Earthquake 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter. A long term review.

Earthquake 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter.  A long term review.

Now that it’s been over a year, I wanted to make a follow up to this thing. I wasn’t sure if an electric log splitter would have the power I needed to split wood, but clearly it does!
I think these are still made, and are sold under various names at Home Depot, Lowes, Harbor Freight, and Tractor supply.

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Hey guys it's Eric here at farpoint Farms I am making a one year follow-up Video on this this is the earthquake 5 Ton electric splitter it's a small log Splitter by anybody's account and it is Um the probably the weakest log splitter You're gonna get the question I got in The comments is how's it holding up How's it working and I'm happy to report As you can see we've got quite a pile of Behind me here that I really don't have A ton of complaints will it split every Single log I put on it no no it Definitely won't do that but it splits About what 90 95 percent of them there Are some big ones Locust wood especially If it's a big honk and it has some knots In it that it struggles with you have to Rotate it a few times and it is Certainly not the fastest thing but Overall I'm very pleased with this so I'm going to go ahead and split a few Logs here if you have any questions About this the one thing I do know that I can tell you that I don't think I had In there last year because I hadn't used It enough is You want to have this on the shortest Extension cord run possible so we have It up against the garage here I have Like a 20 foot at most cord and it's a Good 20 amp cord and that helps a lot With power the last time I filmed a Video we were over there by the log pile

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And that's pretty far run from where our Power comes into the house and it was on A 50-foot extension cord it was like a 12 gauge or maybe even a 14. and so it Did struggle a little bit more I found That the more amperage that's available To it it'll use it and it'll really help I do wear safety glasses and uh Sometimes you'll see these logs come Flying out in whatever Direction they Want to so uh it gets exciting let's do It You just hold down the safety lever it's A two-handed operation so that you don't Get a hand in the way as long as both Hands are on these buttons technically You should not hurt yourself if you have A person that is helping you they better Keep your hands out here because I don't Care what you think about five tons Being weak or strong but it's plenty Enough to take off any body part that Gets wedged between these two pieces Let's do it Foreign As you can see it kind of shoots them Out a little bit This one's got some termite damage Oh this one's a bigger one let's see if It works Yeah nice dry wood too reposition Foreign So you get the idea it works sometimes You do need to change the angle a little

Bit But I mean that's a piece of locust There with a big knot in it just broke That in half it's nice let's try a Smaller hand this one's fairly heavy so It's still a little wetter than some of The other pieces Also if you hold down the lever here it Stops the unit from moving all the way Back so it's a little quicker because it Does take a while for it to come forward Until it engages so I've just found if You can do this one-handed like I've got The tractor here close enough to it it Definitely seems to help Yeah I don't know this is a pretty wet Piece of wood [Music] Foreign Not gonna do this one and so to be Honest with you they're definitely going To be pieces that just don't split but The majority of them do just fine Well that one went places Yeah it'll go So there you go I mean we're just Splitting a little bit of wood here I'm Not going to bore you with doing a half A quart of wood but I do want you to Understand yeah it has limitations Yes it has some uh some limitations both In in how big a piece of wood it'll Split or if it'll split everything it Did not want to split that one right

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There that was a pretty wet piece of Wood and it and so you'll have to go out And get an ax for that one but man it Saves your back a whole lot of trouble And that's really why we got it I love To split wood but with the injuries that I've sustained as a mechanic and as a Small farmer over the years it's getting Harder and harder for me to justify Swinging an ax even though I enjoy it Because of the risks damaged to my back So for that reason alone I would say Yeah go ahead and get it we got this one At Lowe's I think they're available Elsewhere probably get it online as well But that'll do it for today my friends Take care

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