How I’m Installing Irrigation On My Backyard Golf Green

How I'm Installing Irrigation On My Backyard Golf Green

In today’s video, I show you how to I’m installing an irrigation system for my backyard putting green

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Time to install some irrigation on this Golf crane that I'm building in my Backyard it's got the trencher here Let's start doing this irrigation if you Guys have missed any of this video Series make sure you jump back I've got A little bit six seven eight nine ten Videos on building this green loving the Process but let's get stuck into the Irrigation [Applause] Guess we forgot that Um egg line going through there [Music] The trench is dug all the way around now We're gonna drop some 63 mil pipe in There excavator and to get the spots Where the sprinklers are so I can easily Drop them in there with the swing arms Because they're going into a saddle on The actual the pipe itself so we'll dig That out now with the excavator Do a bit of hand digging with the Trenching shovel where some of the Dirt's falling in and also around Um where those pipes were luckily I did Miss out on hitting the other pipes After in their first egg drain I just Like zoned out and forgot there was pop There a bit silly of me but hey if you Live in your life today's day we get a Little bit more serious so I've got all My stuff in here so again shout out to Reese for supplying all of this doing

The design They've designed this plan for me and We're going with a Rain Bird system Which I don't think I've actually told You guys yet so these are our heads here They're 752 e so these are all valve in Heads so I'll be able to turn on every Green sprinkler individually so what how It works is Howie's going to install Them is I've got a 63 mil pipe which is a poly Which will lay from the tanks and a ring Around the greens as well And now to get the sprinklers on there We've got some Saddles here so these Saddles A 63 mil saddles Which Join together like that you bolt them Together on the pipe you then get a hole Saw And make a hole down there through the Pipe so that's 25 mil hole saw bit that I'll be using already tested it And then we put our swing arm It's like a bit of thread tape on there Because there is no seal or there's a Seal lower down but not on the actual Near the thread Pop that in like that 'll thread on So I'm going to put them sideways in the Pipe not on top of the pipe just so I've Got some adjustability on height so I

Can bring it down and up as well so I've Had it on top I wouldn't be able to bring this swing Arm a little bit lower And just adjust a little bit more so These are great though swing arms Because you've got so much adjustability With them which is mate all right deal Seriously and then from there we've got Our heads which screw onto there Which we don't need any thread tape for That because we've got a seal on there So on the side on the ground on the pipe That will sit a bit of pipe running Through there That's our swing arm there so we can Adjust it up or we can adjust it down as Well With that swing arm there when we're Installing them great for when you want To repair things as well you want to dig Around it and you want to lift it up and Not get any dirt in the actual pipe Itself Um great way Of doing it so it's like a jigsaw puzzle That's basically how they're all going To go together for us today but I'll Show you guys in ground as well [Music] How cool is that trencher so that is on Like a demo Saw Head a still demo sore Head um Shout out to David for sending to let me

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To try out he just sent it for me to try Out I'm just sending it back at some Point but handy for little things like This we can't quite get the Skitty in or The excavator Um so if it's perfect for like if you're Installing something at home like a 25 Mil irrigation Piper over 19 mil Perfect size for that I found if I want To put a big 63 mil pipe in or something Like that you just have to do three slap The trenches and it's super duper easy To dig it out With the shovel after that it still is a Lot easier than handing in the whole Thing because it gets down there for you And loosens it up quite a bit But yeah make sure you check out David On Facebook I'll put his mobile number up Um You guys want to reach out to him and if You're interested in the product but Thanks Dave for sending us please try it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music]

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] There we have it there is a loop all the Way around the green With that 63 mil pulley so now It's time to put our saddles in Put the sprinklers in Man and then it's hooking up the pump Testing it [Applause] [Music] Up time to get these bad boys in the Ground Exciting man so I get all the sprinklers In and then I've got to run the wire From the top and start wiring all the Sprinklers in on top of that as well but Probably won't line them into the Controller until next week So we'll do this today and tomorrow Probably [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Don't be scared of the camera Luke from Silverstone gardening Bloody useless Today what we're going to do is putting The pump in Um for the tanks but this tank here I've Just found it is chocolate block full of

