Helping My Green Fill In With Sand // Day 25 Since Seed Sown

Helping My Green Fill In With Sand //  Day 25 Since Seed Sown

Time to give the golf green a dusting so that it will fill in. The bentgrass golf green will enjoy the cooler weather and the topdress that I just gave it with some sand.

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We are really starting to progress on This golf green now starting to look so Much thicker that proliferate fertilizer I put down five days ago now has kicked In and you can see the leak is getting a Lot more Lush we've got a bit more color Starting to kick along so I need to get More on this today I want to get a top Dress done on this as well so I really Really light dusting just to sort of Help Bring our levels nice throughout the Green we'll do some regular dusting Probably nearly every weekly from here On in it's also going to help it promote It to creeps sideways as well so I'm Just Yo mate what a welcome to another lawn Tip vid so this is creeping slowly and It's getting thicker let me show you This is really starting to get quite Thick quite close together but this is Probably one of the best spots to be Honest we've got some thinner spots Areas like this so this is why I've got Some fertilizer down some granular Fertilizer to help with this and I'm Continuing up with the liquids now There could be a few things that's Making some thick spot spots sorry Thicker than others there could have Been more seed there It could have got a little bit more Water and not dried it as quickly in

That area Quite a few different things that it Could be but that's fine we're going to Get that going with some regular top Dressing and a continued fertilizer as I've been saying now I have actually Been dealing with a little bit of algae On the green which I've knocked it Already quite a bit If you guys have a look at it you can See this black stuff starting to form On the sand So this area just through here all Throughout this area around here Gets a lot more water because the Sprinklers are overlapping a lot more so I'll back the water off completely on These spots trying to let this dry out Put down some of my enhance which has Got some iron sulfate in it which will Also help knock it and also put a little Bit of claw tan down as well because That can actually have a little bit of An impact on algae Um and Moss as well for a few articles In the states and it says it does have An impact on it as well not Turf Registered here to do algae but It's a good way to protect ourselves From Dollar Sport and that anyway this Time of year another way you can get rid Of it is rake it out I raked it out just Here and you can see that it's gone but I don't really be raking it throughout

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The whole area Because We could damage some seedlings Or I could call Airaid as well that Probably would help quite a lot of those Spots but what we've put down has Already significantly reduced the impact Of the algae on there and some top Dressing should also help on top of that I've got the mower set to seven and a Half mil at the moment I've been taking It down about half a mil every single Two to three Cuts probably due to be Taken down again but I'm gonna be top Dressing today so I'm just going to Leave it at that seven and a half mil And just adjust from there basically but We're not going to do a heavy top risk Anyway it's just light a little dusting Just to help level it help fill in the Gaps get things ticking along now I've Got these white things here again Because there are sand on the edges and I don't want to pick up sand And run raw grass under the green And it's not really going to be a big Problem with our barrier because For one most of the stuff's actually Falling off and nothing's really Falling Towards the green now and two we haven't Got any huge huge storms predicted and Some of the grass has already germinated Around there so I was holding in there As well so it's not a big problem and if

Some did wash on the green we'd pick it Up with the mower [Music] Foreign [Music] So we got I'd say about a quarter of a catcher off That And the leaf is a lot more Lush at the Moment because of all that nitrogen Which is ideal But the reason we put out that Proliferate foot is because of the Balanced mpk so I'm gonna get our Phosphorus and our potassium in here as Well plus push a little bit of growth With that nitrogen that's in that Product great for this time of year Letting yourself into winter Um great granular fertilizer to Basically put your lawn to sleep for the Winter Um and help the roots strengthen up and The leaf itself strengthen up on top of That as well to help it sort of deal With frosting and just the cold shock It's going to get when the time comes so This is our last hot day I think for Probably the rest of the season today is 31 tomorrow drops to 25 and the rest of The week just keeps dipping a bit which For me is good because raw grass is cool Season grass and so is bent grass so it Should actually start to move sideways a

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Little bit more when we get those cool Attempts because the days are just a Little bit too hot and it does stress Out the bent a little bit I want to back The water off as much as I can and just Allow the bend to creep sideways decent Amount of grass in there as you can see For a single cut When we're only really we're cutting at Seven and a half mil and I cut two days Ago so Starting to get some growth I've got This top dresser here from the guys at Yard Empire which was old time Parts Jason sent this thing for me to try it So I'll show you this is the master top Dresser The s75 now I've got this shut off all The way I'm just going to little test Run I've got my sand in here Now I'm just going to see how it drops Out and how thick it drops out because We're gonna do a dusting but we might go A slightly heavy dusting just because We've got so many gaps to fill here and It's at eight mil or seven and a half Mil so it's not gonna be hard for it to Drop down below that canopy this and Screw all the gaps as you can imagine Oh [Music] That is perfect me That drop down in there So nicely

And it holds in there like it doesn't Drop through when you've got it closed Off all the way but as soon as you start Walking It drops down I'm impressed with that well I'll get The skinny loaded up with some sand Bring it back down let's do the green [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] Is just a little bit too wet the first Stuff I poured through was stuff that it Dried out in the bucket Over the last couple of days but that Second Bunch was just it wasn't it Wasn't that wet it was wet enough though It had been sitting in a massive pile And obviously it's not going to dry yet Very much so unfortunately It's not going to work that well Which is a bummer you need the sand to Be quite dry which always on the golf Course if we had wet sand it was always A little bit more of a struggle but we Used to get a little bit heavier if We're dusting when you're dusting you Really do need quite dry scene I really Want to top dress today because That's what I plan to do so we're gonna Do it by hand [Music] Light top dress like this

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Very light as you can see I only want to make it so light is by Flicking it out As hard as you can And it just breaks up a little bit more [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Okay final step of the day is rub it in With this lawn level these are available On my website under the equipment Section as well as sprays and stuff but Watch how easily this will drop down in The canopy this is nice and dry now it's Been sitting in the sun for a bit and we Did a tint just anyway so it'll be fine I'll show you guys how the actual Turf Looks afterwards as opposed to a look But beforehand so let's do it now [Music] Foreign [Music] Not very thick see how easily that Brushes down And we'll just help this Bend here push Into this loose stuff here but at the Same time help level everything out as Well because there is a lot of uneven Spots in this green regular top dressing Like this is really going to help Let's get this level And obviously a nice padding surface as

Well [Music] So we're all down there as you can see It's wrapped in Really nicely Done a really good job now it really did Level it out there was quite a few low Spots which it dropped into and the bank Grass will push through this No problem at all since it's such a nice Loose sand of course it'll push through It it won't cake on top which is awesome We need to get some water on now because It's hot day and we've been rubbing sand Into it Um can get a little bit damage if you're Not quick enough on it so put the Sprinkles on Let us start ground thanks guys so much For watching appreciate it sorry to see This start growing more fill in more It's just exciting man absolutely love It you think I'll be sick of top Dressing by now after all the top Dressing I've been doing but love it Which is weird anyway subscribe the Channel if you guys haven't already Watch this video If you learned Something you enjoyed it and I'll see You guys in the next video [Music] [Music]

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