Retekess V117 Shortwave Radio. Pocket sized Shortwave That works Pretty Good!

Retekess V117 Shortwave Radio. Pocket sized Shortwave That works Pretty Good!

Picked this up as a holiday gift, and wasn’t disappointed at all. Retekess sells some pretty decent stuff, and this was no exception. Convers all the bands that most would want to hear, and takes up very little room in the house, camper, or backpack.

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I'm coming in loud and clear might hear Me on the radio Hey guys it's Eric owner of farpoint Farms here in the mountains North Carolina tonight I got this this reddicus v117 this is And let me pull it up real close so you Can see it this is like This is like the most basic shortwave Radio you're gonna get your hands on and I love it it's like the most simplistic Easy to operate easy to use radio and so When they asked if I would be interested To take a look at it I was like yeah Yeah definitely I love radios FM AM and Shortwave it's the v117 And on the back here It says that it is a slide rule dial not Sure what that means tuning knob for Easy tuning simple operation for anyone Convenient carry strap battery powered For emergencies headphone jack for Personal listening does have a speaker Though so you can listen to it you know Sitting on a desk band selector switch Tuning Now power indicator volume knob And frequency indicator window Let's do it let's open this thing up This is a Christmas present And I love these things man I just I Love the fact that I had the opportunity To share shortwave with folks look at That Just an easy to use dial

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Right and we got meters And just megahertz right then we have FM And AM there as well On this side here we've got ourselves a Little earbud input on the back it looks Like it takes two double a batteries I'll slap some in there in a second got An antenna That's pretty good size antenna Of course you can hook an alligator Clamp to that to pick up far more Stations if you want to do like a long Wire antenna with that here's our band Select and you can see again this is Like Very very analog very basic I love it Manual tuning dial and then there's our On off and volume Cool all right and we just come with This little Carrying strap here Which I don't know if I have the hand Dexterity to do this but I'm going to Give it a shot now I don't know there's No way I'm gonna I'll put that in there Later and then the manual for it as well This is right here V116 . Cool well let me get some batteries and Let's fire this thing up There we go All right let's try this thing out we'll Start off with the FM band and of course

I got to be mindful Wow for copyright stuff here so Got a little power light there See if we I'll go down the bottom of the Band because sometimes I have talk radio Down there I wanna spend my Just a commercial something Awesome it's pretty clear I mean I Should say clear it's got good sound for And I wish I could stay on these Channels longer There we go Yeah it's a good sound [Music] All right let's switch over to am During the daytime Here [Applause] Nothing in the AM and that's not too Unusual like I said so around here Unless it's night time when the clear Channels are coming in You get nothing we're about oh 30 40 miles from the nearest am Transmitter and those are like 5 000 Watt 10 000 watt stations not Clear Channel stations so you just don't get Anything up here which really sucks they Used to have 680 wptf back in Raleigh And I loved that station nice strong Signal there's also 850 and a couple Other ones the 520 I think was one or 540. so nothing now let's go on to

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Shortwave And we'll see what we can find daytime Not a lot on shortwave up here but I bet you would come across something [Music] [Applause] Some kind of music [Applause] Foreign [Applause] There we go Can't stay on it for very long because Music but Yeah so I guess that'll do it I'll go Ahead and shut it off Um so don't don't take this little roll Through the dial as an indication that This thing is uh you know not very Sensitive some radios do well up here Some radios don't this is indoors And that really hurts it a lot also I Don't have a long wire hooked up to it For the shortwave stuff After the sun goes down shortwave really Jumps into action around these parts and So does am so uh I like it I mean for What it is it's an entry level radio That'll get uh somebody may be Interested in the hobby And it's very inexpensive I'll leave a Link on where you can find these things But yeah thanks eroticus for sending This my way and uh this is going to go On to somebody it's for a nice Christmas

Present so until next time my friends Take care [Music]

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