The Green Is Looking PURE AS!! Mowing and Spraying Weeds

The Green Is Looking PURE AS!! Mowing and Spraying Weeds

The golf green is looking pure! It’s time to spray the weeds in my lawn as well. Today we are spraying
– Clover
– Plantain
– Mallow
– many other broadleaf weeds


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So we're finally going to get on top of These nasty weeds around the green we're Gonna get a mile in the turf we're going To put some fertilizer down as well Today to help push some growth in the Green a little bit of higher nitrogen on This and yeah we're just going to kick Along with it all yo mate what up Welcome to another lawn tip vid so last Night we had close to 15 mil of rain Actually got my weather station up Finally we've got 14.4 mil of your um Rain in about three or four hours and These sides have still held really Really well with that Tacker fire which Is awesome do need to get some more seed Down in there because we have got a few Bear patches where it just hasn't taken For some reason so we might get into That later in the video as well but as You can see the green is still improving Like a lot Like we're getting really really good Growth and coverage nice and thick not Too many bare spots to be honest like They're quite tiny the bare spots and Even they're really really damaged areas Which is the worst on the whole green Pretty good let's be honest it's not bad Law but we want to try and push just a Little bit more growth before it cools Off so we've got a mix of products in my Knapso key which I'll talk to you guys About quickly we've got some survival to

Strengthen our roots on this green just Here because we want to keep pushing Root growth in this sand as much as we Can I'm going to take a plug out Probably next week and show you guys how Much the roots have progressed also Putting out a higher nitrogen product Called Pronto which I haven't talked to You guys about at all do you sell it on My website it is a really uh fast acting Liquid fertilizer which is just Basically 24 nitrogen which is going to Help push growth on this so if I put This down we are going to start getting Quite a bit of leaf growth So I've also added some vitalize in There for the p and the K and the Microbes as well so we're getting the Most out of our soil on top of that and We're just basically spray it across Enough to keep up on top of the mowing Now as well which if I keep regularly Mowing say every two days Once they've got this hide a nice gym Product out it will start to push the Green to grow sideways a lot more Instead of just up it'll start growing Sideways putting some growth into the Style lines as well that on this area And just really help it dig along so Mate Let's do it let's get this out [Music] So fat is all down now I'll leave that

On the leaf for at least four hours but Before I go cutting this area again Just so that it really gets absorbed by The leaf properly that's not a problem Now also since it is going to be Absorbed by the leaf or that nitrogen You're not going to have a big problem With the leaching and going to the sand As well that's why I've been using Granular Fert that's a little bit lower In nitrogen and doing it regularly just So we don't have that problem of it Leaching to the sand because our organic Matter still needs to build up on the Green it's not holding nutrients like Crazy once we start getting granules out So that's why we're using liquids very Very often at the moment also I just Wanted to answer a quick question about The Dew so a lot of you guys have been Asking me why I've been removing the Dew In the morning as you can see there's Quite a bit of due in here at the moment Which I'm not worried about But the main reason I've been removing The Jew is one disease prevention Especially on bent grass greens you've Got to be really careful of like Leaf Wetness for too long because it can Cause pythm it can cause seed dampening As well on top of that now that is not The only reason we remove the Dew I Remove it because if I want to get a cut Down in later in the day it actually

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Helps dry the leaf out earlier which Means when I go to cut it I'm not Picking up sand on the rear roller And then it's making my Hider cut out of Whack because if I get like three mil of Sand on one side of the roller and none Then one side is going to be three Milli To the other side as well so that's Another main reason why I do it once the Green's more established I will just Leave the dew on and cut it off with the Mower in the morning so that won't be a Problem but it's just while there's so Much sand about I'm trying to avoid Getting seen on that re-roll and even Picking it up from the front roller Flicking into the actual reel itself as Well so it's the next day and me and That nitrogen in that fertilizer has Kicked this thing into gear plus a Granular fertilizer two days ago three Days ago Right look at this Whoa Seriously what that is ridiculous look At this compared to last week we had all This damage on here look how much better That is starting to look it's about the Same time of day as well that we're Filming this it was just overcast last Time but even our nasty nasty burnt Patches Which was this was the worst part that I Keep showing you guys just here look how

