The Finishing Touches on my Backyard Golf Green // EcoFlow Delta Mini Test

The Finishing Touches on my Backyard Golf Green // EcoFlow Delta Mini Test

Putting the Finishing touches on my backyard golf green build in today’s video! Next video I will be seeding my lawn!
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Seed I’m using on my Green Surrounds:

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Mate we are so so close to getting this Done so today I've got a couple of Things going on today I'm going to be Taking that fence out from the back just Gonna use an angle grinder the guys at Eco flow have sent me one of their units So I'm going to show you guys that as Well And we're just going to get stuck into It probably level out the rest of this Area properly and just talk to you guys About the steps from here because I Think I'm going to be seating Two days [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Job than I thought it was going to be I was planning to eventually pull that Hedge out anyway but while I'm stuck Here I thought I might just do it You know it's cleaning up and let's get Dispensier [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] So after all that pulling that hedge out

Which took me way longer than I thought It's gone into cutting this fence out And get what we're supposed to be doing Done today done so as I said I'm using The Eco flow mini today that I've been Using for a few months at home just Helping out with me how to black out a Few times and actually cut out the Coffee machine which I was super happy About but also the fry pan if we need to Cook some dinner and the kettle as well And it actually looks fine so this the Output on this is about 100 1400 Watts We can do and it's also got a solar Panel which I'll be using today which is 160 watt solar panel so we can actually Feed back into this so we can keep it Lasting just a little bit longer good if You're out on the raid or something or If you're out in the paddock like I am Doing a job like this now I could use my Angle grinder with the battery but That's the only battery I've got that Actually suits that angle grinder and It's not big enough so it goes flat Pretty quickly for a whole fence like This so the users today we'll see how Far this gets we've also got a phone app Which is pretty dang cool to be honest Like Download from the App Store and it tells You how much input you've got from your Solar panel or say if you're charging it Inside and how long it's got left to

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Charge and it even tells you when you Start using devices how long it takes How long the battery is going to last Once you start using that so but I'd say We're probably gonna get two to three Hours we'll see out of using this angle Grinder here with the solar panel Included on top of that but lots of spec Details in here as well On the actual app so if you guys want to Look at the specs that's what the mini Has on it it's only 10.7 kilos too which Is pretty crazy for what it does but Let's hook into this if you guys want to Have a look at it I've got a link in the Description as well which links to this Product here feel free to have a look at That but let's use it today put it Through its paces and see how it goes [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Does that look from this morning man how Cool is that wall there as well might Get a nice sign up there For the golf course I'm going to do Something there which will look really Really cool so this opens up this area So much with that fence gone it looks so So much better really happy with that Took me a day didn't think I was going To take that head yet but man I am glad I did because it just

So much better looks tidy as super duper Happy with that [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Got some rocks out leveled out around The sprinklers Um the flush points for the subsurface Drainage Mate it is ready the only thing left is To rake out a couple of rocks here and There if I just bring a wheelbarrow down And do it probably later this afternoon But I could probably see tomorrow or Saturday May This looks so different with that Back Fence here look it looks really really Good super super stoked with it It's happening the banker I see two is On the way For the project oh and the rygro shut up I'll show you guys what the rye grass is Here we go this is The rye grass seed that I'm sowing Around the outside so I've actually made Up a custom blend that's only available Through my website so it's a couple of Colder bars that had them old place Plus another one or two which gives a

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Nice dense dark green color gets nice And thick Like nice and dense and you guys just Set my old lawn like it was very very Pure rye grass great for overselling or For a full lawn if you're living in a Cooler climate but yeah really excited To get this down which I'm really hoping Tomorrow before guys according to plan Or it's going to be on satellite so We've got a good week of rain coming Next week There's also one more thing I Want to show you guys How good is that greens mower for the Golf Green from the guys at Hutchin and Peers Mate have a look at this thing I am beyond excited to try this bad boy Yet Mate There's a pure looking thing 220 SL is the model number Look at that that's pretty cool Beautiful Be a I'd say five to six weeks away and I'll be using this on the green probably Gonna try it somewhere else first though To keep an eye out because I'll try it Somewhere for sure I'll be eating to use It Just sort of hide a cut on it but Um This looks absolutely pure All right

Thanks so much hatching appears again For organizing all this stuff for me More gear to come to golf course gear so Keep an eye out we're gonna wrap Everybody up there but thanks guys so Much for watching good to get those Projects done before I save the grain Because I'll see you doing that Afterwards but mate Really glad I've done it now because it Just makes it so much easier doesn't Have to run over the seed with the Skitty And just setting all those Heights on The sprinklers and everything I was Considering doing that afterwards as Well just because sometimes it's hard to Get your Heights right but super super Happy with that everything's turned out So mate it's exciting seating in the Next couple of days if all goes According to plan the next video you Guys see here anyway there's gonna be me Certainly seating so it's not going to Matter when I see it because you'll see It at the same time and then a couple Weeks after that the bent grass And me then it's just gonna be too much Fun right guys thanks so much appreciate Yours appreciate all my sponsors Reese Hutchin and Piers especially dropping That Mario today thank you Ben for Matching and Pierce dropping that off And guys I'll see you soon

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