First Mow on My Seeded Lawn // Backyard Golf Green

First Mow on My Seeded Lawn // Backyard Golf Green

Time for the first mow on my perennial ryegrass seed!! Can’t wait until this backyard golf green is ready to have bentgrass sown into it!

The Seed Used on This Lawn:

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[Music] So today is the day that we're doing our First cut on the rye grass down at the Green there super stack to be doing this So I'll show you guys what point it's at We're at 13 days now and show you that It's pretty safe to cut this early even Though you think it wouldn't be let's Get into it so today I'm getting this Real Muller here prepped to cut the rye Grass down there I want to make sure It's cutting super duper duper clean at The moment it's sort of tearing Bits of Paper That's not even cutting pipe at the Moment yeah it's not good so I haven't Given this thing a grind since I got it Needs to actually be sent off to get Back left properly like an actual grind But today we're just going to Do a grind with some grinding paste and We're going to set this at about I'm going to say I'm going to settle About 15 mil which from memory I think It's actually really at 15 mil Sitting at 16.3 mil so let's backlap it You can do this with pretty much any Cylinder Mower on these Tories you just Take this little cap off down here And then You take a track our drill in there and We just put in reverse Same concept with the Scott Bonners and The Rovers and everything like my Rover

But you just need to get a socket that's Going to fit over where the sprocket is That spins the cylinder it's the easiest Way to do it so first thing we're going To do is adjust it down so the real Mower is contacting the blade underneath The Reel sorry This is something when I was working on The golf course we would do every At least one to two times a week with The greens mower twice a week at least Just so you always have a nice clean cut On it So let's do this come down a bit because It's not cutting it's just grabbing all Right let's do that so [Music] Good old grind and paste [Music] Wow Foreign [Music] 's hardly contacting That's the way we want it this is Getting a bit old and it's neat in need For a grind so it's going to be really Hard to get the cylinder not contacting The blade without cutting 16 mil as I said today so we're gonna Get straight into this now it's only Going to nip a bit off the top because a Lot of it's around like around that 16 Mil and they're really low stuff it'll Just roll it over it's not going to pull

It out because we've got this cutting so So clean so this is day 13 as I said so Generally I give it a cut round day 15 to 20 but it's actually grown quite a Lot because we've got quite warm Temps At the moment nights are still cool We're around 10 degrees at night but our Days are starting to get up towards 30. But if you keep the water up to it it's Not going to be a problem Let's cut it see how much we get off We're going to get some Stripes to me And look it is going to look pure after This cut And cutting out is also going to help it Thicken up tiller and look a lot better As well but [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Bruh how good Is that looking for him it does say 13 Days in man heaps the new stuff is Starting to pop up that are oversowed on Day seven Mate this is going to be thick in no Time may need a little bit of an oversow In some spots that have washed from the Actual sprinklers Um because when they hit the black Barrier some of the water bounces back

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And actually washes out near them but we Got a full catcher off of that whole Area Probably if we did a double cut we'd get Even more but we're not going to do a Double cut don't run over it too much Look how Lush That rye grass is mean oh mate I miss That smell I missed rye grass progress is honestly The dream so good so the reason I wanted To get Mullen this so early is because We are keeping it at such a low high to Cut the goal is to keep it around 12 mil As the collar that's what this whole Area will be around 12 mil so it's not Going to be holding the balls up too Much maybe up the back I'll have it a Little bit longer just doesn't go flying Over and roll away we'll see or maybe Around the dam I haven't decided yet we Might change higher Cuts there but I need to get on top of it as soon as I Can usually as I said I'll leave it to About a month but that's what I'm Keeping it 25 20 mil safe to cut though At this point even with those new Seedlings there it's not going to be a Problem you might squish a few seedlings But it's not going to be a problem so I'm going to keep the regular mowing up Now at least once a week maybe twice a Week Going to continue to water so I actually

Let this dry out before I water it so I Haven't watered this today so I need to Get some water down on it now I need to Keep up the same watering schedule Probably going to put a liquid food out At the start of next week to really help This thicken up and keep going and just Keep on top of a man we'll still be Doing top dressing over sowing and spots That are washed something you'd have to Tend to do with rye grass for the first Little while especially we've got Sprinkles to Chuck out this much water A man it is looking really good the Parts of the thick Super happy with there's obviously thin Parts but that's why we overseed And even where there is thin Parts There's grass blades in there and one Remember one of those grass blades is Going to bunch out and can potentially Get about that big so I'm not too Stressed about this thing being thin Because not going to be and we've got so Much of the Season left To get on top of this so one To talk to you guys about is I actually Use the clippings sometimes as mulch so Help keep moisture in areas And to actually stop a little bit of Wash and erosion as well so we've got Some Thin spots here And I like to just sprinkle down Grass

