It’s Irrigation Time!! (Par 3 Golf Course Build)

It's Irrigation Time!! (Par 3 Golf Course Build)

Time to do the irrigation install on this Par 3 Course that I’m building. Today we put in the main lines with a pipe layer which was super awesome. Can’t wait to install sprinklers, pumps plus much more!

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So today we are making a start on the Main lines for the irrigation running a Main line from the ball all the way up To these tanks here some header tanks Because we don't have enough pressure From the bore So the main job today is running our Main line so we're going to use this Pipe layer just here guys at Hutchin and P is organized this for me it's just a Guy on the back of the tractor I'll show You guys how this works and I'll figure Out how it works at the same time and Then huge shout out to Reese They've designed this whole irrigation Plan for me they've done everything They've supplied all the pipe all the Sprinklers everything so we've got our Pipe here main job for today is going to Be this and Lachlan is out here too Helping me out with Mowing and laying The pipe and everything so shout out to Lachlan as well but mate race Appreciate it [Music] How good is that Thank you [Music] Thank you So I run to a slight dilemma here There's heaps of Shady Rock just here And with that pipe layer it sort of just Sits on top of the ground when it hits The Rock and jumps up and the pipe just

Sits up way too high so we get the Excavator in here dig a trench out we're Going as deep as we can with that pipe Layer which it goes down about I'd say About 300 to 300 mil anyway let's get The excavator dig the rest this out But man how good Is that pipeline it is just ripping it Out of the ground ripping into the Ground like for us to do the first Hundred meters took legit It would have been 10 minutes would have Been 10 minutes let's have a look at sit On the Drone so quick [Music] All right well day one is all done and Dusted I've dug a trench Out across the fence now come up across Through here I have to shovel that out I'll get excavator tomorrow and pull That out clean that area up just there But I've dug through all the rocked Areas so now we should be sweet to put The pipe layer down in that area just There mate what a mess bro Seriously that pipe layer was so much Better Oh man what an invention man whoever Invented that pop layer bro Mask very very smart it's like It's like doing three jobs in one hit Digs the trench lays the pipe and then Fills the trench back in for you all you Have to do is run the tractor tire over

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It but anyway I'll see you guys tomorrow Yeah yeah [Music] She needs to mount a cat back there so We're back for day two so yesterday Reese turned up with some more stuff for The past three Bruh exciting stuff got our pump here Thanks guys for dropping all this off Pump with our wires got our boxes We've got everything going on the valves More boxes Swing arms everything underneath our Fittings for our AG drain which is just There Our controller And there's just Stuff if there's still some more stuff To turn up like the sprinklers for the Greens You're gonna see these sprinkles guys They are absolutely awesome So today we've dug all through that Shale I've dug under the fence so I'm just Going to lay the pipe put a joiner in to Go around the corner and then we're Going to bring it up towards the tanks Let's go [Music] Foreign [Music] So we're almost there we're a little bit About 50 meters short with our pipe so

It's going to go to race and get some More because we had to go a different Way of the plan because it was Originally coming through the road and I Didn't really want to cut through the Roads we weren't around the side here Past the asphalt into some gravel and Granite dug for the under the fence Gonna have an outlet at the dam over That side came around this Fairway and Then came up through here we've just got Stuck on some rock In this point here so the one thing About the pipe layer is we're getting Rock it does jump up and get above the Ground so there is that spot a spot next To Dam that we need to dig out the Excavator and a spot up near the fence There as well So when you sort of start going downhill The pipe layer Um sort of hangs along the ground a bit Too much above the ground sorry so I'd Say we're probably going to have to I Don't know if there's a way you can set The the depth on it a little bit Differently on that thing but let's use The excavator today just for the sake of It to get these rocks that are through Here Get some more pipe joining up get up to The tanks [Applause] [Music]

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[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I buried that path down in those areas Now dug this out where the rock was so I'm gonna go get some Clean fill with the Skitty drop it in There so the pipe is not laying on top Of rock you do not want that so that's Why I've dug a little bit deeper there So I'll put some clean fill in there And then lay that pipe on top put a Joiner in run it the rest of the way up There as well thanks again to Reese Irrigation and pools the guys in town Down at the plumbing store they bought The piper for me all the extra joiners Are needed so handy when you're trying To get that done it didn't have to drive In town plus I probably wouldn't be able To fit that coil On the back of my ex with the tub anyway So it worked that her up Thank you [Music] All right Mama truth let's flip this on See if we've got any legs to start out Is that open all the moments with me and There's a lake there there we go Stop leaking yep

Foreign Let's try it again No leaks no leaks no leaks We're good it's time to go for a drive Up The road and see if we can find any more Leaks [Music] No leaks there we're good there either We're good now we're good no leak We're so good Some water coming through took a while To run all the way up because we've got Such low flow in that bore but that is So good or knowing the joins are leaking We'll go back and double check now just In case So from here I still got to run the pipe Into this tank here fill that up move This tank Over here and then get another Couple of Tanks as well in the future We'll start off with the two And we'll run from there basically but Yes that is such a good sign let's go Check those joins Probably going to be close to wrapping Up for the day no lakes here which is Awesome means we've got no leaks along All of our pipe there which is just you Know what you want Now silly me I did have an extra join Here I shouldn't have had that that pipe Should be running straight into there

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But the pipe that I laid an extra five Meters out towards that direction when I Was using the pipe layer obviously Pulled up in a few areas when I was Running the pipe How much a mistake first time using a Pipe layer there you go live and you Learn that was a silly mistake but We can we can flip this off now That's all good Shut that down we'll fill this all in Later I might run it for a bit longer Make sure there is no leaks once we Start pushing it a couple of things up In that but that's probably going to Wrap us up for today but huge shout to The guys at race irrigation for Obviously doing this whole design Supplying the pipe the fittings the Sprinklers everything for delivering all The stuff I appreciate you guys so much I seriously won't be able to do this Project without you and same to Hutchin In peace as well for all the tractors Excavators the pipe layer the Skitty I Mean and all the stuff that's to come For the golf course coming as well you Guys keep an eye out for that those guys Have been so generous with loaning me All that stuff out I appreciate them so much And I appreciate the guys at race and I Appreciate you guys watching as well Thank you to Lachlan as well for helping

Me over the last two days and thank you To ivanus or my father-in-law who came This afternoon to help the last little Bit of pipe appreciate you guys so much As well Excited man stuff's happening We're getting there I'll see you guys Soon we'll get working on the Green in The next week or two start laying some Sprinklers on the fairways get the Controller in the pumping Ripping into it I'm excited it's all Happening all right see you guys soon Bye Foreign [Music]

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