Foxwell NT624 Elite. How Does this midlevel scan tool holdup?

Foxwell NT624 Elite. How Does this midlevel scan tool holdup?

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The Foxwell 624 Elite is a decent scan tool with some really good coverage for newer cars. I was pleased with it’s reset functions as well.

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Hey guys welcome back to farpoint Restorations here in the mountains North Carolina today I'll be taking a look at This this is the NT 624 Elite from Foxwell great mid-level scan tool this One offers some really cool stuff all Makes all systems auto scan Does have a nice size color screen free Updates for life and they mean it and uh Yeah pretty nice stuff here some specs Here operational temperature so on and So forth but Provides OBD1 and OBD2 Vehicles all the Way through the 21 year I'm sure with Updates that is newer than that so I Just picked this up oil service resets Including 49 electric parking brake we Got bi-directional sensor data coming in We can do Freeze Frame tests I mean it Just keeps going right I'll walk you Through here And show you this baby out this is a Great tool and that's One that I've been looking forward to Checking out here for a while I've had An older version of this and Yeah I've been looking forward to Checking out their newest version nice Case forward nice like uh hard case Open that up Now when I say mid-level scan tool that Means that this tool offers some Features and functions that um you know Your basic GS your general service

Technician probably won't be using all That often but as he moves or she moves Up in their career well then suddenly And from out of nowhere you will see That they do need all the extra features And functions so first let's take a look At the main unit up on top here we do Have a nice removable OBD2 port cord And uh button wise here we got our Command buttons here return okay Question F1 F2 F3 It says here Fox will automaster Pro on The bottom we do have our USB and that Little spot right there is a Micro SD Card that is for upgrading the tool And before I move on to the rest of it Well let's go ahead and Hook this thing up And you will see that it does in fact Come with a cord And this is a cool little thing here It is on this side it is a USB so we can Stick it into a PC you know you go on Foxwell's website you create an account Tell them what tool you have and you can Take out your micro SD card pop it in Here and do an update with it so that's A really nice little setup I got there That's pretty much it uh case wise It's a hard plastic You can kind of feel it there and uh Input rating you can see those numbers There That's it let's go out to a car all

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Right here we are in the car and uh we Got a whole bunch of stuff going on History that's going to show us our cars That we've already looked up Auto Vin We'll try that in a second OBD2 that's Our generic entry into the cars systems Instead of finding the exact car Diagnostic that's just going into a Different way to get into the car itself Maintenance will go into maintenance First this is going to show us any kind Of oil light resets ABS electronic Parking brake oil reset Steering angle sensor or tire pressure Sensor so sometimes there's more things Listed here depends on the car and we'll Back out of that settings if we go into Settings we can change our language we Can change from metric to english Shortcuts you can see I've got Volvo Well let's go in there and add For F2 let's I'm playing with a Mitsubishi Outlander right now so let's Go ahead and we'll add that as a Shortcut and that way we can go back to Those cars really quickly And there we go I click OK and now Mitsubishi shows up down there really Cool feature that kind of gets you right To it if you want it to beep when you Press a button you hit that there I Don't so I turned it off then we have Display tests keypad test and about About tells you your software I have not

Updated this one yet so still probably Quite a while ago but the car we're Working on is an older car so All right my back out of here data Manager if I save freeze frames if I Take a drive and save the trip data That's where I'd go back in there to Read that information and lastly update Update is uh if you want to there's our SD card right there you can get in there And update it while the units plugged Directly into a computer through the USB Port or use that SD micro SD card Adapter to USB to do it that way I've Tried both with these models and I Prefer to take it out and update it on The computer seems to be a little bit Faster All right all right so in this case We're going to go in and find it Manually I've already saved the Mitsubishi so I'll press f2 We're going to manually select it It is a 2005 model We're going to go ahead and scan it Okay so it has gone through all 18 Available systems and we end up with Just two codes in the SRS airbag Sometimes those are false positives We'll go ahead and find out you press F3 And we get a report So we had two stored codes for voltage Low these are probably codes that got Set on Startup when the battery was weak

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So I'm not too too uh worried about that But you can save this and this is where We can get back into our history press F1 file name required let's go ahead and Press F3 And it is saved all right now back out Of that And if I want to erase those codes and I Will I'll press F1 It's asking are you sure I am there you Go and so now when I reread the codes no Fault found so it did clear those codes For us Yep I want to exit out of here all right So that gives you an idea of the level You can get into with the OEM level Let's go into uh generic OBD2 And let's take a look there we'll scan For that it should come up with one of The generic sides All right so it found it while I was Waiting I went ahead and started the car Because I do want to show you some of The stuff this can do so monitor is Incomplete so these are readiness Monitors here that's what you're reading Eight Readiness codes ready so if I were Driving this car and I had replaced say An O2 sensor or an EGR valve and I Wanted to know is it good for state Inspection I need to go in here because If the incompletes are more than one or Two chances are it will fail the state Inspections at least here in North

Carolina Most states are similar so it's Happy there's no codes we do have all Our Readiness cleared I'll press ok And we can go in here and I'll take a Look at some of the live data on the Generic side too we do have some Component tests some vehicle information Status so we have some monitoring but in This case let's play with live data real Quick It's going to read all the available Generic pids and we can make a custom List so we will only turn on maybe a few Of these fuel system status calculated Load let's go with uh Let's go with that one And Go with RPM And we'll go with airflow rate okay And we're going to press OK for F3 right So we go in there and here we go engine Coolant temp is currently 122 or 124 and Rising Airflow calculated and RPM you can see The RPM fluctuate To see my pounds per second which I am Used to the metric grams per second So I could change that back in the Settings Little by little our temperature is Coming up if we want to see it in a Graph form Go in here and here we go Engine coolant temp is listed let's go

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To F2 And we'll see multiple graphs there's The RPMs So you get an idea how things are Relating to each other especially Important with front and rear O2 sensor Diagnostics And then if you want to see them Overlapping if you had bank one and Bank 202 sensors well you could get an idea If one cylinder on One bank is have a Problem in this case we're looking at Two dissimilar things but pretty cool Right so it is a very functional and Very useful for Diagnostics if you know What you're looking at here this is Where mechanics live and die as in the Industry if we have a diagnostic issue This is where we go to find our answers We do some we do some searching and of Course we can save that file as well If we want to it is now recording And that would be a playback I could Take a drive and take a look and see hey Did this go from 145 degrees suddenly Down to negative 60 well then I would Know that my ECT was the problem Stop it and if we can save it and we'll Hit OK to save it as that And that's it let's back out of here All right we're going to back out all This and wrap this thing up yep we're Getting out Getting out and that's it so there you

Go guys that is the Foxwell and uh it's Not a bad scan tool it is not a pro Level scan tool and it is not a basic GS Level scan tool it lies somewhere in Between You're going to give up some of the Speed of a professional scan tool if you Decide to purchase something like this But in return for the slower speeds You're going to get a lot of functions You're going to be able to dig deeper Than an a general OBD2 scan tool is Going to give you now you move up to a Pro level scan tool you'll get all these Functions maybe a few more but you'll Also get it a little bit quicker because The chip the processor in here will Probably operate a little faster I guess that'll do it for today my Friends I'll leave a link where you can Buy this down in the description below And if you like the video well maybe Think about liking and subscribing And I'll see you next time take care

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