Making My Irrigation Automatic // + Golf Green Sow Date

Making My Irrigation Automatic  // +  Golf Green Sow Date

Time to turn my irrigation system into an automatic system that I can control from anywhere! Being able to turn the irrigation on from my phone will be a game changer! Let’s discuss my seeding plans and dates as well.

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All right so today we've got a couple of Things going on today I'm going to Install a controller here run some wires Down to the sprinklers that are on the Green so we can make everything Automatic so this is the control here I'm installing I'll go explain to you Guys what model is and stuff later in The video but we're gonna do that and Then we're also going to fill our Trenches in once all the wires are in And get the surrounding area ready for Some seed Preparation for C and I'll show you guys How I do that and my thought process Behind everything so [Music] Foreign Pump covered up in the irrigation box Just because there's a little bit of sun That comes here in the morning so I just Want to keep that pump going as long as I can now I've got to put a pump cover On this manifold just here as well That's actually the main main valve and There's that manual valve on top of that As well so we're gonna wire this way out Of here In to this control we've got just here So you can see this is an ESP RZ XE you Guys at Greece navigation set this up For me so as you can see these are our Stations here so I don't know if you Guys have used irrigation controllers

Before but this is where the main valve Is going to plug into just in there I'm Going to have it plugged in with the Common wire as well So the common wire goes to every single Sprinkler I'll show you guys I hooked it Up once we get out on the course near The sprinklers I'm going to go green Sprinkler one two three four five six And go from there That's the main goal so I've got our Wires here you can see they're all Different colors so that's going to help Us know what sprinkler Hooks in to what station up there so We're gonna go for the common wire which Is the common wire that's going to run Between every single sprinkler so on Your sprinklers we've got solenoids so These solenoids here Send luck They will receive the Electronic pulse through these wires Which will help open up the valve and Also close the valve on top of that so One of the wires is going to the common Wire which we're going to have is the Black one so every sprinkler is going to Be syncing in with that black one Including the main valve Which is just here and then every Sprinklers can have its separate color Out of these selected colors just here Common wire And then I've got to do the wire for the

Main VR so I'm probably going to use Doesn't really matter what color I use As long as I remember what it is to put Into the controller up there I'll Probably go with white so these two ones Up here go back to the controller It's the wire that's running up through Here which goes all the way back into The controller which I'll run through Some conduit and these ones here are Going to hook one Onto one part of the solenoid there and Then that Under that side of the solenoid there Now it doesn't matter what A wire goes to where on what color you Just got to make sure you hook it up Right on the controller we just strip These bad boys back Commonweized black so we put these three Together Then we've got one of these little Screw fittings here so what it basically Does is you put it over top of your Three wires or your two generally be two Wires only the common wires always going To be three wires put together Because that common wire has got to run Through to every single sprinkler so the Back the black one will be connected to Every solenoid on either a valve like we Have here or on a valve and head Sprinkler on the Green Which ones we get down there you'll see

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Me doing a lot more of this So push all three in there Give it a spin That will join all those wires up Together then I have to do it manually By hand which is awesome let me get our Silicon Joiner Beautiful so that's one done As simple as that so those are Waterproof probably not going to be a Big issue in this box because it's on Concrete And it's above ground like it's not Underground but they're very very Important when you start digging on the Soil and you're around sprinkler heads Where there's going to be water all the Time so that's the reason you do it So that's all done in there now And then from here I've got to put Saddles on this to tidy up a bit so it's Just not flopping around but the wire Comes in through here That's when we split them open we've got Our common Just there our main let me go one two Three four five six seven eight but We've got six sprinklers on the green Here Foreign [Music] Are you putting it in some conduit this Is waterproof stuff this is used for Irrigation all the time and it's running

The ground with our conduit something we Did all over the whole Golf Course when I was on the golf course and they still Do it now when they're installing new Systems so it does not need to go on Conduit Very very um yeah it's really really Good coating on the outside and we never Really had failings along the line it's Only where the joins ever were which is Very common [Music] All right so from here we've got three Sprinklers in that direction and three Sprinklers in that direction so I'm Going to cut this here do my joins To the three wires in those directions So three and that's so three now so six All up so that'll tee off that way and They'll tee off that way and then we'll Join them all up Just want to quickly explain what I'm Doing here so you guys understand what I'm doing so I'm cutting the green wire Cutting the black wire one side of the Green wire is going to go into one of Those silicon joiners with one of the White wires off the solenoid valve on That sprinkler and then on the other Wire on the solenoid valve on that Sprinkler we're going to put in both Black wires which are our common wire so That common wire is going to continue on To the next sprinkler whereas that green

