Taking My Lawn Down To 10mm (0.39″)

Taking My Lawn Down To 10mm (0.39")

Today I’m taking my Kikuyu Lawn Down to 10mm! Love cutting this low on my lawn. Makes it feel more like a golf course and man it looks pure.

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Welcome to a car key lawn that doesn't Look like a weed and actually looks Decent I'm just kidding but it is Looking really really Schmick at the Moment super super happy with how this Looks nice and tight great color Starting to stripe up the lawn I actually didn't think I'd be able to Get the looking like this so I'm Really really happy with the results but We want to take it the next step I want To take it down to 10 mil so I'm going To scalp it back a little bit below 10. And see how it handles it basically and Then bring it up from there so we'll try That we're going to fix some plugs in The lawn some spot where there's some Bare spots show you guys how to do that Let's just get straight into it I'm Excited it's gonna be a good day Yo mate what up welcome to another low One tip vid first thing on the agenda Today is to fix up this bear patch just Here so there was a tree here I pulled The layout on the weekend because it was Just getting in the way of mowing we've Got so many trees on this property I Thought it'd be fine if I pulled this Little bad boy out and it's the same Trees this one behind me here anyway so We're going to plug this area help it Fill in so explain to you guys a few Different ways you can fill in the bare Patches in your lawn now it's going to

Depend on your grass type and if it Creeps or not so if you've got something Like rye grass fescue Something along those lines a grasshop That does not creep sideways you're Probably going to have to seed a bear Patch to be honest otherwise your lawn Is never going to fill in in those bare Patches there but if you have something Like kaikuyu Buffalo cooch Zoysia Queensland Blue cooch bent grass Kentucky Bluegrass any of those grasses That self-repair Your lawn is going to fill those bare Patches in over time it may take a Little bit of time for a bear patch to Fill in I'd highly recommend that you Aerate the area so that it's not super Super compacted so this area just here The soil is very very loose because we Aerated recently and I've dug down and Pulled a tree out so the soil is quite Loose there I've actually got quite a Few runners in here as well which if I Left this it would probably fill in I'd say within six weeks maybe eight Weeks depending on how we go I'd Obviously put down liquid fertilizers on This area quite often some products with Some seaweed in it to help the roots Repair as well in that area but we're Going to do a little bit quicker with Plugging today now I could seat it as Well car key but I'd rather let Kaku and

Cooch and all those other grasses fill In instead of putting seed down just so It's going to be the same grass in those Areas and not a slightly different Cultivar or variety now you could also Sprig your lawn so you can get some of Your Runners that are in your lawn like In your good areas pull them out Obviously that there's a tiny Runner It's hard to grab them at the moment Because the lawn's nice and short but You can find yourself a runner like this Plant it in that soil that's over there That nice loose soil top dress on top of It with some sand or some of the soil You've got existing there as well and Then keep the water up to it like seeds So that is sprigging so you can also do That you can do the same thing if you Scarify your lawn like we do at Renovation time use all that chaff and Actually Chuck it over that area all the Chaff that you pull out the scarifyings And treat it like seed as well water it And it will fill in quickly as well he's Better way to do it if you can than Letting it creep in over time by itself Now the last thing we can do which is What I'm actually going to do today is This is the outside of the lawn that I'm Keeping care of on the edge here so I Don't water this area I don't put Fertilizer on it I don't put anything on My obviously some fertilizer kicks

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Across so there's some this has been fed A bit by granular fertilizer because It's flicked across but we can actually Take some plugs with the plugger Take them from here like this Oh yeah Plug it here Take this plug here which has grass in It Take another plug from the bear patch Pull that bit of soil out with this and Place that plug in that area over there And fill in as much as we can it's Almost like laying Turf to an extent but We're getting out A chunk of the roots as well so it's Going to establish nicely it's not going To be super stressed out you don't need To water as much just a very simple way Of doing it if you've got yourself one Of these tools Which shout out to the guys at real Solutions as well they Supply this to me Last year or the year before it's a pro Plugger It's done some work me and my brother Even took it to the Bowling Green disc Golf course when they redid the top of It they took the top off and redid it Lies a little bit and stuff and use this To fill in some bare patches you can see It's seen better days But it does a good job works well in the Bowling Green too

So all my plugs are in there so it does Look a little bit funky looking but you Can see them all in here now I'm going To top dress this Now I don't have to put a ton of plugs In here because there's already lots and Lots of grass existing there Runners That were stuck in here as you can see This is all existing grass through here I'll just let that fill in we had a Couple of Big Bear patches like these Areas just here so that's why we put Those plugs in now I could pack it out With more plugs but I want to show you Guys how this self repairs over time so Let's give it a top dress Go from there Foreign We're sitting this down at Actually going to say like 10 mil and See how it looks if I need to take it Lower I will because my goal is 10 mil for This lawn that's what my goal was as Soon as we moved into this place And I finally decided to actually do it Cesloan sat at 15 mil at the moment I'll Just double check that now with the Accu Gauge 15.2 is what it's currently set at So Let's just wind it wind the rear Cylinder up Which will take us down So we only need to go five mil so chop

