which is good there's a lot of dead leaf Throughout this whole area Now luckily there is green shoots coming Back through and it looks a lot better Than it did it looked shocking yesterday This morning it has really really Improved we can see some through here as Well It's just thinner But luckily a lot of green shoots Popping back through in these areas so I Will put out some fungicides today for The leaf and Crown disease so I'm gonna Put out some clortan 720 and probably Some Heritage Max as well just to prevent Well to knock down for one with the claw 10 and then we've also got prevention as Well with the Heritage on top of that so Sort of killing two birds with one stone And on top of that we're going to add Some vital ice to that as well so Vitalize is going to help that fungicide Sort of be taken up in the plant just a Little bit quicker And also help a little bit with our Repair on this area as well lower in our Nitrogen because we don't push too much Nitrogen just in case there is disease Pressure just got to be really careful It depends on the disease sometimes you Want to push nitrogen sometimes you Don't but since we're under stress we're Not going to push too much nitrogen it's

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Got a bit of potassium bit of phosphorus In there which can be great for us and Our microbes as well so they're going to Really help stimulate some growth and we Should see a bit of Kickback in the next Day or two which is great so we'll mix That up spray it out leave it on the Leaf we're not going to cut this until The weekend so today's Thursday so Probably not going to cut this until Saturday [Music] But [Music] So I'm not sure if you guys noticed but I actually put the boom off and put the Single nozzle on that sprayer because With that thicker product the glory tan It just wouldn't come out of the boom Properly because there's not enough Pressure that comes with that sprayer Itself so something like the 417 which Has put pumps up to four bar is great That only pumps up to two bar whereas my Comfort spray as well my solo Comfort One the pump one actually does four bar As well so it does better with a boom Now if using like light liquid fruits And stuff not a problem at all with that But then boom but as soon as I got to That thicker product probably something Like a wetting agent as well you would Find that it would struggle to push it Out evenly and nicely as well so just

Something else to learn just then good To know But it's definitely looking better just After the sun's come out taking the dew Off definitely starting to repair Already this is just fail safe as I've Said we're going to make sure We mow less often at the moment until it Starts coming back probably raise our Height of cut back up to about 6.5 or Even 7 mil just for a little bit just Let it fill in just let it repair Not going to get on top of our top Dressing until it's just a little bit More repaired on top of that Just gotta baby it back to health now as I said my mistake got that roller on too Early Cutting down a 5.5 mil wasn't a problem Getting down that lower height of cut But we've just set it back a bit with Putting a roll on it and just way too Much weight and just yeah Wasn't smart so unfortunately I am not Going to be spraying the ways today I Know you guys are all been going on the Comments about it but we've got rain Coming tomorrow and we want to put this Down and not have rain within 24 hours Whereas it's supposed to start raining Tomorrow morning ish to afternoon so I Don't really want to risk it I want to Get a really good kill in it but what We're going to use is something called

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Die camber and which has got some Dicamba and some mcpa in it gonna go at A lower rate for the first time just Because the seed's so young I wouldn't Recommend doing that all the time Because you do have chance of Resistance with a chemical as well but Just for the first application because It's never really seen any herbicides Out here We're going to spray everything that's On the surrounds as well everything That's around the outside because look At this man Look at cabbage field It's ridiculous so I've got to get rid Of all this as well Because we've got an approach here in Future Fairway there just up past that Wheelbarrow and then a t-box at the top T-box over there t-box over there so we Won't spray today just because of that Rain tomorrow And I don't really want to risk it but Another thing I want to quickly mention Is regular mowing will actually help Produce weeds as well so as you can see These weeds are starting to stand up Quite a bit as you can see they're Popping up out of the ground a bit of Long grass there but continuously mowing If we do our next mow we'd actually cut Into that and stress the plant out And that's a great cultural practice to

Get on top of your weeds as well as just Your regularly mowing so I know this Will start to reduce anyway now that our Mowing is about to kick back up Yeah I'm not going to get any Out today sorry just a look at the Weather in between spraying that fungus So I noticed There's Ryan tomorrow so last couple of Things I wanted to mention was When you're trying to get rid of fungus You're trying to get on top of it you've Got to make sure you take as much stress Off the area as you can so try not to Water it too often because Leaf wetness Can cause diseases and cause more Problems and cause spread if you have to Mow keep the catcher on when you're Doing it on top of that yeah raise your Height of cut if you can if that's Possible for you that's going to be your Best way to go about it now I'm only Watering right now because I'm watering The seed on the edges But I'm not watering the green itself so I'm trying to keep moisture off the Grain as much as I can at the moment Just to allow it to come back through That area that we've seeded all around Here and put the Tacker fire with it we Have got lots and lots Of germination Beautiful look at that even the bank Grass down here

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Is all set in a germinate now it's day Seven a bit of rye grass in there which Once I start mowing it it'll disappear I'll have to pick it out But it's great we've got stuff Everywhere which is good so this should Hold a lot better than it would if there Was nothing in there we have got that Storm coming tomorrow so I might actually put some more Tacker Fire out tomorrow morning just before it Rains just to make sure this area is Safe and we're not going to get any wash Because I don't even want to risk it Mean it'd be frustrating to be set back Another week after getting some Germination in here and if that washes Out onto the green and everything Wouldn't be fun back down to the green It's been 24 hours since I put out our Vitalize and our fungicides and that Vitalize has really helped this air Repair in 24 hours like lots and lots of New green shoots in those really sick Areas this was pretty much the worst Spot here and you can see there's green Shoots All throughout that which is just Awesome So that's what that vitalized product is Really really good at is helping with a Lot of stress on your lawn helping Things recover nice and quickly as well Good if you've got a bit of a heat spell

Coming and even a bit of a cool weather As well which actually got we're down to One degree at night tomorrow at 11 Degrees for the top so we've got some Cold temps coming but then it kicks back Up towards 20 again at the start of the Week just a bit of a cold spell but our Edges didn't wash out that Tacker fire Is doing its job We had about six or seven mil in a Couple of hours so Not any wash at all a bit more seed Popping up Which is awesome I love it well thank You all for watching so much really Really appreciate it good to see this Thing repairing and coming back Really Really glad It's come back it was not nice to be Honest it's like stressful Um But yeah hopefully next week well next Week we'll have lots of things going on We'll be doing dusting on the green we Were mowing it obviously giving it some More Fert we'll also be Spraying the weeds out finally as well So lots of stuff going on lots of things To come in the next little bit Appreciate you guys so much hope you Guys have a good Easter and I'll see you Guys in the next one [Music]

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