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Water so we have to pump it out with the Firefighting pump either putting the dam Or one of the other tanks good on the House that feeds the house Um And then connect the two tanks up put a Float in and then we're ready to test Some irrigation done still [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] Valve it was a 20 mil flight which they Had the filter still in there like I Talked about last night and dirt and Crap just got stuck in there so we've Got we've got a 50 mil valve now just For the sake of Peace of Mind could have Probably got away with the 20mm if we Took that filter out but I think I'd just rather go the 50mm Valve float valve which we got here And we will just install that this Morning and then We're in the system up I guess give it a Crack done [Music] Something Thank you Yeah yeah [Music]

Just about to ramp up the system down at The sprinklies just going to turn them On now so we let the air out of the line So you turn them on before you turn your Pump on otherwise because there's going To be a lot of air in the lines and just Make sure yeah we didn't get something Blowing out of the ground so turn them All on now bring up the pump up there's Enough water in the tank from the bore So We're ready to test them manually still Haven't wired them up I'll be doing that Next week But just when it's systems make sure There's no leaks and nothing blows out Of the ground well here's the moment of Truth so we're going to hook we're going To turn this valve on from the tank Prime the pump And then we're going to see if any of These valves leak now this is a Temporary fix at the moment we're going To make that look so much better Let's crack this on slowly Some water flowing in there It goes That's on If we turn this on We'll build pressure up It's on we go So it's pressurized in the line As soon as we crack this we'll hear the Pump kick in I'd say

Crack it really lightly oh too quick There we go This is my brother Josh Believe It or Not my twin brother and what we're doing Is Flushing all of the air out of the Line pushing all the air out into debris That might be in there so you can see There's lots and lots of air coming out At the moment and I'm at the up at the Pump Slowly just opening up the veil of the Manual valve that's up there not the Solenoid valve but the manual valve and Actually adjusting it to where the Pressure gauge is on the pump so the Pump's sent to 5.5 bar because that's What we are running on the course 550 KPa Um and yeah I'm just slowly cracking it Open so we don't push too much air out Too quickly and then basically blow a Fitting down here so this is how you Ramp up a system don't really need to do It on the home system it's just when you Start getting to high pressure and You've got pumps like this and on golf Courses especially That way That one here Turn it off The sprinklers are running So I think there's something clogged up In the line Josh reckons because one of The sprinklers down the bottom isn't

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Coming on so it's probably just a bit of Dirt or something end of the beer let's Go Mate brinkleys are running so I have to Do a little bit of adjusting and try to Flush some other points out just to make Sure everything's all good but that's Running at 5.5 bar and it works really Really well good breakup on the Sprinklers Working really well thanks so much to Trev for Designing this plan for me from Rhys really really appreciate it mate um Now that pump can pump from anywhere From I think it's 120 to 170 liters per Minute we've got to set around I'll have to double check off look it up On the screen but it's running a final 550 kPa or 5.5 bar The pressure of these and I'm pretty Sure I can run two to three sprinkles at A time on these heads which is more than Enough of what I need but I could even Do one at a time if I wanted to which I Probably will anyway overnight So we get nice pressure out of them And we can individually set them Different on different timers now Obviously if you're doing a home system You don't need to go all that enough Like this some people use PVC some People use poly people won't use swing Arms it really really depends and a lot Of people can just main you right use um

We are struggle you can just use Um not sweating me You can just use like tapboard you don't Even need a pump a tank anything like That if you do have a tank though it's Best to run it from obviously a pump That's the way you're gonna have to do It but yeah so running thanks everyone's Helped out thank you so much to Luke Thanks for Josh coming to help me ramp It up Josh got tons of experience Ramping up systems because they just Installed a new one at the golf course But yeah thanks guys so much exciting We're seeing soon all right Foreign [Music]

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