Much that has improved Awesome A bit of nitrogen that vitalize A bit of kelp A bit of granular foot Raising the height of cut up mate it's Coming back gangbusters so we're gonna Give it a cut today we're gonna do a Probably a single cut this morning and Maybe a double cut later this afternoon But it's a little bit dry I just want to Get a cut on it this morning and then Spray our weeds once we've done one cut So let's get a cut on it we're at seven Mil at the moment and we're probably Going to take a lot off because I Haven't mowed in Four days [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] We got I'd say close to half a catcher It is a little bit of a wet cut we got Just then so it's always not going to be Showing it quite as well because it does Stick to certain areas and doesn't all Collect in A little grass bin but It's a lush look at how dark green that Is mean like it is Lush as that nitrogen Is pushing it nicely I wouldn't usually push this much nudges

As I said but I'm trying to get it to Fill in look at our sand base So we're just pushing it quite a bit so I'm going to be pushing a little bit Higher nitrogen over the next little bit Because we're all our humidity sort of Dropped away so there's not much chance Of disease when I say pushing it like Once a week I'll do a higher nitrogen App probably not as high as I did with That Pronto product there which has 24 Nitrogen I'll probably use that product Again but use it at half race half rate Sorry instead of full rate so I did 200 Mil per 100 square meters so I put a bit Of liter of product over the whole green Next time I'll just put half a liter out And do that once a week with with my Lawn tips mix and then I'll probably Yeah just with the lawn tips mix because That's a Folia feed at the moment so we Are going to get on to spraying these Weeds today finally the wind's a little Bit too high at the moment but in about An hour it's supposed to dip so we'll Just wait until it does dip down a Little bit but we're mostly dealing with Plantain here you can see there's lots Of plantain around the place there's Even a little bit of clover In between that plantain as well if you Guys do get stuck for weeds the easiest Way to identify them is either Google Common lawn weeds and try to match it up

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Most of them are going to be in there When you Google that or you can use the App called picture this you grab your Photo Pop it out let's click that and it's Going to tell us What our weed is and it's going to say Plantain leaved blue so there we go There's quite a few names for it but Plantain is what we're saying now let's See if it works on the Mellow That's one that I'll be interested to See if it figures out best to get some With seed head or some flowers if you Can find any if it's got it mellow there We go bristly fruited mellow yep it Figured it out creeping mellow beautiful So it knows what it is but really really Handy app to help you figure out what Types of weeds you've got in here Especially broad Leafs and stuff now Today we're going to putting down some Dicamber M which you can use on most Grass types I'd steer clear of using it On something like blue cooch And your Buffalo as well used to be Really careful with Buffalo and dye Camera because it can damage it as well So you probably have to look at Something more like bow and arrow which Is going to be fine on those grass types Bow and arrows can be fine on every Single grass top to be honest the only Reason I'm not using it today is of

Course because I've got new seed here And new seeds still coming up and it can Have a little bit of an impact on Germination believe it or not so we're Going to use that dye camber and the MCPE mcpa sorry at a lower rate so we're Going to go probably We only got half right today to give it A bit of a knock which will make the Weeds stand up within a day and once I Mow into that that's going to stress the Weeds out like crazy even the Weeds now That I'm starting to do regular mowing On here are starting to stress out quite A bit and die off you can see the tips Are just starting to burn on them As we look at that so that's just from Regular Mowing and stressing the plant Out but we'll give it a knock down at Half rate So young and then from there we'll Probably bump it up to full rate next Application so we don't get resistance In the weeds and give it a really really Hard knock and the rug rash should Really be mature enough by then because It is about two months old we are going To be doing a blanket spray on a lot of The area here so probably going to do About three to four hundred square Meters is my guess because I'm not going To spray absolutely everywhere because There is some spots where there's no Weeds at all but I've mixed up basically

