How To Use Plant Growth Regulator for a THICK Lawn

How To Use Plant Growth Regulator for a THICK Lawn

Today I talk all about plant growth regulators. PGR is a great way to slow down the growth of your lawn and it will make it thicker and more dense.

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The old kayak is going bananas at the Moment so we need to slow this bad boy Down so I can keep on top of it I did Not think I'd be saying that when we Haven't even hit 20 degrees yet this Season but it's going absolutely crazy So put down some plant growth regulator Put some fertilizer down with us as well Just keep some color in it while we're Putting that down Just The Lawns looking good and we're Going to squeeze it down to 12 mil very Soon but I'm going to slow it down first Before I go too crazy with that before We start I've got to trim around this Tree because I didn't do it before my Last cut with all the rain Goes to show how long it's all grown That's since I've done my Renault which Was only two and a half weeks ago What you doing [Music] Anyway let's go Nice to have that turn up So good so now be able to do some stuff Down at the green when it's even Slightly buggy and a level bar too Piece for all that stuff appreciate Those guys Yeah looking after me Also I'll have to show you guys these Mowers soon these Cub Cadet ones lithium Batteries in these bad boys guys in Accentuous mowers have given me these to

Have a lend up and try out so We'll do that [Music] [Music] [Music] Yo mate what up welcome to another lawn Tip bed this is currently been cut at 15 15 mil 12 mil 15 mil And the reason I'm putting down some Plant growth regulator which is primo Which is going to slow down the growth Of this is because I had to cut two and A half days after I did that cut in my Last video And I got off four catches off one pass So this thing is growing like crazy we Had snow in town yesterday And attempts freezing this thing's still Going gangbusters I'd say it's because Of all the rain and it's pushing a bit Of growth and that fertilizer I kicked In a little bit earlier as well we did Our renovation plus it's got cool holes In it good sand which heat it up a bit More as well with our soil temp so a Couple of different things but we need To slow it down so I can start bringing My higher cut down Because every time I ski up you can see There's some long gangly bits here We need to slow those down The plant growth regulator so we can get Less off with each cut and it doesn't Turn too yellow

So this is the product that we're going To be using today this is some Primo Max So this is a plant growth regulator so The active in it is trinixopac ethyl so What this basically does is slows down The growth of our lawn now a lot of People have asked me to pass this is Going to help it thicken up and spread Sideways not really what it does is it Helps the lawn tiller so when you've got A plant and you've got the stem off it And you find it shoots blades off the Side it's just going to shoot more and More blades so the lawn looks a lot more Dense and a lot thicker so it shortens Down the nodes between the runners as Well so you're probably going to get a More dense lawn so if we're looking at a Node sort of hard to say on camera I'll Get up an image on the screen for you at The nodes just here I'm not sure if you can see it like a Little Almost like a little pimple like a Little little circle circular oh my Goodness I'm struggling circular lump Just there so it does shorter the Distance shorten the distance between The nodes which just allows the plant to Be a lot more dense so you'd find you'd See a lot more offshoots with this if we Had some plant growth regulator on there So the more regular you use the product The plant growth regulator

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The more you're going to get on top of Your lawn the more dense it's going to Look the more color it's going to hold And better it's going to look overall You use a lot of golf courses on golf Greens to help you know stop cutting so Much off at a time and help with that Denser more compact surface to help the Ball roll nicely It means you can stop putting equipment On them on everything all the time as Well and since it's not growing so Quickly and so often you do tend to save A little bit of water as well because It's not putting so much energy into the Growth of the lawn so just be aware with Our warm season grass first time you Ever apply a plant growth regulator or The first time for the season it can Yellow off your lawn just a smidge so We're going to add some liquid iron to This as well and a little bit of Nitrogen so my enhanced product just to Help retain some color with it just in Case you get a slight bit of Discoloration we should be okay though Because there's so much moisture in the Ground and there's more rain coming at The end of the next couple of days Shouldn't have any rain for the next Little while so you sort of want to Leave it on a leaf for at least an hour Or two I'd go four to six hours if you can and

Not let rain actually hit it so that Product works properly [Music] But yeah just be aware that it can Discolor a little bit when you first Start off with it stick to the lower Rates and then you can ramp it up once You start using it more and more often Just say you're aware also there is Something called Growing Degree Days now We won't get too intense with this and Talk about too much I've had a few Videos Where I've talked about it quite a bit But Growing Degree Days is basically Like a calculator that helps you figure Out how often and when to reapply your Plant growth regulator so on that lawn Journal app that I've shown you guys Before that I've helped put some ideas Into that's made by Austin on certainly An Apple at the moment but lawn Journal If you look it up it does have a little Growing Degree Days calculator on there Or you can also go on syngenta's website Put in your actual address Well you're raging and then it's best Going to tell you when you can reapply That product again if you really want to Understand how that works syngentis Website actually has a how-to and how it Works and explains it as well I'm going To go too in depth here or check out my Old video as well which I'm blabbed on

