LOKITHOR JA400 Tire Inflator/Jump Box/Flashlight Combo!

LOKITHOR JA400 Tire Inflator/Jump Box/Flashlight Combo!

These things make great presents. Think about it, what car owner doesn’t eventually find themselves in need of at least one of these things, and this unit has all three!
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Hey guys it's Eric here at farpoint Farms check it out The locathor 60 watt two-way fast charge Hello j-a 400 and has arrived and I Wanted to check this thing out it's Going to be a Christmas present for one Of my friends all right we got this Thing out of the box here let's go ahead And open it up we'll set that stuff Aside Here's the main unit and it's not set up The way that a lot of them are it's kind Of cool got a nice carrying handle up Top and this is the first thing I want To show you and that is that a really Bright LED so check it out let's turn That on see if we can get it holy geez Yeah okay That may have blinded me for the next Hour or so but it's worth it it's cool Uh yeah so that's a pretty neat trick Then we've got a strobe function then We've got an SOS function And then we've got it back off so really Cool there On the back pull this plug And in this box Is a bag and in that bag We've got accessories I'll pull those Out right now And we've got that we've got a inflator You screw that on and you can air up Your tires which is really cool it also Comes with attachment so you can air up

A basketball or volleyball or whatever Soccer ball So that's cool and inflators for uh you Know floats stuff like that So that's really neat Now we've got two it looks like yeah two Cables for charging I'm not sure actually oh this one's just A uh USBC to USBC And that one's USB to USBC so some cable Adapters for recharging and also to use This as a power pack because this is if You take a look here 150 psi it's the ja400 But it's 1750 amps that's a lot of Amperage and so the the unit is capable Of acting as a power pack as well 12 volts maximum is 17.50 a starting Charge is 800 amps that should be enough Pretty much to power up anything Output USB a you got 5 volts at 3 amps 9 Volts of 2 amps And the USBC is the same so pretty cool There Pretty cool and some warnings and Instructions there all right well let's Go to the front here and like I said we Got this which is a way to both charge And discharge this we can recharge our Cell phones Or charge this off of a USB charging Bank so that's cool there and then this Plug right here goes to this plug right Here

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That is our jumper All right so we'll go ahead and turn This on we've got a three bar looks like Power overall state of charge so right Now we're at two and then we got zero PSI I can change that to bar I can Change it to psi and we're going to Leave it at uh at that right there Okay but we have pump we can turn the Pump on and off Okay so that's pretty cool then we press And hold that and it turns the whole Unit off so a pretty straight forward Piece of Machinery but also I mean I do a lot of reviews on these one of The reasons I do reviews on them is Because they're cool the other reason is I uh these are great presents these are Great presents so I get these things and I review them and then they go to Birthdays and Christmases because who Doesn't need something like this in Their trunk you got a giant flashlight a Giant jump box slash recharger and You've got a air inflator And a jump box so I mean like it does Everything you pretty much need now it Used to be you have to have like four or Five different dude ads in your trunk to Take care of all that I still like to say I've got it right here now this is uh Now I gotta tilt it up a little bit and

Show that but this is the like the Smallest Weakest conventional jump box uh that You can purchase or could purchase back In the day I think probably still weighs About 15 pounds has a lead acid battery In there I've replaced it at least three Times and and I don't even know why I Still have it on the Shelf because it's Been over two years Since I decided ah I'm gonna get one of These and I did and that started a long Journey the first one I bought and then A lot of companies started reaching out Saying hey you want to check out our new And improved one and little by little They started adding better stuff to them This one having a heart a much higher Reserve capacity the light and all the Rest but yeah this satellite and a state Of charge there and and if I flip up Yeah those LEDs are just enough it looks Like you're holding a lighter to Something it's pretty dull then we do Have a 12 volt out so I guess Technically this thing offered to some Of the features of this but no no Inflator on it and it also these things Just go bad every other year so they're Just kind of garbage all right well Here's what I do need to do I need to Inflate a tire and jump start a car so Well I need to jump I need to inflate a Tire and then I need to jump start a


Tractor is what I should have said so We're going to take the camera and this Cool tool outside and we're going to do Both and I guess that'll wrap things up I of course I'll leave a link to where You can find one of these things Um they're available online let's do it These I don't know if they're flat they Don't look like they are but we'll go Ahead that says 9 PSI so I'm gonna up That We'll make that one 20 as well And make that 15. let's see ready There it is it stops when it hits 15. Cool All right we'll call that done I'll do The other ones off tape And now let's jump this booger So in order to do that I'm going to Unscrew this I'll put my cap back on And we're going to flip up this right Here And the cool thing is maybe hard to see On camera but one of these has got a Square Edge so that you don't Accidentally plug it in backwards you Know you're you're hot being negative or Whatnot so we'll leave it like that Now my battery is back behind here [Music] Juice up the positive first All right let's see [Music]

Yeah very cool Works really well honestly I can't Complain I like the fact that it's hard 13.7 so we've used about one tenth of His capacity trying to start this little Girl Well I guess that'll do it it's the Locator Ja400 and you can do a lot with these Little booger sets great Christmas Present if you haven't already got one For your folks And I will see you next time my friends Take care

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