Weed Control with RESULTS // Poor Man’s Avenue South Herbicide

Weed Control with RESULTS // Poor Man's Avenue South Herbicide

Weed control for bermuda, zoysia, St Augustine, centipede and bahia grass.
How to mix and apply store bought weed control from a sprayer. I also compare Image for Southern Lawns to Avenue South Herbicide from PBI Gordon.

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Here is the sprayer I am using:
More details on Image for Southern Lawns vs Avenue South Herbicide:

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[Applause] Followers All right y'all so today I'm going to Show you how to mix and apply this weed Control and then I'm going to show you How to spray it and I'll even show you The results that you can expect now that Said this is for warm season Lawns Bermuda Zoysia St Augustine centipede And behind the grass all right y'all so Let's move this along I was actually Answering a few questions in my Facebook Group earlier this week I'll give you a Link below to that and a guy had asked For recommendation on a weed control for This time of year in the South I Recommended the image for southern Lawns And another commenter actually came in He made a little joke and said ah yes It's the poor man's Avenue South now you See image for southern Lawns it's a Homeowner you know DIY or weed killer That you can get at any big box store And Avenue South is a professional Formulation from a chemical maker called PBI Gordon these two weed controls they Have the very same active ingredients so Is one better than the other or stronger Than the other we're gonna find out Today and a whole lot more So a lot of people think that Store-bought weed controls are just Completely watered down and won't work But actually when you read the labels

And you actually mix in your sprayer and You go out to spray the concentrations In the spray mix come out to be exactly The same now prove that to you at the Very end of the video but before we get There let me just show you how to Actually mix and apply image for Southern Lawns now to Define things a Little bit for you when we go to spray Weeds in the lawn we call that Post-emergent weed control this means You're spraying weeds that have already Emerged and are growing the opposite of This is pre-emergent applications and Those are ones we applied before the Weeds come into the lawn now if you join My email list using the link below I'll Actually send you a full getting started Guide which will help you get your lawn No matter where you live north south East or west get your lawn in good shape Heading into the spring this 2023 season Plus I'll send you real-time tips in Your email inbox every single week to Keep you informed of what's going on Around the country and what you can do To get your lawn ready my very best Content goes out through my email every Week and so if you like my teaching Style here you appreciate that I can Promise you that you'll really get value Out of my emails and it's free to sign Up I'll give you a link in the Description below all right let's take a

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Closer look at this if you were to get This at the store you might stop and go Well it says it's for St Augustine grass And centipede and I have Bermuda or Bahia or something else maybe I should Walk away but really what you need to do Is look up underneath the hood a little Bit more in the label here you may not Even know this is a brand new one and See how it's all stuck on there you Might not realize that that opens but it Does And uh when you look down in here you're Going to see yes there are your rates For Saint Augustine grass and this one's Talking about fluorotham mostly which is What most of us have in Florida and you Can see the rate is 5.2 to 8.6 ounces Per gallon I always use the high rate And then you can look down here if You're not sure of your Saint Augustine Grass type then you can see it's 6.2 to 8.6 the high rate's still the same but Down here look hybrid Bermuda grass Higher grass Zoysia buffalo grass which Is some Australian thing Seashore past Balum which my buddy Sam down in South Florida has a centipede right there you Can see 6.2 to 8.2 and then over here is Common Bermuda grass so that just tells You go ahead and open this up and look And read you'll find here temperature Restriction Don't Spray when it's over 85 and that's when it's over 85 at the

Time of your application or within a Couple hours so usually you should spray In the evening or in the morning If it's hot out that's why this is such A great late winter early spring weed Control all right y'all let's review Real quick because repetition is the key To learning the high rate on this Product is 8.6 ounces per gallon of Spray mix I'm going to go ahead in the Next piece and I'm going to mix out two Gallons of spray mix now you're going to See me using a four gallon backpack Sprayer so I'm only filling two gallons Of spray mix in that four gallon Backpack sprayer just so you know that Means I'm going to need then 17.2 ounces Of this concentrate into that two Gallons of spray mix now here's the Order of how you mix it up and get it Ready to spray Here I'm filling two gallons of spray Mix so that means I need 17.2 ounces of Concentrate I filled the sprayer halfway With water first put in the 17.2 ounces Of concentrate then I fill the rest of The two gallon line go ahead and shake Well and this is a time when it's fine To shake more than once or twice nobody Will judge next clear out your sprayer Line so you have weed control locked and Loaded all throughout the system and You're ready to spray now a word on my Tip in the last sprayer video I did I