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On some of those areas now obviously We've only got too thick Because we don't want to cause any Issues with potential disease or Anything not that we really will have Any but it is a great way to retain Just a little bit of moisture in there If you know what I mean And if you are using just a normal mower Like a rotary mower always good to do Mulching for the first little while Because you're going to actually keep A lot of the clippings down in there Which are going to help keep moisture in There and help you get a better result Overall it's almost like top dressing I Guess to an extent or using like actual Mulch but we're just using grass now Obviously that grass is going to die off And then we'll obviously it'll either Blow away or break down Or we'll come pick it up with the rotary At a later date Yeah it can really really make a Difference if you've got some Thin spots So I need to get the water back on it Now We definitely get water in here so it Doesn't dry out too quickly it's fine to Leave it dry for a bit not for too long Because you'll start to cause issues so We'll run a good program right now Pre-run I've been running about three to Four minutes on each sprinkler and then

Hand watering patches of dry it in Between like often I come there near two To three times a day and would water for About 20 minutes each time by hand when I do it I can't wait for the bigger hose Because we're about to put a little bit More water out It'll just be a little bit easier and See if we get smacked in the face by Sprinkler right now By the way Love it so Feeding this with liquid Foods at about Half rate probably almost weekly just to Get this thing really kicked into gear And established I'm probably going to Use my Brilliance my vitalize and some Roots I'm not going to worry about Something like enhance at the moment Because I'm not going to worry about Color and pushing too much growth at the Moment I want more want to get some Microbes in this soil Um getting the roots really really nice Established and making the leaf just Nice and thick and healthy as well and I'm about to get hit by that sprinkle I Reckon yep Now if you guys at this stage of seating With rye grass or any Bunch type grass Do not be scared if it looks patchy like This from a distance if you come close You can actually see that there is grass In all of the gaps all around here so

These will thicken out and get a lot Thicker and there's still lots of grass Seed in between here as well which will Come up on top of that so I'm definitely not worried at the moment At day 13 and looking thin like this Lots more grass is going to come up and The thing is if in another two weeks we Find there is patches we just over so Again a little bit more work but It's not that hard now from that wash of The week I have noticed a little bit of Rye grass germinating on the sand not Too much though which is good I'm going To leave it for a little bit longer till It's thicker so I can see all of it but If you look just here tomorrow Grassley Popped up here there's some along the Edges here in the shade and a little bit Down on that side as well which I'm Starting to see but there isn't too much And we're going to be able to handle it Honestly and even the thing is if some Stayed in the in the long run once we've Got bent grass down and we're mowing it Really really low like around three to Four mil which my goal is probably going To be about three and a half Three mil in the end I might push it low Just the fun of it rye grass ain't going To handle that high to cut it's just Going to die out or really struggle and It'll stand out anyway and I'll be able To pick it out

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With a knife or a screwdriver or Something very very easily also I'm not Going to be mining around the surrounds Of that green forever with the walk Behind mower Um we have got How good is this we've had this jde 2653b turn up from the guys hutchinopius Thanks Ben for dropping this out today Mate they're not expected here already But seriously bro probably cutting with This in the next Two to three weeks it's probably a Little bit heavy at the moment put on The rye grass but we'll be on to it very Very soon When I was an apprentice we used to have A 26.53 a so an older model in this but It's so so similar and I'm Keen It's gonna start it up and get it going But I'll save that for when I go to my Home I might even try on the clock I Still got to try the other mower too so I've got to do that very very soon so I'll make sure I'll show up because It'll be a little bit until I'm using These probably another couple of weeks So why not try me on something else but Mate Um how good Does this look bro What a beast Look at these cylinders Like this thing is wide close to two

Meters [Music] Thanks guys so much for watching really Really appreciate it Just can't be wait to be getting this Like nice and thick and the bent grass Down so the bent grass still hasn't Turned up and be waiting for it Um there's been a lot of seed shortages Over in America at the moment and even New Zealand and stuff due to weather Conditions and things like that so the Seed is on its way it's in the post at The moment my turn up today my turn up Tomorrow so I'll probably be seeding the Green at some point next week whether That's on the weekend or during the week So you might see a video of me seeing That you might not but keep an eye at You guys but yeah appreciate yours and I'll see you guys very soon Foreign [Music] [Music]

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