One that we cut doesn't need to continue On so we only put one green wire in with One of the whites from the sprinkler [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] So wiring is all done now down on the Green so now we've got to hook Everything up at the controller at the Top so I decided to actually do a loop All the way around to setting off just So much easier and we had plenty enough Wire for that So it's all Down in there It's all looped in in there now that box Is also Um going to probably used for a I'm Trying to decide what I want to do here I'm either going to leave that like that And then get another one here which I'm Going to put a quick coupler in which Just means I'll be able to hook a hose Onto it and hand water the green Whenever I need to so I might just leave That as the box there because it's got All the joinings in there just easy to Access if something goes wrong and then Like on the course I'll just probably do A separate one there

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Or the old quick coupler which I'll I'm Probably going to install that next week As well as another valve over that side That's going to lead into the Fairway And a couple of different things as well But let's go hook up the controller Anyway and then I want to talk to you Guys about plans for prepping this whole Area and also the plan of attack with Seeding the surrounds the green and how I'm going to go about it so you guys can Sort of learn some things from it for You guys to see go to seed if you've got That project coming up soon so the Wiring is pretty straightforward you're Going to strip your wires back as we can See and he's going to put them in the Right spot so the white wire we had for The master bed which is the M on the Controller there and the black one was For the common wire so that'll go where The C is there and then the one two Three four five six is just your Sprinklers so you're gonna match up your Color with what number sprinkly wanted To be so from memory number one is going To be Brown And then number six I put in green which I think when I first installed it I got The one wrong way around And then flipped them when I realized Yeah pretty straightforward very easy to Do all right so I've downloaded the Rain Bird

Um app so I can control it from my phone So let's just hook into it So got the Rain Bird app here so we Connect To the controller here So you're gonna go into your Wi-Fi and Actually connect to the controller Itself with that Wi-Fi module that we Plugged in Just here Once you've done that You make a connect to your phone on the Wi-Fi and then you connect the Controller Now add a little play around with this Earlier so I've got Zone one two three Four five six you can call them whatever You like as you can see you just change The name of it and I could call it Something else as you can imagine like Sprinkler Six Done save that Is on the green so yeah that's basically How it runs and we can do automatic Running on our irrigation here so I Could put Zone one on for 10 minutes hit Start Should hear the pump kick in now Yep [Applause] Now if we walk out here and look down Towards the green we should see Sprinkler number one

Which is the first one on the left hand Side is running beautiful So I have done a test before this I did test them all manually before I Put the camera on let's see if they were All running and every single sprinkle is Coming on so number one is where that is And then it goes to the back side of the Green for two and then it comes all the Way around and the sprinkler near the Excavator down there is number six So they're all running nicely And they work properly I just want to Talk to you guys about the plan of Attack from here and in how we're going To go with seating different areas are Going to get seeded as well and sort of How I'm going to organize myself to do It so at the moment trenches open so We're going to fill the trenches in as You can imagine once we have done that We're going to be running these Sprinklers constantly for probably the Next six to seven days the reason for That is one to settle the sand just a Little bit more which is it's pretty Simple to be honest so it should be okay But more than anything to actually get Weeds to germinate on the outside of the Green the sand shouldn't have anything In it but the outside of the green does It has a bit of cooch has quite a lot of Different grass types A lot of weeds in There as well so we're going to try to

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Get as much German I think as we can now While we can and then kill it off And then we can put our feeding on top Of that just means we won't have as much Weeds coming up when our rye grass comes Around on the outside as well I've Actually got a special blend of rye Grass I'm going to be going to be Putting on the collar around the green So we're going to do the surrounds first Of the green with the rye grass blend And then from there we're going to seed The bent grass green after that so it Looks like probably in the next week and A half I'll be sewing around the outside Of the green and I probably won't be Sewing on the actual green for probably Another two to three I'll probably say Three weeks to be honest once I've done My first cut on the rye grass and I can Back the water off And then I can focus more on the green rather Than the outside but those sprinklers do Go 360 so I can sort of water both at The same time but the outside won't need As much water as the green because sand The water's just gonna drop straight Through completely different grass type So I'm definitely going to show you guys The whole process along the way there's Going to be a lot to do getting rid of Weeds leveling areas out these are all Things you can apply to home Lawns as

Well it's not just for golf courses like Let me show you guys a lot of stuff Obviously the products I'm going to use How much product we have to use on the Green compared to the outside because That sand as opposed to like really Really rich soil so we're gonna have to Get a lot of Organics into the sand And just a lot a lot of liquids as well A lot of spoon feeding a lot of things Along the way so it's going to be Interesting there's going to be a lot to Do it's going to be a very busy next Couple of months I'll probably be doing Quite a few videos a week just to show You guys every little bit of the process And how we go about it so make sure you Guys keep an eye out for that Even just showing you guys how to prep An area for seed Like this and I'll talk about ways you Can do with Machinery bit wasting you Can do it by hand as well I'm going to Try to make it as relatable as I can for You guys So you can actually Implement these Ideas into your home situation but thank You guys so much for watching hardest Part of this green build is done doing All of that now we're basically up to Just fixing the outside and seating so Mate I am excited I am beyond excited Can't wait to be putting on this bad boy Thanks guys so much for watching

Appreciate yours and I'll see you soon [Music] Foreign [Music]

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