400 square meters worth it's 500 square Meters around the outside if I have to If I have some left over there's weeds In the paddock I can spray and there's Even Weeds on the edge of the dam as Well which I can spray as well up Towards the top But doing this definitely died down this Little gusts every now and then but the Gusts on my weather station anyone's Telling me they're around Six or seven K's an hour so not really Much which is good so let's spray it And we'll see the weeds die off now I Know we're not going to get a perfect Kill this time we will need a follow-up Application it's just the way it is but We're going to knock them hard enough That they're going to stand up And we're going to have a little bit of A Kill Just trying to be safe as I can with This new grass and especially with the Bent grass there I don't really want any Of this drifting onto the bent even Though you can use this product on bent Grass it's just that so young we don't Want to damage it again anyway let's do It [Music] All right [Music] Now just want to mention a couple of Things do not re-enter this area like

Until it dries accidentally pets on Their kids yourself on there until it Dries out that's just the way we go About it we also want to make sure we Don't have rain within 24 hours so we Get the best kill possible now if I Wasn't doing this on such new grass I'd Use some sort of sticker like wet out Um but today I just didn't use it Because I wanted to just make sure the Chemical didn't stick to the leaf of the Grass too much and stress it out too Much on top of that so normally put a Sticker with it but today just putting The chemicals straight out leave it for 24 hours without any rain and then we'll Probably do a follow-up application in About 10 to 14 days depending on how Much knock we get here because the weeds Aren't super mature either we might be Okay but some of them are pretty big so I don't know we'll find out I guess it's Been about an hour and a half so Leaf is Dried out now on the surround so we're Going to give this a cut I want to show You guys how much I get off off a second Cut when it's a little bit dry we should Get quite a bit off this cut all we'll Find out it might be wrong but We got half a catch of the first one When it was wet and that's what I had it Made for four days and a couple of hours Later we're gonna mow it let's see how Much we get off

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[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] So after all that we only got about a Quarter of a catcher off But it cut so cleanly and really really Nice clippings in there Well maybe a little bit a little bit Over a quarter of a catcher like there's Quite a bit in there still Hey Good to see really good to see we're Getting really good growth off at the Moment nice and Lush nice and healthy Looking especially after all that Bruising really nice to see but how pure Is this green looking this afternoon Man we are getting so close like Ridiculously close like even these Patches here are filled in I wouldn't Even say there's any bare spots in this Sort of stuff like that is filled in man And the color at the moment is just so Dark green probably because you bought The high to cut up as well but it is Just looking Lush look at that Made can just imagine what it's going to Look like even next week Whoo Seriously And like even the bad patches

Like the spots you can see from up here They're a little bit more bare And grass All throughout them Which means that's really going to start Filling in Over the next little bit with an extra Push of nitrogen and regular mowing now Honestly I cannot believe how good that Is looking at the moment it's looking so So good so glad they got it repaired That vitalize really really did help Kick things back in and just that push Of that Pronto as well And the carbon green as well like Yeah we're putting a lot of product on But very very soon once it's filled in We will start backing it off and not Going so crazy with it And we'll start doing more of a Maintenance program with our fertilizer A little bit higher than you would with A normal lawn just because we've got Sand and we're still trying to build the Organics up but It looks ridiculous man thank you all so Much for watching really appreciate it I Hope you guys are enjoying this journey As much as I am because it's just Awesome to see it at this point I'll Make sure I show you guys an update on The weeds next week we might even do a Follow-up app Uh probably the following week to be

Honest um but yeah we're just going to Keep ticking along with this overseeding Some spots very soon And time to start thinking even about Our irrigation and our tea boxes and our Fairways as well I need to start Thinking about some other stuff because By the end of the year I want to have Everything pretty much complete thanks Guys so much for watching appreciate Yours I'll see you guys very very soon [Music] [Music] Yeah Foreign

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