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About it for absolutely ages very very Interesting stuff but it's just really Going to help Stop that top growth And just help it thicken up and look a Little bit nicer because the lawn is Very very filled in I'll show you so you Can see we don't really have any bear Patches here you can see a little bit of A scalp here from when I last mowed just Because I had to cut so much off again Unfortunately really struggling to keep On top of it but the lawn is nice and Thick quite dense as you can see as well Very very dense but we can get more Color into this I reckon and we can make It looking a lot nicer A little bit more like cooch synthetic Like you I love Quark but I do like cooch a lot More there's only a few bare spots here On this lawn so we've got this baseboard Just here which that's really really Filled in since we've done our Renovation from what it looked like Before and then we've got a bare spot Here as well but you can see there's Runners all throughout it there's car Key all throughout that as well had a Little bit of wash from we had some Really heavy storms but there's still Some sand in there so I'm going to wait Until that's filled in until I really Top dress that again so we didn't lose

Too much sand this year round because we Left the lawn a bit longer when we top Dressed it but These bear patches I'm not worried about I'm still going to put my plant growth Regulator down on here And the rest of the lawn is definitely Ready for it I'll tell you what and just The last tip I've got for you guys is Make sure that you don't mow four hours Before you put down your plant growth Regulator it can make you longer a funny Color or four hours afterwards as well I've done it once or twice before And it sort of goes like a gray sort of A color it comes back but Yeah just so you know if it changes Color you've probably made it before you Do okay so these are the products we're Going to use today so the main one I'm Using is obviously our plant growth Regulator so our Primo Max We've got our brilliance To help give it just some nutrition Through the microbes and a little bit of Just a little bit more color as well as Enhanced which is really going to kick In with that color because of that 10 Iron in there if I was going to apply Anything I Chuck down the enhance and The Primo But I want to put a little bit of Extra product in there just for our root System

Just because we are getting so much rain In that as well so I want to sort of Promote some root growth you tend to Find when you get lots and lots of rain Since your lawn isn't searching for Water the route I'm searching for water The root system actually starts to Shrink a little bit not a crazy amount But if you get it continually for a very Long time you will find once you get a Dry spell it will struggle a bit because It's not used to having to stretch out And search for water so I'm going to put Down Our Roots product as well today for That reason so a bit of a different mix There's kind of a mix between the Spring And Summer Mix spring and Autumn sorry And the winter ones so a couple of Products from the Summer Mix and a Couple from the winter one see all these Products are compatible anyway so you Can mix them around they're going to be Fine working together And as I've always said the reason I Really really like these products is Because of the included microbes in them Which these are all available on my Website If you guys want to support me it really Does help out with obviously the Projects coming up And supporting the family as well But today we'll put out eight liters of Water so four liters per 100 square

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Meters of water that's what I always Basically use for liquid products and Then if it needs to be watered in I'll Just water in afterwards if it needs a Little bit of extra water like barricade Or an insecticide or something like that So four liters per 100 square meters of Water or Carrier too good 200 square meters here eight liters of Water so make sure you guys always read The label all of your application plates Are in here as well it's got a little Label on the front of it here so we're Going to put it down and probably a very Low rate today we're only going to go at About 20 mil Per 100 square meters next application I'm going to bump it up to about 40 mil So It's a light right here today it's only Going to put that 40 mil Product for 200 square meters because We're going to get 20 ml per 100 And that's all you need man you do not Need much of this stuff so I did say to Make it doesn't rain way upon this stuff We're getting a light light sprinkler Moment that's not going to be a problem It'd be something if it washed it Off The Leaf there'd be an issue we're Getting showers like this on and off at The moment I'll try to get a little Update tomorrow morning of how this Looks as well because liquid iron

Does kick in very quickly so I'll pop Out and get a little bit of footage of This tomorrow morning and show you guys How it looks So we're back definitely greened up and It's only What it's almost been 24 hours getting Close to 24 hours Bro man I tell you what when you put Plant growth regulator down too it just Gets this look to what you can tell Within a couple of hours that you put Down the old plant growth regulator but It is looking nice in color it'll keep Getting a little bit darker over the Next day or two normally about day Three-ish you find you get the most Color response out of it Look at this Oh bro It's just exciting when I start getting Plant growth regulator down honestly one Of my favorite products for sure The old pgr all right well thanks all For watching appreciate you guys so much And I'll see you in the next one [Music] [Music]

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