Craftsman B210 Leaf Blower, Assembly and Demonstration.

Craftsman B210 Leaf Blower, Assembly and Demonstration.

We picked this up as an end of season clearance Item. Turns out it’s a really great blower! I don’t know if they make these anymore, but I’m sure they make one just like it.

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Hey guys Derek here at Far Point Farms Today we're going to take a look at this I want to try this thing out it's the Craftsman B210 two cycle it's 25 CC's Says it blows up to 430 CFM and as you Can see We got a little bit of a deal on it we Picked this up last fall or last spring I should say after it went on clearance Regular price on it at the time was 109 No idea with inflation what they might Go for now but if you can catch these Things end of season you can sometimes Get a really good deal And we did now I'm excited to try this Thing out we have a Husqvarna Backpack Blower And uh we're gonna add this to the fleet So that we can both be blowing the Leaves because with six acres and a lot Of trees you can imagine that leads to a Lot of leaves so let's go ahead and Unbox it we'll put some gas in it and Try it out And uh I don't know how much installation or Assembly is required but it did come in A fairly small box All right Foreign Here's the main unit here An interesting way to make sure the Stuff doesn't get lost And uh Craftsman of course

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Trigger here On off switch there and that's nice it Toggles to off but we'll return to on so You don't have to worry about which Position it's in over here our gas tank It is allowed to use 10 ethanol Carburetor and does have a primer bulb System prime it 10 times and then we Have switches here for choke and run And there's our throttle spark plug Lives up here so if we did a new Maintenance on it looks like it's fairly Easy Does have some Startup stuff says press 10 times on the On the bleeder valve there squeeze the Throttle pull five times to start warm It up wait 30 to 60 seconds and set to Run the mix is 40 to 1 on this 40 to 1. Now they recommend using hearing Protection on this I'm sure however I am Already really deaf so it's kind of too Late for me anyway Go ahead and assemble this and it looks Like it just kind of snaps down if you Wanted to have a more refined Blowing It doesn't want to snap it I'll play With that later probably just needs a Little bit of silicone to get it in There and then it has crews that's cool So you can hit the throttle and leave it Wide open a little easier on the hands Long term

All right well a lot of leaves on the Property let me put some gas in it I Guess we should take a look at the Manual real quick It looks like it's got a copyright of 2019 so this one's been out on the Market for a little while But I'm pretty sure all the important Stuff is already listed here on the Label Oh cool Owner's manual operator's manual Even some tune-up information so there Is some good stuff in here and it does Look like it's bilingual at the very Least All right let's put some gas in this Thing and try it out oh check it out That's kind of nice comes with a packet Of pre-mix synthetic two-stroke oil So uh we had to get you going in case You forgot it when you pick this thing Up well I've already got some mixed up So let me go ahead and put it in and I'll show you how well it works I've got It out here I'm going to go ahead I've Got a little gas in it we're going to Hit this thing 10 times A matter of fact I'm gonna hit it 15 Because it's the first time it's ever Had fuel in it there we go and we're Going to try to start it I've got it on Start it's a full choke [Applause]

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[Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Well it works Actually it's got a lot more power than Uh the last one of these I own was a Homelite uh I think it was a I don't remember what the model was it Was a Homelite unit it was from 1998 we Used it for years roughly the same size As this I will say that apparently Airflow technology seems to have Improved because it did a pretty good Job some of these piles here got pretty Deep as I pushed it all out and then I Had to get it over this uh this berm Here but yeah I'd say it did a fine job Anyway that's the Craftsman B210

It's available we picked this one up at Lowe's I assume they still sell the same Exact model although I doubt you'll get It for 10 bucks this time of year Till next time my friends take care

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