Subsurface Drainage Install on My Backyard Golf Green (USGA Green Build)

Subsurface Drainage Install on My Backyard Golf Green  (USGA Green Build)

I’ve completed the subsurface drainage on my USGA Green Build in my Backyard!! Can’t wait to be playing golf on this golf green. Nice to have it start to really come together!
The drainage has been one of the most time-consuming parts but well worth it.

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Foreign Today We're making a start on a couple of Different things hopefully getting Things Most of the way done So get close to having things done that Doesn't make any sense I'll explain what I mean first thing on the agenda today Is I need to tidy up my edges so I need To make a straight 90 degree Edge on the Edges here So that when I go to put down my wicking Barrier or My root barrier that I'm putting on the Outside it's actually flush up against It and we have a good like definition Between Where the sand is for the green and then Obviously the edge as well so tidy that All up that's going to be all around the Outside so it's going to take me a Little while just to do Once we've done that Next step is going to be the drainage so I'll start digging some trenches putting In My um my AG line so To do it Edges all done now well for today anyway I'll get eventually have to do a nice Tidy clean up with the shovel when I go To put the root barrier against it but It's a lot tidier than it was

All the way around like it was pretty Disgraceful before to be honest but I Won't probably get a shovel on here Until We're about to basically put the root Barrier down Yeah that does a lot better so now we're Just gonna get the old Power rack down Here again tidy all of this back up and Then Level bar then trenches so we're getting Close to trenches I can't believe how Much Um but Loose stuff there was on top of That so I got rid of all the loose stuff That's obviously from when I used the Power rake it loosened it up a bit Just so that it's a lot more compacted Down the bottom Honestly I reckon we could probably Start doing some trenching now Get it done Let's have some lunch come back Mark out Where I'm gonna put my drains Get stuck into it Foreign Overnight we had about 17 mil of rain Like a bucketed down I probably got 10 Mil of that in about 15 to 20 minutes Like it was ridiculous yes the noon Slashed last night The green is hoiled up pretty dang well We've got a bit of wooly in the bottom Here and drink a fry what are you doing

A bit of water down here it's going to Pump that out but the rest of the greens Didn't get any wash out With some heavy rain too which is a Really really good sign so our surface Is nice and packed Good Morning for the next day today the Battery went flat yesterday afternoon When I was going but I kept going kept Digging the trench the main line through Here I did a bit of work today I didn't Turn the camera on I don't know why I didn't to be honest But I didn't but I'll show you guys what I've done so I'm still going to dig the Lines through for these trenches into The main line off these laterals here Into this main line here And then this one is actually joined up As you can see I'm just going to dig a Little bit out there so the water pushes Through but I just haven't bothered Doing that yet But what I've been doing today is Putting Down A bit of gravel in the bottom of the Trench here so the reason for that is Because when I dug my trench all the way Through Um into the clay I got out this end here And I dug probably just a little bit too Deep through the guts of it and I

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Actually had some water coming back in From the dam now the dam Is completely chocolate block at the Moment so we had that 17 mil of rain Just the other day which filled this up And it was overflowing out the back so I Know this is full so I've got a point Now where I've I've built up some gravel Um so that when I put my pipe in here The dam won't backflow into that Mainline cause drainage problems in the Green so I've just built up a little bit Higher with our gravel which is not a Problem at all to be honest and I've Just tested it with the laser level And it is falling All the way down and through then so Next step from here on in is I'm going To join those laterals up to the main Line now do some hand digging I'll just You guys will see this now I'll keep Trimming from here on in and I'll start Digging my other laterals from the other Side as well I've also got a hundred ton Of gravel supposed to be turning up Today from the guys at dencole in town So we'll see when that stuff turns up Might be today might be tomorrow just Depends on how busy they are hopefully That turns up today because if the Gravel turns up today We dig these trenches out We start putting our Aggie in that means If we get a rain event

This way Foreign Foreign Is done if you look at this screenshot I've got of The design of this drainage you can see This is the bottom half done now so I'm Going to do it in two parts because The main reason is because I want to Make sure that I'm not tracking equipment over the top Drains once it comes time to start doing Them so I'll get the Um a bit of gravel on the bottom about 25 mil on the bottom of the trenches Put the Aggie on and then put some Gravel on top of that as well so it's Time to start putting some gravel in Here so once that gravel's even in the Bottom if we got rain Wouldn't really matter at all with this So Awesome all right Let's go Foreign ER Of course I got all my Junctions as well So I got some t-joints A few y joints as well to connect those Laterals Into the sides there It's pretty easy stuff you just lay on Top of the gravel we've got there laid Out all our Falls correct we've used our