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It up so it's sitting at Currently at 10.08 10.3 is going to go the other way oops 10.02 so it's very touchy this thing if You move around even a tiny bit with That now it's sitting on 10.03 anyway so That's close enough we don't need to go Any more crazy with that so we're tying Up the Locking nut and we're done I'll talk About this quite often so when you're Trying to train a lawn to get lower There's a couple of different ways you Can do it you can take it down bit by Bit Which is going to take you a very very Long time or you can just decide to Scalp like a couple of mil below the Height that you want to cut so you Scout Down below it and then after that you Let it grow back up and you keep mowing At that high height it just resets your Hider cut brings the crowns down a Little bit lower so you don't scalp After every single cut so you find If Your lawn's going yellow after you cut Your lawn probably need to scalp it back Reset your height to cut a little bit Lowly normally would then start cutting Higher at your desired High to cut again So today I was doing a bit of a trial here I want To be cutting at 10 mil so I'm just

Going to cut it at 10 mil see if it's Scalping if it's not scalping or keep it There otherwise after one cut we might Take a little bit lower That's the idea Foreign Like that is looking tight I probably Wouldn't take it too much lower than This just because kaikia has such a Thick Leaf blade and the runners are Quite thick as well So the stolen's on top Like this As you can see I need to groom this lawn Now to prevent it doing that and using Plant growth regulator will stop that to An extent as well because we're going to Shorten the distance between the nodes So this ain't going to be as thick and Juicy once we train it over the next Little bit now be aware that it will Take a little while to train it train it Properly so the leaf blade starts Getting a little bit smaller and the Runners and everything like that it Could take us a month two months we will See but it's going to be regular Grooming I'll probably do it every two Weeks to start off and then back it off To monthly once this starts to really Tighten up and look good but I don't Think I need to take any lower than Bring it up again because we haven't Really scalped that much

After a double cut I think a double cut Is going to be fine for it today Yeah Look at that Looking pretty good Now it just needs that grooming done to It Well turned out pretty good Definitely is shorter we got actually Quite a bit of grass off you can see in The skinny at the front there it's a Full bucket Of grass clippings which is Ridiculitation you need to run up out of The way so I can show people Come here He likes it you should see him rolling Around in it when I was mowing he must Scratch your back he's a bit Sparky so If we get down to the soil level here It's sitting at about it's legit sitting About 10 mil now if you stood the blades Up a little bit it's put more sitting up Towards 15 mil So the thing is we need to start doing Is whilst talking about grooming is Grooming is going to help all the leaf Blades stand up pull some of the runners Up so when we cut it we actually get a More true cut and it's not going to lay Down as much so over time the more and More you groom the more and more dense The lawn it's going to get because it's Actually going to stand up more and it's

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Going to grow more upright if that makes Sense and it's sort of similar the same Sort of concept with plant growth Regulator if we can do both at the same Time use that plant growth regulator to Help it tiller and thicken up And keep on top of grooming as well when I say grooming only going to go like Grooming so you only get Nick into the Canopies for the top surface of the lawn We're not going to go underneath like we Would scarifying so you went after doing It you won't really see too much Difference to be honest once you've Mowed it like it won't even look like You've done anything but over time it Just trains the grass to grow a little Bit more upright need to get a little Bit tighter pet along with plant growth Regulator really really good combination If you want to get your grass nice and Low so you probably have to do a little More regularly with kaiku because it is So thick baited With cooch grass it's going to more Naturally do it than Clark here would wouldn't recommend Going this low with Buffalo I mean I've Seen people do it but me and you've got To be on top of it you have got to be on Top of it you've got to be mowing all The time you're going to be using plant Growth Regulators at very low rates Around three mil per 100 square meters

You're going to be grooming it really Really really like grooming with Buffalo You've got to be careful with that stuff He basically just nicking into the top With buff But I reckon It's looking good really really good Excited to test this out push to the Limit see how we go looking at 10 mil I reckon like I probably this weekend Put some more liquid iron on here I Might even groom it this weekend and Film it do another video Just really start ripping into this Working on it making it looking as Pristine as I can for the quark And we're also going to start working on The golf green and stuff very soon Because it's pretty much nearly dry now I'm not supposed to get too much rain Over the next little bit I think we get 40 mil over the weekend And then just drive a little bit after That so we should be sweet now that Attempts are starting to warm up make Sure you guys stick along along the Journey with this to see how we get it Looking at 10 mil over the next couple Of weeks it's going to start looking Better and better as we train this to be Lower but I'll tell you what it's not Looking too bad at the moment just need To get those rid of those Runners get Rid of the scalpy look get some more

Color back into it with some liquid iron Will be sweet loving it alright guys Thanks so much appreciate yours I'll see You guys in the next one Foreign

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