Talked about the tips and the purpose They serve and when it comes to spraying Weed control we want to get as much Liquid on the leaves of the weeds as Possible this is achieved by using a tip That creates a very fine Mist very Similar to this red fan tip here Foreign [Music] I'm going to take that two gallons of Mix that I made and I'm gonna go out and Spray an area that's about 15 000 square Feet at the freedom Factory keep in mind I'm not blanket spraying I'm just spot Spraying or Zone spraying and when I do That I'm basically walking back and Forth in rows my spray width is about 30 Inches or so so I'm basically walking 30 Inch rows up and 30 inch rows back and Forth and back and forth doing my best To just line things up tip to tip and Edge to edge as I go back and forth Every time I see a weed I actuate the Handle and I spray now let's slow this Down and let's put it into real time can You see how slow I'm walking this is Very different than applying blanket Applications like I taught you a few Weeks ago there we had to know exactly How fast to walk in order to get the Tank emptied out evenly and cross the Area Here our plan of attack is different These applications are not being watered

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Into the soil instead we're individually Targeting spots or zones where weeds are Growing we are literally spraying the Weed control onto plants or in an area Where a lot of targeted plants are Growing together so with that in mind When you're spraying weeds the main goal Is to get the weeds wet with the weed Killer so it can absorb into them you Want them fully coated and completely Wet if you walk too fast you will not Completely saturate the entire plant Especially like you see here when the Target are these big patches of clover It's also more difficult to see weeds in Thicker grass if you're walking too fast You need to slow down just so you can Spot them easier now spraying weeds like This and walking slow it can feel Tedious you really need to resist the Urge to speed up and run through it you Also want to resist the urge to move Over to the rider to the left if you see One on the side you need to keep Straight in your rows keep that wand Straight in front of you keep that tip Right about knee-high and don't move it Keep it in a fixed position as you go Row upon row walking slowly and spraying As you see weeds in front of you and Again coating them until they're wet This is the best way to spray weeds with A backpack sprayer and it keeps it Simple

[Music] Foreign Remember I practice integrated Pest Management which means I only spray the Harsh chemicals in areas where there are Actually weeds present now this is why I Don't typically recommend weed and feed Products because the granular products They go into the spreader and the weed Killer is just spread everywhere all Over the lawn even if there are no weeds There now with the liquids that you can See me spraying here I can Target spots Or zones where weeds are present and not Apply unneeded chemicals in areas where There are no weeds this results in a Lower amount of chemical being applied To the ground and an overall reduction In what I call pounds on the ground There's just less chemical on your Ground because you spot sprayed instead Of blanketed now after you spray you Should start seeing results in about six Or seven days or so but there are some Compounds in here that continue working Long after which is why on the label it Tells you if you need to retreat you Need to wait a minimum of 30 days now I Want to reiterate with the image here is That you do not want to spray when Temperatures are over 85 Degrees which Makes this an excellent choice for Spring and fall applications in warm Climates

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Thank you Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] Okay so back to Avenues South and this Is just a little eight ounce sample Bottle you can't actually get this size You can only buy a gallon of Avenue South now Avenue South has the very same Active ingredients as the image for Southern Lawns it's just that the active Ingredients are much more highly Concentrated here than they are here in That form the thing is when you actually Look at the label here the use rate is Much lower the use rate high use rate on This is 1.8 ounces per gallon per Thousand whereas the use rate here is 8.6 ounces per gallon per thousand now Again much more highly concentrated here In this form much less concentrated in This form lower application rate much Higher application rate what do we end Up with when we actually do the math at Our end spray mix in other words when Everything is mixed in water and we're Ready to go spray what did we end up With the answer is they come out exactly The same there is no different [Music] Thank you so from there it really just Comes down to price and availability This is like 14 bucks I think and you

Can get this at any big box store at Least here in Florida you can this is Only available in a gallon and you have To buy it online and it's well over a Hundred bucks now I'll give you a link To a blog post below where I break down All the pricing Avenue South in the Gallon does come out to be cheaper However a little bit harder to get and Do you actually need an entire gallon That might last you more than a decade Or do you just need enough to spray your Little 5 000 square foot lawn in the Suburbs like I do so there you go I hope This video has been helpful to you I Hope you've enjoyed it and learned a Little something if you have any Questions please leave those in the Comments below I'll give you some Helpful links as well in the description As always I'm Alan Hayden the lawn care Nut thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the lawn All right [Music]

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