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Laser level And then Just drawing all up right into the deer And I bought all this stuff from the Guys down at Reece as well all of the Agline hard to find agline at the moment Actually seems to be out of stock Everywhere but we got some Foreign Thank you Back to day number Five I'm doing this I think it is day Number five so after the second section Of our drainage so let's mark it out Today I'm going to try to use the trench Digger instead of the excavator just so I don't have to put so much fill Material back in those drains and I'm I'm kind of happy I used excavator down There though because that area is the Area that gets really really wet so some Bigger areas put some water to drop into It's not going to be a problem whereas This top section sort of naturally Pushes water off anyway because it's all Falling down towards the front and down Towards the side where it gets really Really wet so Anyway let's mark it out we've got the Trencher on Make a start the trenches should be a Bit quicker too 20 minutes all up to do all of that So much quicker now down there it would

Have been a little bit tight turning Around with the Skitty and stuff with That big trench around the front this Area is quite a bit bigger so it is a Little bit easier but me and I'm Impressed with that Ripped it out and it's done a really Clean trench pulled all the stuff out And it's definitely all going downhill Because you just hold that um trencher Into one position And it just goes that way instead of Trying to forget all that by eye with The bucket on the excavator All right so the only thing is now I'm Gonna have to clean this all up by hand With the shovel but there isn't a lot of Dirt like there was with when I was Pulling it out with a bucket so It should be okay so here's to some more Physical labor Foreign I'll be doing some work this morning I Just haven't been filming it I installed The um The rest of the smile drain down the Bottom of the green filled it back in With some gravel so from here and I'm Going to cut the rest of my pipe put it In all the the drains and stuff like That and Get the subsurface straight down fill The trenches back in That is going to be it so I know I'm

Going to get a few questions about why I Didn't use the sock on the AG coil main Reason is because from my past Experience when we've I helped build Some golf greens at the old golf course And we dug up some sections we found That the sock actually got full of silt That's worked its way down through the Gravel so Personally I prefer just not to put that Sock on there if you go online there's a Ton of debates about sock on AG drone so Everyone's got a different opinion this Is just how I want to do it with my Green But yeah I'll show you guys what I've Done so you can see gravel's all on the Bottom of the trenches now This one's half filled in joined into There so the main line is going to put a Little section there main lines running All the way down We've just got to put our pipe In these sections here as well and down Through here and they're all running Downhill as well we've double checked That with our four With the laser level So mate this thing is definitely going To drain there is no doubt about it now There is one little thing I had to alter On the design I did have I did have to Dig another Trench just here because I Had issues with this actually falling

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Back in this direction you obviously Can't see it on camera but it is falling Back just slightly in this direction so I thought instead of having a wet spot Here or a problem area I just joined This up downhill into this trench which Does run back into the main line There because this is probably the lower Spot of the green up this top section Just here rest of the area though is Going to be fine anything that lands There is going to shoot off down to Those drains there We've we've gone over top with the Drains but It's going to do the job nicely anyway Let's get let's get into it get the Drone up put an AG coil out cover these Trenches in Foreign Thank you Oh that is the end of it drains are all Done subsurface range is in gravel is Sitting on top that is it for the Subsurface drainage now the next step is To put in our root barrier around the Outside So that'll be next week we'll put down Some Stakes to Mark out our levels so I'll have steaks Probably every five meters apart just Along the whole area mark off 100 Mil Put our gravel there mark off 300 mil Above that as well so 400 mil above the

Level which is where our sand is going To go to on top of that so that is the Next step of the process make sure you Guys keep up to date with that because I'll be starting that next week so who Knows it could be in next week's video We'll find out along the way but Appreciate you guys so much hopefully You guys enjoyed that video Glad to have it done that took six days With a little bit of help from my Father-in-law Ivan thank you so much for Helping me yesterday afternoon Appreciate it Um But it always takes longer than you Think it's going to that's the thing Okay I'm so glad I got this equipment From the guys Hutchin and Piers to help Out with all of that if I didn't have Any of that stuff mate this would have Been a struggle and shout out to the Guys at Reece as well for sponsoring and Supplying stuff for the videos I just Appreciate everyone that's helping out Supporting their spine program website To help fund this I just appreciate all Of it thank you guys so much and I'll See you guys in the next video

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